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Lyric duplication

Posted: 11 Jun 2021, 10:48
by Coolsy101
So I noticed as I was browsing the Super Eurobeat albums, in Super Eurobeat 242, Rich Hard's "Night Rider" has the exact same lyrics as Roberta's "Burning in the Rain". The lyrics for Night Rider is incorrect. I was going to use the Submit Lyrics page but it wouldn't let me. Here's the correct lyrics for Night Rider by Rich Hard:

Hey hey baby
I'm the night rider
The race is my passion
Hey hey baby
I'm the warrior (of) the night
I will run to you just right now

Cause you are so far away
Time's my mistery
Give it to me baby
I come to you now
My lady of light

Get me power
Power tonight
Get me power
I'll be so right
Night rider
Win of the race
Like a warrior
Jump is my game

Hey hey baby
Don't you like my way?
Catch me till the night is over
Hey hey baby
I'm the king of your eyes
I will be for you just right now

Re: Lyric duplication

Posted: 26 Apr 2022, 20:56
by Darksupercool01
It's the same case that Crazy For Love - Dusty, and Mind Invaders - Doctor Stranger, both song have practically the same lyrics.