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Post by #Infinity » 16 Dec 2008, 07:49

I felt like making my own thread for this same idea, but reviving this one was probably the better option.

Anyway, I'm usually pretty positive about almost all eurobeat, but I can't love 'em all. To make my high appreciation for the better side of eurobeat a little more present (and also since I never posted in this topic before), I'm gonna prove how much I am capable of disliking a eurobeat song and list my bottom 10 least favorite eurobeat songs of all time with comments:

10. Stimulation / Go Go Girls: It just feels like there's no clear melody at all, just some tacky-sounding lyrics and impressively mediocre backgrounds. It seems to just drag on and on, with me quietly waiting for it to finally end.

9. Hi Energy / Disco Vega: Okay, this track actually has some potential, since the melody is pretty nice. Unfortunately, the sole aspect that makes this one of the worst eurobeat tracks ever for me is the lack of a complete soundworld. The whole package feels as dry as the Sahara Desert, probably because the emphasis is put almost entirely upon the percussion and not the melodic elements. It doesn't really even matter how much everything else works, since the synths and vocals are so non-prominent and backed off by the garage-quality sounds that they wash away as if they weren't even there. This one really left me feeling unsatisfied.

8. Creatures / Lara: The vocals in this track are so terrible, it's hilarious. She sounds like she hasn't taken a single English lesson in her entire life and is strictly reading her lines phonetically. The song itself is ugly enough, but even considering the fact that this woman is Japanese, her pronunciation is definitely miles away from the same league as that of Ai Yamamato or Dr.'s Girl. How this song was ever even released is quite beyond me, as its production values are truly rock-bottom and it's without a doubt the worst Saifam eurobeat track I've ever heard.

7. Back To The Rising Sun / Powerful T.: This song has absolutely NO substance at all. This here, in my opinion, was the starting point of A-Beat C's infamous slump that lasted from the late 170's and into the 180's. Usually a eurobeat song has at least something in it that brings it to life, but not in this case. The synths and production values are amazingly poor, and the melody is so forgettable and nonexistant I can barely remember how the whole track goes, even after looping parts of it several times. It doesn't manage to spark up a single feeling for me except for dry boredom.

6. Lost In The World / Karen: Again, same rules that applied to BTTRS also apply to this track. There whole production feels completely spiritless. Even with some slightly better sounds, this track still falls flat due to its insipid, dull melodic progression that does absolutely nothing to grab my attention while my minds just stalls around, waiting for the next track.

5. Pun Pun Beam / Cindy: This song is basically to me as poor Pagal is to almost everyone else. I usually adore the wild craziness that Live Music Studio injects into their productions, but in Pun Pun Beam, it just doesn't work in any way to me. Where to begin? The intro - it's just unbearably annoying with those pointless "pun pun beam, ba-ba-pun pun beam"'s, plus a rap from Roberto Festari that does nothing except add to it. The rest? Not any better. The melodic progression in this track is insideously random from start to finish; I can't even directly point out any particular key that it's following, as everything is just flushed away in one huge gigantic mess of awfully trebbly synths, unmelodic vocals, and a bunch of notes that feel really out-of-tune and don't form any kind of cohension at all. It's really quite a shame, since Cindy is otherwise one of Hi-NRG Attack's best and most rewarding female aliases, but Pun Pun Beam is definitely quite a train wreck of a song that in my opinion should have never seen the light of day.

4. Bad Boys / Matt Land: Aaargh, to quote myself from a previous episode of SEPH, this song is "CRAP"! I don't want to even take this awful travesty seriously, as I know that the same man behind such classics as Killer Queen, Fever The Night, Captain Fantastic, and Night Flight To Tokyo is worth soooo much more than what this garbage represents.

3. People Like Dancing / Mega NRG Man: I honestly don't even need to comment on this one, as it's already quite obvious that I despise it with a passion. When even the most tremendous fans of Tomas Marin (including myself) find this track to be a tremendous disaster, that's really saying a lot about how much Rodgers & Co. slipped up with this track.

