Your first eurobeat experience!

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Post by drnrg » 31 Dec 2005, 14:36

8)Not counting Dead Or Alive,Mike Mareen or Paul Lekakis(Whyich are my favorites of all time) I first heard Eurobeat which was still called Italo Beat back in 1989 in a record store called DMC records on Melrose Ave,Hollywwood. Freestyle's Stevie B, Noel and sweet Sensation were dying out so I neede new music fast. I bought 10 records that day....I became addicted
1. Chester- Right Time
2. King Kong and D.Jungle girls-Boom Boom Dollars
3. Vanessa- Eternity
4. Mark Farina-Gun Fire
5. Mike Hammer- Hey Man
6. Lillac- Come Come
7. Reflectors- You Drive Me Crazy
8. Rose- I Wanna Be Your Love
9. Michael Southerland- 54321 0
10. Molto Carina- Voice Of The Night

I still remember those first 10 records like if it was yesterday. I was 17 at the TIME

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Post by CrUnChBiTe » 09 Jan 2006, 03:13

The very first song i could ever remember listining too was "Get Wild" but i wasnt interested in eurobeat back then. what set it off was Initial D, Rock me to the top. i couldnt live without eurobeat after hearing that song.

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Post by gs68 » 22 Jan 2006, 09:13

I started hearing Eurobeat on DDR, back when I thought everything electronic was "techno." That was over 4 years ago.

At first I wasn't so fond of Eurobeat but over time it grew on me, and now I love it.

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Post by Bore » 10 Jul 2006, 19:14

Humm happened to listen to some old stuff and accidentally Sinitta's Hitchin' A Ride popped up... Bloody damn awesome! Song is like "ancient" but it sounds quite modern for it's release year.

(and oh yeah, posting in this thread due to other Sinittas mentioned and it kinda borderlines on old eurobeat, not the first experience but still ;)

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Post by UQ100 » 10 Jul 2006, 20:15

Bore wrote:Humm happened to listen to some old stuff and accidentally Sinitta's Hitchin' A Ride popped up... Bloody damn awesome!
"Hitchin' a Ride" is awesome! "Toy Boy" and "Cross My Broken Heart" are good too.

(Videos for those two are on YouTube, though they're so bad I can't watch them!)
Bore wrote:Song is like "ancient" but it sounds quite modern for it's release year.
Ancient? LOL, it's not greensleeves...

(Seriously, nothing has happened which makes today's music more advanced (if anything (music that has major sales) is mostly much inferior), it's just a matter of fashion...)

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Post by Nine » 10 Jul 2006, 21:09

My first Eurobeat experience was in an Arcade when I heard Tora Tora Tora. D; kinda dumb, but it was Domino so <3 (Though, at the time my friend said it was Max, haha)

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Post by hollypolly » 15 Jul 2006, 10:53

Good topic yes!!
My first eb song was oh oh oh girls are dancing.. late in 1991 by The Big Brother.. I have checked now EP database. It was on seb 11... A long long time ago!

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Post by Jay » 16 Jul 2006, 11:31

I believe my first eurobeat experience was Domino - Gotcha! :p

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Post by cigy41987 » 16 Jul 2006, 13:32

Night Of Fire from DDR Disney Mix XD
Please don't drop me baby~

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Re: Your first eurobeat experience!

Post by Phil Jay Falcon » 03 Nov 2019, 21:57

clubraf wrote:
23 Dec 2005, 01:39
What was the first eurobeat song you remember listening to, or what album was the first that got you into you eurobeat? And also, what was the approximate date that you first started listening to eurobeat?

So many similiar threads!

Well, whatever! :D

My first eurobeat-experience was 5 or 6 years ago (don't remember exactly). Eurobeat was at that time completely unknown to me (don't hit me for that). I just heard Rock, Metal, J-Music and sometimes some powerful wave-music. But I was a fan of internet-memes. And one of them was called "lol, internet". You all know that. But what was so special about it was not Ronald McDonald or the crazyness about that, it was the background-music. It was so crazy, but energetic at the same time. I loved that. So I looked right away, if this music also had a name (it could be that it was made only for this meme, you never know). And I quickly found it: Max Coveri with "Running in the 90s". This is, were it all started. It was love at first hearing. So crazy, but also with so much power and hype. And I love powerful music. Then it came one after another.
In another thread I've described that a little bit more accurately. But thanks to an MEME (yes, to a meme) I became such a huge eurobeat-fan. Funny, huh? I know.

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