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Sometimes, you just don't know what song to listen to. You have heard your favorites over and over again, and really want to enojy something new. In that case, you can get some suggestions from the list below.

These songs were fetched from the big database at random every time you visit this page. You might already know these songs. If that's the case, just try again. It could also very well be that there are songs that aren't even eurobeat. That's because eurobeat releases sometimes also had other genres like dance or trance on them. Who knows, you might find your next favorite tune!

Song suggestions, just for you!

Christy - Mystery Of Our Love
The Early Days Of Super Eurobeat - Euro Fantasy
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Victoria - I Don't Wanna Let You Go
The Best Of Super Eurobeat 2019
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Niko - Night Of Fire (Extended Mix)
Super Eurobeat 174
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