2. You Got Me Spellbound / Leslie Parrish: This song is one of the most prominent reasons I consider SEB 114 to be among the worst Super Eurobeat albums ever released. This track makes This Love look like a timeless masterpiece. I really don't know how Leonardi could screw up Leslie Parrish so badly, but this is proof. What happened? He was still on fire only a year earlier, with epic classics such as Speedway and In The Heart Of Rome, and the fact that he slumped this badly only makes me wonder what he was on when he created this terrible mess. Calling this badly-produced is an understatement; that synthline makes me feel physically sick. I fail to see anything except chaos beyond some muted trumpet randomly thrown in for effect behind a bunch of overstated, non-melodic synth hits. Again, there's virtually no melodic life or cohension in this entire production, but the fact that it's so horribly produced causes it to sound that much worse. Nothing here even makes any remote sense, as the whole package just feels like a bunch of terrible ideas simultaneously samwhiched together into what is apparently a "song".

1. The Cherry Song That Shall Not Be Named: I don't want to even get started with this one. If you want a hint, it was produced at around the same time as You Got Me Spellbound, hence the fact that the production values are so amazingly bad. Unlike the previous song I mentioned, this one actually does have a melody, but it really only adds to the soppy wimpiness it falls for. The synths here are just so disgustingly shrill and badly-developed that it just causes every aspect of the production to sound terrible. This song brings nothing except pain to my ears whenever I listen to it.
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Post by WNight » 16 Dec 2008, 08:53

Songs that makes my ears bleed ?

Pagal, this is one of the most annoying songs I have heard in a long time, The melody is nothing compared to HRG's best, the moment the vocals or maybe even the chorus starts, Pagal just sucks on all level. Why are such annoying songs released on SEB in the 1st place ? Are they created to annoy ?

Let's see, there's Dance Dance Monsteru, great melody, great artist yet vocalwork deserves to be shot and thrown into the flames of fire. Pure injustice for Lolita at all levels. This is the worse and most unjustifiable types of eurobeat, Good Melody + Bad Vocals = One whole dillema.

Food Fighter is also another one which has least to say, weird sounding vocals, the song ain't bad though, but the weird sounding vocals make it quite difficult for me to listen to the track as a whole, but still, this song ain't bad at all. It's just the vocals which sorta made my ears bleed. Another DDM type of song, One that creates a whole dillema.

Last one I can think of is Can Can World, what the heck is up with songs like that on SEB or rather, how can the labels even create songs like that which are the least to say, irritating ? This song sucks, hate it back then when it was just released, hate it now as well. (Well, maybe not as bad as Pagal was, but still not a good song)
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Post by Javy » 16 Dec 2008, 18:53

For me?

10.Daniel - Spirit Of The Night - Terrible melody, annoying ass synths and a vocal effect that just makes my skin crawl

9.Max Coveri - Supercar - Everything for the most part is mediocre except that god awful synth hook. Its like a down syndrome person composed it on a casio keyboard.

8.Neo - Disco Fire - He just can't hit those high notes and its painfull to hear every time. Why else would they have Dave on back ups at such a high volume. Ugh just a travesty.

7.Tokyo Future - Da Burning Tokyo - Gasp I a Sinclaire track. It's like seriously he forgot that dance tracks need bass and substance. I can never sit through this track.

6.Overload - Terminator - Some many terrible things about this I don't know where tobegin. The god awful raspy vocals? The overproduced synths. The unneeded guitar riffs? The overpumped bass? And none of this is helped by the insistent sampled of Space Frog - Terminator is nonstop mixes.

5.Cherry - Got To Be Certain - Just a terrible terrible copycat version with stale as hell vocals.

4.Domino - Gotcha - Everytime I hear this track I die a little more inside. Domino's voice is just so shrill and shrieky.

3.Domino - Tomodachi Big Friend - See above

2.Marko Polo - Jungle Fever - It ruined the awesome name of Marko Polo. I mean no matter who produced the track. Marko Polo always had great tracks. Then this abomination came along with weak straining vocals, annoying tiger samples and flat sounding melody. This was a train weak.

