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Chat with SCP-Music team

Post by SuperEuroJimmy » 17 Aug 2020, 16:37

You'll have to be quick, but tomorrow (at time of posting) the SCP-Music team will be joining the Eurobeat-Prime Discord chat to answer all your questions. During this time, Stefano Castagna will be joining the chat, together with eurobeat superstars Ace and Fastway. That's right - Go2 will be with us having a good time.
At what time, you ask? Well, they will be joining us at 15:00 CEST (Italy time - <a href="" >translate that to your own timezone</a>). They will stick around for at least one hour, but who knows what will happen.

After that, stick around and chat it up with other eurobeat maniacs. Having a good time is what it is all about! Join us <a href=/discord/>here</a>. See you there!

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Re: Chat with SCP-Music team

Post by SuperEuroJimmy » 19 Aug 2020, 11:07

A transcript of the chat session, thanks to Lebon14!


Welcome picture: ... height=905
Rehosts: ;; ... fFKmQsWukw

Q1. (SuperEuroJimmy) Let's start with the big question; how is Eurobeat Kudos 2020 going along?
A1. Really good! We're starting to record the voices for the first tracks, and today is GO2 day here at the studio!

Q2. (Dyna) How did you guys come up with forming Go 2 from Ace and Fastway?
A2. The original idea was to create a sort of battle of talents between Ace and Fastway (do you remember Not for Sale? that was the first one!). But you guys enjoyed it so much and we made the collaboration real!

Q3. (Lady Ann) What’s the energy like in the studio?
A3. Today we are super hyped! It's been a lot since Ace and Fastway met...we got in touch during these last few years, but it's probably been a couple years!

Q4. (Darksaenum) How did the name go2 came?
A4. Evelina created it! She tought about a quick but also powerful name, for a power duo :boom:

Q5. (Metsu-Satsu) Can we expect new hyper techno releases coming somewhere in the future, after EBK 2020?
A5. Maybe a techno version on some of our old tracks... :D

Q6. (Escheria) How is it a battle of talents when the talents perfectly compliment each other?
A6. The battle was that each was challenged to outsing the other, but the real surprise was the connection that they suddenly created between them!
Note: Asked after the answer to Q2.

Q7. (fm1055) Do you have a favourite song you made over the years as part of go2?
A7. Ace's favourite is the good old Not for Sale, while for Fastway is Spitfire!

Q8. (SuperEuroJimmy) Can you sing happy birthday to @Jacqueline S. ? :D
A8. Here it is! ;) ... 549/hb.mp4
Note: Rehost on YouTube (Unlisted video):

Q9. (Jacqueline S.) What is the origin of the title "Not For Sale"? I know the lyric was used in "Runaway" by Nick Mansell, but how did such a memorable eurobeat phrase come to be?
A9. Not for Sale was an attitude: Go2 were starting with this song and wanted to affirm their identity - and this was "not for sale"!

> (SuperEuroJimmy) That battle really showed in the video clip you guys made in the days
> (SCP) that video is one of our greatest memories !

Q10. (Based Bruh) How many Go 2 songs will be in the new Kudos album?
A10. Only one actually! There will also be one by Ace and one by Fastway.

Q11. (Lebon14) What were Christian and Ennio's first impressions when they heard eurobeat for the first time?
A11. Actually Fastway met eurobeat before Ace! It was different from the usual music they were used to singing, and it was difficult: very fast and complex! It took time to get into the eurobeat spirit and groove...

Q12. (Yoichi) After EBK2020, will we see future releases too? :o
A12. Never say never... but right now EBK2020 is our only project!

Q13. (alpines) Hey guys, just dropping in and wishing best of luck for EK2020. Maybe Techno Kudos 3 after this one? :3
A13. Thanks! Maybe.... ;)

Q14. (fm1055) I personally like "Music Come On"
A14. This is Fastway second best choice :D

Q15. (Escheria) Any plans of collaborating with other Eurobeat artists (maybe outside of SCP) ?
A15. Actually no, we stick together with the SCP team!

Q16. (BlueDash8) How did you create the powerful, energized image for Go 2, like in their music? In particular, I find Don't Turn it Off and Looka Bomba to be the best tracks with power, in my opinion.
A16. The energy is like a spark that comes out when GO2 are together. Not only they match perfectly while singing (off and on stage), but they also change a bit from their individual to their GO2 version. Even their voices change!

Q17. (Darksaenum) Question to Ennio and christian how did it came to the alias fastway and ace all my questions so far are name questions xD
A17. Fastway got his name thanks to Alberto Contini, our publisher and friend. There's a lot of Ennio in the Fastway identity...
Instead, Ace's name is , again, an idea of Evelina, after vitamin A-C-E: it looked like the perfect name for a powerful voice

Q18. (SuperEuroJimmy) Now we're talking Go2 - who is the announcer on Not For Sale? :o
A18. That's a funny fact! The voice is Stefano's! It's him that announced the actual match :)

Q19. (Rain197) What was your first impression when you heard your songs in a anime ?
A19. For me (Fastway) it was a surprise - and also a shock, a pleasant shock! I wasn't expecting it at all...

