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https://soundcloud.com/brooklahomakota- ... ptual-song This song has been given a lot of thought since I created it long ago. It was initially suppose to be a metal song with me singing it, but since I currently am unable to create heavy metal music, instead I turned it into a Eurobeat styled song, and I made concept vocals (now scrapped) and again planned to sing it. After a lot of thought, it has occured to me that the song does not fit my style, or any masculine style, and rather should be sung by a female with killer high pitched vocals similar to this song https://soundcloud.com/ragnarok001/ange ... hd-wlyrics If you are a female who can sing pretty good, I invite you to write lyrics and sing to this, and I will mix, master and finalize it. When I finish it, I will give you the choice of taking full ownership of the song and doing as you please with it (as I no longer have the same love for the song I did when i made it) or I invite you to have it released on 1 or both eurobeat projects I'm part of, that being Starpoint Eurobeat https://soundcloud.com/starpoint-eurobe ... beat-vol-1 or Super EuroHeroes. (not yet initialized yet so don't bet on it) If I do not pick you to be the vocalist assuming I found one or I think you suck, remember, I am not a big time artist/producer, so if i decline your request to volunteer, you are not missing anything, but volunteers are greatly appreciated!! Contact me here on Eurobeat Prime if you'd like to take on this song.

ALSO!! Please give me an example of you singing in the past or recently so I can accurately pick whom I want to sing it. If I end up with too many candidates I like, I will make a random guess to determine who shall be the chosen one.
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