1.Sara - Crazy For Love - Ever had a song that rubbed you the wrong way completely and yet not at all at the same? This is thats ong for me. The breathy vocals the ugly synths and bleh rhythms. I just want it to go away forever.
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Post by Lebon14 » 16 Dec 2008, 20:13

(Based starting from SEB 160's and I'm not at home to describe the song)

10. D.Essex - Fahrenheit Euronight
I tried... but... I just can't stand that song.

9. Domino - Fuku Wa Uchi
A song for children? No, seriously, I'm not into children music.

8. Christine - Rain
I don't know why people love this because this song is just plain HORRIBLE.

7. Helena - Melodies Of Love 2007
Can't describe how bad it is.

6. Dave & Nuage - Like A Video

5. Cherry - Dance, Dance & Got To Be Certain (ex equo)
Totally destroyed the Cherry hits streaks from SEB 182, 184, 186 & 188.

4. Go 2 - Let It Burn
Second Worst Go 2 song ever

3. Go 2 - Purple Emotion
Worst Go 2 song ever

2. Dave Rodgers - The V.I.P Is J.P

1. Whole SEB 179
*gets out of the room and starts saying bad words about SEB 179*

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Post by the_ditz » 16 Dec 2008, 20:54

In no particular order....

Mari-San - Secret Destination

Dave Rodgers - The VIP is JP
Insanely weak beats teamed with an extremely bland melody and terrible vocal delivery. I fail to see the appeal in this song at all. It's terrible!!

Valery Scott - A Simply Melody
As #Infinity described it, just plain creepy! The melody rips off a classic bubblegum hit and somehow makes it even more annoying and ear-splitting. The production is also weak and has no sense of direction.

Annalise feat. D. Rodgers - Unbelievable
It's like your grandparents singing karaoke and making out on the dancefloor - wrong on so many levels, with a mega bland melody and terribly sickly sweet sentiment that makes me wanna puke.

Sandy - Power Of Loving You
See the sickly sweet comments above, and add the terrible synth production qualities - really bad combination!

Baby Gold - The Night Is Party
The ugly remnants of an alcohol binge by the Hi-NRG Attack producers. Really ugly vocal effects in the intro and absolutely no redeeming features in the melody or production.

Lou Lou Marina - Who's Making Love
See above

Melody & Mezzo - Nightshade
Mega weak vocals teamed with really half-hearted production. Zero charisma or energy.

Vivi - I Love My Dog
Shoot me now - just, please - shoot me now!

Bonnie & Clyde - Criminals
Even the siren effects annoy the heck outta me!! A terrible piece of song writing and production all round.

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Post by zoupzuop2 » 16 Dec 2008, 22:58

Happy Phantom.

Can't STAND it.
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Post by DJ Mike TJG » 17 Dec 2008, 00:09

Top 10 in the last year that have irritated the heck outta me:

10 Apple / Hey Boy
- Something about those synths really irritates the heck out of me. Maybe it's the way everything about the song just has this 'boing' sound to it that doesn't fit right. This rightfully sits at number 10 as it is perhaps on the cusp of acceptability, but annoying enough that it deserves mention.

09 Garcon / Crazy Race On The Street
- When you have to back your vocalist up with incredibly annoying echo and sound effects, you're onto a losing song, and we're only 30 seconds in. Nothing after that manages to redeem this in the slightest.

08 Mega NRG Man / Let It Go
- What in the love of god is going on in that intro? I single this song out in particular, but you can pretty much take every Mega NRG Man song that was under A-Beat C in the last year and tar it with the same brush. It's anyone's guess why they let things get so bad for this name, but it's time to let Go Go's take this one permanently!

07 Leslie Hammond / Run and Run
- Hi-NRG's second entry into this list. It's no surprise that this isn't the highest ranking entry either. I seldom listen to any Hi-NRG songs from the last 3-4 years. Occasionally one comes along that I enjoy immensely (Danger In Chinatown and SEF Deluxe spring to mind), but most of it could all easily be excised from the SEB series, and nobody would mind.

