Disco NRG Sound System - Saishin 最新 Eurobeat (2010-2013)

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Disco NRG Sound System - Saishin 最新 Eurobeat (2010-2013)

Post by Densetsu13 » 24 Aug 2020, 02:20


01. Yo Shine – Power Of My Love
02. Chris Stanton – Ready Forever (DJ Gun Remix)
03. David Dima – Freedom
04. The Snake – Freedom Ride (DJ Gun Remix)
05. Virginelle – Baby Come Back
06. Yo Shine – I Dream of You
07. Momo – Send Me An Angel
08. Mr. Moog – Cowboy
09. Boris – Shalaka Boom
10. Ken Blast – The Top
11. Jager – Because Of You
12. Queen 26 – Kissy Boom Boom
13. Za-Za – Dance To The Music
14. mioco – A Live
15. Go 2 – Play Loud
16. SEB All Stars feat. DJ Boss – SEB 4 U (Power + Wild Mix)
17. An-G – Different Girl (Disco NRG Edit)
18. Rich Hard – Wild Boys (Original Version)
19. Powerful T. – Kelly
20. Dejo & Bon – Loving Eurobeat
21. Eurodudes – Passport To Dance
22. Dejo – Boys Gone Wild
23. Scream Team – Wacky-Wacky-O
24. Fastway – Hyper Super Powers
25. Kaioh - Sunlight

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BPM Range: 160 – 166 BPM

Created: February 2013 (updated July 2020)

SCP: 10
Delta: 4
SinclaireStyle: 3
Dima Music: 2
GoGo’s Music: 2
Eurogrooves: 1
Plum: 1
A-Beat-C: 1
Sunfire Records: 1

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A mix I made for Disco NRG founding member Jayzu’s 2nd Bat Mitzvah which was his 26th birthday party. It is a parapara mix consisiting of saishin, therefore it consists of songs that have choreography considered new/recent in the context of February 2013.

This was a parapara mix to end the night, so the songs go one time through (with the additional sabi here and there), I kept the transitions fast-paced and they are high in tension. The core of the mix remains the same as the original version, but I have also updated it with my mixing skills of today.

If I remember correctly, Steve took care of the Italo Disco/Early Eurobeat/2nd Boom mix, Jim took care of the 3rd Boom/4th Boom mix and I closed out the night with this saishin mix. The party was at a bar, but was a private event. This event is a fond memory of some of the most fun I’ve ever had with Disco NRG. This mix was made with a lot of love. ♥

Disco NRG Sound System is the unit that handles Disco NRG's music projects.

- Hello Kitty / Alix, Rainbow / Danny Rock and Akibachi / Oda were in an initial version of this mix but they were removed upon request from the birthday boy. Freedom Ride / The Snake, Baby Come Back / Virginelle and Dance To The Music / Za-Za were originally not part of this mix used for the party but I added them to this final version to round out the tracklist to an even 25 tracks.

- I love this DJ Gun Remix of Ready Forever which samples A Perfect Hero in the sabi. We all noticed the smiliarities to A Perfect Hero when Ready Forever first came out so it’s cool that DJ Gun did this. In the end transition I had fun mixing in Freedom with some slight word play.

- Totally sampled FK Tokyo Remix’s Blades of Fire for that intro into Freedom Ride which originally comes from The Snake Around, another track from the SEB 200s era.

- “I came out from the bottom, and into the top!” As I’m coming from a gay perspective, The Top / Ken Blast reminds me of some wild nights that I’ve had. If you know, you know lol 8)

- Dance To The Music is such an amazing track and I can’t believe I only started to take notice of it this past year. Even more shocking that t never made it on to SEB!

- I enjoyed putting the 2 versions of SEB 4 U together.

- To give Different Girl some tension I did some editing/remixing for the intro there including Fastway’s “Come On!” from Revolution. Also the BPM is at a healthy 164 when the original BPM is 150 lol.

- The intro to Loving Eurobeat serves as a calm before the storm; a breather and a break. From this point onwards the mix has reached its top BPM and it’s full speed ahead until the end of the mix!

- I started teasing in Hyper Super Powers as early as Boys Gone Wild simply because I could haha!

- Hyper Super Powers is one of my all time favourite tracks and choreographies, as such I wanted to make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

- Back when I made this mix it was right before SEB 222 was released, so to have Sunlight, which had just been taught at SEF DELUXE for their January 2013 parapara lesson, I ripped the audio from the lesson video that they had uploaded which had overlayed a decent quality version of the extended for the song. I felt special making a mix with an unreleased track haha! For this update of the mix I have replaced it with better quality and remixed versions.

Thank you for listening and please enjoy! ^^v

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