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Post by SuperEuroJimmy » 05 Apr 2015, 17:21

"Jimmy, Jimmy, Gimme your love" - Vivi
"Now, Jimmy's gonna be the deejay" - Pamsy

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Post by M2-EB » 08 Apr 2015, 02:05

As some of you guys here, I have many lyrics I can relate to - from silly ones to the darkest songs (will definitely remember more and post other songs hahaha). This one came to mind when I had a moment of payback, it was truly glorious.

The Power Of Glory / Powerful T.

I wanna lead tonight
To be winner in every fight
Get my weapon and carry on
It's the gateway to drop you out

Don't you get away
C'mon fight again, victory's in my hand
Join the fight tonight
but you know there's no way to win
'Cause you'll be the loser

Right now
It's the time to re-gain my power of glory
Let me show the best way to get my
Power of glory

You're gonna lose this fight
'Cause I'll carry the day for long
Touch my powerful mighty sword
Wanna win you 'n destroy your soul

Although HRG, this tune have no craziness attached, on the contrary, beautiful motivational lyrics. Currently going through pretty hard times and this gem popped up in my mind - just what I needed to soothe a little… …

You Won't Cry Tonight / Mara Nell

Waiting for a smile
Searching for delight
Like a lonely player
Can go back into the sky

Hey, don't worry, don't be afraid
It there, sun goes down
Won't you lose, baby, happiness
And love to live your life

You won't cry tonight
Love to feel the beat inside, forever
Hey, let's feel tonight the music inside
Na, na, na, na

You won't cry tonight
Baby, look me deep inside, forever
Hey, don't make me cry, your love in your life
You won't make me cry

Everyday you live
Is a special day
Never let the sadness
Come to break and hurt your heart

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Post by UFOPOLI » 05 May 2015, 10:54

Vinylyarou wrote:Madison - Baby Be Happy Because I Love You
I had either not heard this before or just otherwise missed it (with eurobeat, it's difficult to be sure :grin:) but I just became an instant fan. The song does remind me of several others, which may be why. On My Own, at least?
Every time I'm free
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Re: Favourite EB lyrics thread

Post by Phil Jay Falcon » 14 May 2019, 17:52

So many similiar threads, but whatever!^^

One of my favourite lyrics came from Jeff Driller with "Mecha Fireball":

Come on baby, let me feel your fire
Every night I feel alone and blue

Come on baby, let me feel desire
Like a bullet baby I'm coming to you

If you're ready for the fight
In the music paradise
Take my feelings only night and day
Feel alright

Mecha mecha fireball
Take me to the limit, to the fire night
Mecha is what I'm living for
You can thrill me, baby feel it like a bang in the night

Come on baby, let me see your power
Every night I don't know what to do

Come on baby, let me keep the fire
Take the action to the limit of blood

You see the fat marked words? He don't say "Power", he says "POWAAAA". I love this.

And i also love the lyrics in "Music in action" from Bon:

Living on the planet where is no war
And everybody's pushing for more
We can make it happen oh that's for sure
We only need to open that door

Pretty baby can't you hear me? come and sign along!
Pretty lady don't you see me? I'm in for the love!

Back on bad music in action
Back on that feeling that makes me feel the power
This is my only reaction,
This is my reason for living on the planet
Back on bad music in action
Back on that feeling that makes me feel the power
This is my only reaction,
This is my reason for living on the planet

Tell me that i'm foolish really don't care
I'm really getting in for the thrill
Tell me when you're ready then i'll be there
You'll never have enough of my world

Somehow that appeals to me. You can feel the power of music behind that. I mean, the title says it all, right? ^^

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Re: Favourite EB lyrics thread

Post by xiao » 15 May 2019, 02:17

Kiss me by the silver moonlight

ー Lucya

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