06 Niko / Let's Go Wild!
- Niko's triumphant return is sullied by the fact that... well, I never much cared for most of his songs in the first place. Great vocalist, poor song. Again.

05 Dave Rodgers / The V.I.P. is JP
- Many have already heard my very hard line on what I think of Dave Rodgers' output over the past couple of years. Maybe it is a bitter pill to swallow, or maybe I'm just being too hard on the guy. If it's any consolation, Sun City and Unbelievable escape this list because the former I don't actually mind, and the latter I quite enjoyed. This little number, however, did my head in. Almost as bad as a certain entry which didn't make this list because it is a year older.

04 Alexis / Just A Game 2008
- One of the most unimaginative and plagiarising Time remakes I've heard. The intro is a direct lift from 175's Take A Look In My Heart, and the remake itself lacks any soul.

03 Melody & Mezzo / Nightshade
- As hard as I try to look past its shortcomings, the fact is that this just doesn't feel like a Eurobeat song, no matter how much dressing is layered on it.

02 Irene / Food Fighter
- Irene's excellence over her past few songs comes crashing down into pitifully fawned exuberance. A real tragedy for such a good vocalist.

01 Mara Nell / Pagal
- That chorus should have been burned before so much as one syllable of it was sung. Enough said.

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Post by #Infinity » 17 Dec 2008, 01:14

WNight wrote:Pagal, this is one of the most annoying songs I have heard in a long time, The melody is nothing compared to HRG's best, the moment the vocals or maybe even the chorus starts, Pagal just sucks on all level. Why are such annoying songs released on SEB in the 1st place ? Are they created to annoy ?

(Well, maybe not as bad as Pagal was, but still not a good song)
DJ Mike TJG wrote:01 Mara Nell / Pagal
- That chorus should have been burned before so much as one syllable of it was sung. Enough said.
Shame, just when I thought Pagal couldn't be anymore hated upon... :???:
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Post by Brisk » 17 Dec 2008, 01:34

Can only think of Spirit of the Night at the moment. Too much reverb on vocals and just horrible sounds all together.

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Post by #Infinity » 17 Dec 2008, 01:55

zoupzuop2 wrote:Happy Phantom.

Can't STAND it.
I actually kind of agree with this one. I liked it at first because of the quirky synthline, but now the vocal melody is just really starting to grate on me the more I listen to it again.

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Post by Jay » 17 Dec 2008, 03:22

Apart from the usual songs I rant about, Spread Your Wings by Susan Bell & Brian Ice is, without a doubt, the worst duet I've ever listened to. I only listened to this for the first time a couple of months ago, and wow. Whoever thought it would be a great idea to team these two up together was an absolute tool - their voices sound so chaotic and out of sync, it's really amusing. All this plus an extremely underwhelming and lackluster melody makes for a production that will never be taken seriously by me. It's beyond me how this appeared on the Best Of 2003.

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Post by WNight » 17 Dec 2008, 05:02

Well, looks like my all time favourites VIP is JP, Da Burning Tokyo and Spirit of the night just got bashed badly. :grin:
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Post by drnrg » 17 Dec 2008, 05:44

Seeing that some of my worst songs have been mentioned quite a few TIME's Niteshade, Food Fighter, I Love My Dog ect.... I'll try to mention some other abominations. I'll do it a bit different and try to name one fromeach label. yess.. even TIME is in here.

Dr. NRG's Top 10 Songs I have trouble listening to all the way thru.

10.(TIME) Nayr- All Alone.
TIME is a label that dishes out master piece after masterpiece,What was up with this one? Not even Elana wanted to use any of her well known aliases like Rose, Sophie , nor Helena. The whole production was probobly the weakest song TIME had put out in years. I think this song belongs All Alone in a bad pile.

