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The Best of Super Eurobeat 2021

Post by SuperEuroJimmy » 22 Jan 2022, 16:12

A bit later than we would have hoped, the Best of Super Eurobeat 2021 has finally been released! To celebrate this, DJ Boss did a live stream where a lot of eurobeat artists showed up and sent in a message to all the fans. You can check this out on <a href="" >YouTube</a>.

<a href= ><img src= /></a>

Of course, you can still buy this release, both as a physical disc as well as a digital release. Websites like <a href="" ></a> and <a href="" ></a> have the physical discs, but you can get it digitally too at <a href="" ></a> for example. To everyone who's getting the digital release, there are 3 songs longer than their versions on CD: Blazing Guns, P.I. Investigator and Red Zone are all cut to fit on the CD release.

More info about the release can be found on the <a href="" >album page</a>.

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