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Post by hollypolly » 12 Nov 2005, 19:05

99 luftballons by Nena is a great song.. I agree with you.
And then the Final Countdown by Europe.... :oops:

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Re: Cool eurobeat intros

Post by Phil Jay Falcon » 05 Nov 2019, 14:03

Ehm, guys, are we here still talking about cool Eurobeat intros? The Bands/Songs most of you mentioned are not Eurobeat.

And because of that: Back to topic (Ha, I always wanted to say that, lol)! :wink:

Yes, there are some really cool intros in my favorite Eurobeat-songs. And when it comes to cool intros, one track cames immediately in my mind. And that's "Spitfire" from Go 2!

You all heard it already. It starts simple, but cool. It's not even loud. Like a kind of "preparation". Like the intro wants to say "Prepare for the hype". You don't think of anything, specially when you hear it from the first time.



And then the hype begins. Then it's loud, powerful, it's Eurobeat. I love this. This is what makes Eurobeat also so great.

Something similar we have also in "Show me the way" from Mr. Groove. I love this intro, too. The intro sounds like normal, generic guitar-riffs, like in a rock band. Maybe a little bit too normal, may you think "Man, I heard better guitar-riffs". Then it goes a little bit quitly...., OK, you don't expect anything. And then BAM, and then cames a powerful, energetic sound. Same goes also to "Thunderball" from Teddy Boy.

Oh, and not to forget: Mike West with "Wild night". Hah, this is magnificent, really immense. With this you can convince me.

But there are so many great intros, where you can build up your hype for the real deal. Atrium with "Tokyo guys" is also a good example. Or "Drivin' crazy" from my all-favorite Ace. Give it a try and you know what I mean. :)

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