9.(Sinclaire Style)Niko- Let's Get Wild
this label is relatively new and alreday has managed to release some of my least favourit songs this year. mainly due to those weak soundworld being used at the start. Now the volume is turned up, but I still have to hear that mega Sinclaire track that can make my Eurobeat top 5. Anyway, this one has been mentioned, but too bad, cause for a comeback, this one fell short of expections

8. (DELTA)Mako- Rock N Roll Emulation.
Even DELTA dropped trhe ball big TIME on this one. The song itself isn't copletely abysmal, but the Prophet completely ruins it with his little shout outs in between each line. The verses sound very inimaginative and the synth riff is damn weak as well.

7. (Vibration/Dima)Betty Blue- Lollipop Banana.
I swear Dima broke into SCP's files and jacked some unreleased Kika & Fancy song. This is a label that never puts out a bad song, but this one is the worst IMOP. The Mexican song intro is a bad choice for Eurobeat and though the rest of the song slowly loses it's silliness, it still ranks as Vibration's worst. What's up with her Pussy fire.LOL!

6.(Saifam)Laurie- Hey Bandido
This another hard label to choose from. I have quite a few files and alot sound like clones. esp the female tracks. This one is the worst I have and the only reason I purchased is because I confused it with Bandolero. Aside form the melody in the chorus, there is nothing else that made me go back to this track, esp. that happy hardcorelike riff. It's too silly for my style.

5.(HRG Attack)Marina Colour- I'm Happy.
WTF is up with this song? It's title is I'm Happy, but uses some eerie Dario Argento song in the intro. Anyway. It's hard to choose a bad HRG song, cuz they are 90% hits, but once in a while comes a along a hyper happy song that's too much for me to handel. Miss K.- Chica Boom gets honourable mention in this catargory as well.

4.(GoGo's) Domino- Cooking Boy.
I'll just get this one out of the way and say it's GoGo's Music worst production next to Secret Destination, but since Nari- San has already been smeared, I'll mention this artocity instead. This is just the type of songs I really dislike from Domino. Silly melody, silly title and silly little shout outs. Sucky sucky sucky

3. (ABeatC) Spock- Enter Sandman.
EveryTIME I hear this 3 words whirl in my head. WTF? I wanted to mention some Digiatal Planet song, because most are...let's face it , boring, but this one takes the cake, esp. because of the horrendous vocals. I swear it sounds like his groin is being crushed as he sings. ABeatC stay away from Metallica classics.

2.(SCP)Kiki & Fancy Feat. Goofy DJ - I Wanna Play Guitar!
This one was really bad and I'll never play guitar again.LOL! Silly Silly Silly. The rap takes the cake as ear bleeder of the decade.

1.(SCP)Tricky Sticky & Bang- Tricky Sticky & Bang.
SCP are obviously the biggest offenders when it comes to this type of Eurobeat., but even they should know better than to contract kindergarteners to sing in Eurobeat. :P

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Post by wolftickets1969 » 17 Dec 2008, 07:21

Dave Rodgers - The Final Game: Game over. Sounds stoned or drunk. Worst Rodgers song evar.
Annalise - Valentino's Day and most other recent songs: nuff said
Big Jim - Why Why: sticks out like a sore thumb on Euromach 3
Lisa Ferrari - Why Don't You Love Me
Max Coveri - Supercar
Leo River - Runaway: ear-splitting vocals, especially with the warping/Antares Autotune-type effects, sounds like a Justin Timberlake wannabe
Fulvia Coupe - Mama Maria: In addition to the ear-bleeding pitch-warped vocals, what is with the lyrics?
Dolly Pop - Take A Chance On Me: Don't take a chance with this song. This one shouldn't have been released.
Bugaboo - Buga Buga Chew Chew
Go2 - Purple Emotion
Laurie - Jingo Dance
Pamsy - My Sweet For(n)ever

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Post by zoupzuop2 » 17 Dec 2008, 07:26

wolftickets1969 wrote: Max Coveri - Supercar
Seeing as this isn't the only time this is mentioned... why does everyone dislike it? It's one of my favorites hands-down.
May I never let my passion obstruct my respect for others again.

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