Q20. (SuperEurojimmy) For everyone there (including Anna??), what is your favorite music genre outside of eurobeat/techno?
A20. Evelina and Stefano enjoy any genre, as long as it's music... while Fastway, beside Eurobeat, is a big fan of David Bowie and N.E.R.D.

Q21. (Lebon14) Does anybody at SCP Music Team listen to eurobeat casually in their free time? And any favorites? (And Not necessarily SCP made!)
A21. Of course, but it would be unfair to name names, don't you think? <3

Q22. (RobioCraft) Is Stefano Castagna also answering questions?
A22. Everyone is here! Evelina, Stefano, Ace and Fastway :)

Q23. (BlueDash8) Do Ace and Fastway prefer different eurobeat styles in their own songs? There are noticeable differences in various tracks by both of them.
A23. I personally (Ace) enjoy the melodic songs (like Moonchild), or the heaviest and powerful tracks, like Rider of the sky!

Q24. (Jacqueline S.) Ever considered writing another Go 2 song featuring Christine? Their combination was explosive on "Blood on Fire" (which I think far surpasses the original by AAA) and I would love to see that magic recreated!
A24. It's a very nice idea, we'll think about it seriously! Unfortunately, for this compilation, we have a restriced number of tracks...

Q25. (TurboA_) Glad to see you here again! To comp @BlueDash8's question, how much artistic input do the individual artists have during the writing and the production? Do they mostly work as the vocalists or is the creative work something you always work together on?
A25. Hi there! This is a good question :) The final production is always the result of a creative interaction between the artist , the writer and the producer. We start writing a demo, then we rehearse with the singer and find the best solution with him/her (sounds, words, atmosphere...). For instance, "It's my life" by Dusty was born out of Ennio's grievance for his separation...He came up with a song and we were glad to produce it even if it was "out of the way" for him.

Q26. (RobioCraft) I wanted to ask about your experience at working with E. Somenzi in Vibration Eurobeat (LED records), was it really that bad, you briefly mentioned once it was bad experience and thats why you decided to establish your own label. The early Vibration tracks (your and Somenzi contributions) very truly tasteful, this was one of the best era’s of music in Vibration and kind of sounds like early SCP’s tracks.
A26. Thank you a lot! ...Time is a great healer.

> (Dyna) omg I always think about Ace when seeing A C E juice :D
> (SCP) well you got it right :)

Q27. (Texan Nationalist) How do you feel about the sort of fusion of the identities of Initial D and eurobeat?
A27. You are right, it is strange. And in a way, a pity...but probably it had to be done for business reasons...

Q28. (Vectrex4Life) Horror Fantasy has always been one of my favorite SCP tracks. Who sang on that one?
A28. It is the Scream Team! This is not the scream team day... :D
Note: That's obviously a non-answer. The actual answer is: Alessia De Boni (Pamsy), Christain Codenotti (Ace) and Stefano Castagna.

Q29. (Metsu-Satsu) 1. Question to Fastway, what do you like more - singing or rapping? 2. Can you guys describe differences between Ennio's different aliases - Fastway, Dusty, Doctor Stranger, etc. - as well as differences between the styles of songs for each alias?
A29. (1) Singing, for sure! (2) Every alias is there matching a different style...Fastway is for a more aggressive style, while Dusty is mostly more mellow, a sort of his sweet side :) Like doctor Jeckyll and Mr Hyde...

Q30. (J1NX1337) What do you guys think of doing a comeback live show in Japan or maybe even Europe at some point?
A30. We would love to! Fastway will be really hyped about it :D

"Q"31. (Porky-Poo forwarded by Darksaenum) Because i'm too lazy to write it differently. ( ... -48-15.png) That is what Porky wanted to say.
"A"31. Ennio says "buongustaio...." it's an italian expression, check it out :D
Note 1: Picture says: "Porky-Poo - Yestrday at 18:49 - Damn, Someone in EBP tell Ennio Zanini that I think he's cool when he joins tomorrow"
Note 2: "buongustaio" is italian for "gourmet", "gastronome"

Q32. (Jacqueline S.) Definitely keep the Go 2 + Christine idea in mind! I understand the focus on songs already written for now, but I'd be stoked to hear another song with all three voices! Anyway, for my next question, what is it like performing eurobeat in Japan?
A32. It was amazing, and very funny! We couldn't sleep the night before because of the adrenaline and fear! Then, on stage, it was all running around and jumping and singing all together with the audience. It was our first time in Japan together, and it is surely a memory we will keep forever.
Fastway also remembers being hyped when he met a fan who had his song as ringtone on his cellphone! It blew his mind off :)

Goodbye picture: ... /team.jpeg
Rehosts: ; ; ... rxG8gg8y1Q

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