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The Best of Evernam993 (2017-2022)

Posted: 11 May 2022, 09:44
by KoolKool
Hi everyone! Long time not posting here, most people seem to move to discord. I missed good old times.
I guess few people already saw me on the server. But if you guy don't mind a post here, as an act of appreciation for the place that rise up love and desire for eurobeat inside me.

"Evernam993" is my new alias, a decent outcome of many years struggle with Eurobeat production and other genres. Is making music still fun and enjoyable? I don't know, especially for Eurobeat, complicated. :)

Here is total 7 tracks from time to time (there are recently made ones, there are older made ones were accidentally re-arranged by power of SSD hard drive)
You can think this is low budget attempt of SEB vibe with Fiverr flavours. Hit or miss? Which one? love to hear your opinion :)

Hyper Super Sixty Night
Like The Ecstasy
Better Be Inside
Smoothly Unpure
Goose On Da Moon
Truly Inside
Ever Inside