Where would you go?

There's a wide world also outside of Eurobeat, this is where you discuss it.
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Chico Chico
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Where would you go?

Post by Chico Chico » 27 Dec 2004, 23:12

If you had the chance, where would you like to go to either live and / or visit?

Personally, I would love to visit Tokyo so I could go to the Maharaja Night & Velfarre clubs, and I would like to live in Canada as it is beautiful and the guy I like lives there... heheh! :D

Grand Prix
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Post by Grand Prix » 03 Jun 2005, 21:16

i would go everywhere, to listen Eurobeat and to merry all eurobeat artists and also MOVE
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Post by aXu » 03 Jun 2005, 22:16

Tokyo and other places in Japan and Italy.. Rome would be nice.
I find those places very intresting, not for just eurobeat, but in historical and culturical ways.


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Post by gs68 » 19 Aug 2005, 08:49

Tokyo, Japan's culture is just so interesting. I'd like to travel there at night someday. Also, Japan's arcade scene, compared to America's, is very lively and I'm an arcade fanatic, so I want to give games a try over there. As far as Eurobeat is concerned, being in Japan gives me a chance to hear Eurobeat more often, as well as buy Eurobeat at more affordable prices ($40.97 + tax for a CD at Kinokuniya's, my ass! Though I'm willing to buy anyway, just not very often). Too bad I'm only 16 which means I can't attend any clubs there. :(

I'd also like to visit the Philippines, as I'm Filipino myself. It may not be a nice-looking country (particularly in the city areas), but my relatives, who I enjoy hanging out with, live there, shopping is enjoyable, and it's got plenty of nightlife. Even though I was born here in America, I tend to feel at home in the Philippines at times.

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Euro To B
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Post by Khaki_29uk » 22 Sep 2005, 14:12

I'd like to go on safari through East Africa. Visit North India - Rajastan, Delhi, Mumbai and Calcutta, and then go across to Dhaka, Bangladesh, SE Asia, HK, Japan and Korea.

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Post by sephiroth444 » 16 Apr 2006, 08:58

I would go to Tokyo. I really have no interest to go anywhere else, well i suppose italy to see my relatives but still it wouldnt beat going to tokyo.

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Post by Benjy » 19 Apr 2006, 12:57

Id love to go Germany and Japan. Both have a great music and car culture.

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Phil Jay Falcon
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Re: Where would you go?

Post by Phil Jay Falcon » 09 Jul 2019, 19:28

Interesting question! :)

I would go to every country, who had the biggest cities. I love big, modern cities, cause you have everything and the big cities never sleep.
For example, I love Lisbon. It's very beautiful there and has everything you want. Or go to Brazil! This is what i call "life".

But yeah, one of my biggest wishes is also to go to Japan, specially Tokyo. You can imagine, why! :wink:

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