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For quite a while now the site has been going steady without many actual content upgrades, nor other major changes. There has been lots of talk for more than year now about the upcoming layout but due to various reasons it's still on hold. Yet when the day that you come and visit EP and notice a new layout is actually up, I can't yet say. It might be tomorrow, it might be in a year. Either way, the staff behind Eurobeat-Prime are still throwing ideas around about the future of the site. New content will be out, when is the question currently.

Eurobeat as a music genre is very unique, yet very stationary in a way. People understand eurobeat differently and while others see the music as simple feel-good music, there are also those of us who see deeper into the world of fast beats and aggressive synthesizers. The general concept of our beloved eurobeat is music that will make you dance and feel good. Super Eurobeat, the compilation series provided by Avex Trax releases new material monthly which keeps the fans constantly craving for more. During the past few years online downloads have eased up the process for many foreigners and it has clearly become easier to obtain new eurobeat, which surely pleases us fans. EP sends a thank you to the producers and artists behind eurobeat who make the world a happier place for many of us.

Eurobeat-Prime is a site dedicated to solely eurobeat. The site initially started as a miniature site for my own fun and amusement, but it has gradually grown to be one of the biggest and most extensive eurobeat databases the internet currently holds. Eurobeat Prime aims to spread the message of eurobeat around the world and bring together people who enjoy this music. The staff of Eurobeat Prime welcomes you to enjoy your stay at our humble hold. Let's all make this year yet an another enjoyable one for us all.

Enjoy Eurobeat, enjoy Eurobeat Prime!

Eurobeat Kudos 2020 Kickstarter campaign - 18 May 2020

You have probably heard of the Eurobeat Kudos (Eurokudos for short) series from SCP-Music. These digital albums contain a lot of the songs by SCP-Music, with songs by Fastway, Ace, Irene, Pamsy, Christine, Hotblade, Kiki & Kika & Fancy, Dusty... you name them. And now, the people at SCP-Music are making a new album. For it to become a reality, they need our help.

They launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce a new album with 12 brand new songs. These songs will be by Fastway, Pamsy, Ace, Go2, Irene, Dusty, Christine and Kiki & Fancy. For it to become a reality, they need 15.000 euro to cover all costs. And you can help by pre-ordering your CD, digital download or other limited goodies!

Head over to their Kickstarter page and show your support towards this release by pledging anything they offer. We really need you to help, because if the goal of 15.000 euro is not met, the release will not be made and we will end up with... nothing. And that's not what we want.

So head over to their Kickstarter page and support Eurobeat Kudos 2020!

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PARADISE -online- - 14 May 2020

The entire world is still staying at home, trying to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. That means a lot of events are unable to take place, like the PARADISE party planned in the Netherlands. Now, with help of Atomic Pixel Party, they organised PARADISE -online-. And this is where it becomes interesting.

PARADISE -online- is a eurobeat streaming event featuring 12 deejays from all over the world. Together they made over 10 hours of eurobeat mixes, which are all in their own styles. During the event (right after DJ Daigo's set), our forum friend Anthony McBazooka will be showcasing his new song called 'Can I Invite You To Dance'. This will be the first time his song will be shown. And as if that's not enough, a lot of eurobeat singers and producers will be making an appearance during the entire event. This is going to be the biggest online eurobeat event ever!

PARADISE -online- will be held the 16th of May, 2020. More info and a time schedule can be found at the official website

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30 day song challenge - 3 April 2020
With everybody safe from covid-19 inside their homes it's time to have some fun. On our Discord chat we started the 30 day eurobeat song challenge. Using this template you post one song each day for 30 days in whatever social media you're using. There's also a forum topic where you can post your choice. Just start with number 1 on day 1, and go from there. We're looking forward to your selections.

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Spotify Playlist - 1 January 2020
First of all, we'd like to welcome everyone in the year 2020! May all your wishes come true, and everyone listen to even more eurobeat than they did last year.

And to support that, we added something new to Eurobeat-Prime. Something you can all have a say in! Starting today, we're doing a community created Spotify playlist. Every 3 months we are going to change the playlist so it'll stay fresh. You can suggest songs that should be included in the playlist. To do that, you need to be logged in on the forum first, then go to the Spotify page. There you can suggest songs to be included in the next playlist. For the first playlist we asked some well-known members of the forum to send in their suggestions. Check it out on the Eurobeat-Prime Spotify page.

And of course, you should totally follow the Eurobeat-Prime Community Playlist on Spotify as well! Tell your friends about it, share it with the world, and enjoy eurobeat everywhere.

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