The Site

The Site

So Eurobeat Prime is still a relatively new place for eurobeat fans to gather up. The site was first opened somewhere around the 20th of March, I changed pretty much everything at that point and it was just starting to morph into it's final form. I originally came up with the idea to make up a proper database as I hate doing windows explorer searches for songs that I wanted to listen to. So I made the database at first and didn't even have any intentions on making a full site. Well I got the database done and I was so proud of it (still am) that I wanted to start doing some things around it, and as I've always loved doing reviews and messing up my computer I decided to start working on a site, though I never had any intentions to make the site this huge. So at first I residented at my friend's domain and the site had a really crappy layout back then. Or at least I didn't like it, as it was simple, rather boring but it still worked rather well.

Eurobeat Prime - Version 1.0
Layout - Version 1.0

So after my site was getting too big and hogged a portion of my friend's limited bandwith I decided that I should get a domain of my own, and so I without hesitation registered this domain and I've been more than happy with the decision. The new domain has proven out to be rather handy and the amount of visitors had slowly risen to a steady level, so perhaps Eurobeat Prime will secure it's place as one of the biggest eurobeat sites online. At least I am hoping it'll be online for a long time. To read a bit about the webmaster just go here.

Thank yous

The site has gotten a lot of help from various people and I can already say that I am really thankfull for each and everyone. The site couldn't have been done without the help of many different tools and people.

The Programs

Notepad : The wonderful tool that never lets me down (even though my windows went berzerk and it's not working now ;___; )
Frontpage : I know a lot of people despise this program, but I love it for the fact that it helps me desing the layouts.
CuteFTP : Of course I need a tool to get all of my works uploaded on to the server.
Paint Shop Pro : The same graphic-editing program I've used for years now, I'm sure there might be a better one out there but I <3 PSP.

The People

The people doing eurobeat : You are the reason why the site exists, thank you.
Dan : Your help with the layouts and the artist page help me and the whole eurobeat community a lot, thank you.
Jordan : Even after a dozen stupid mistakes on my behalf you've lasted and helped me with the coding here and there, thank you very very much for all of the help.
Makke : You've helped me a lot in various ways, thank you.
Phil : Well this goes without saying, a huge help on various areas, thank you.
AxU : The trusty sidekick (wonder where that came from), great work, thank you. : Through you guys I accidentally found Eurobeat, thank you.
Ilona : If it wasn't for you and your domain I probably wouldn't have my site in the first place, thank you.
And various various other people, I know I could thank practically a gazillion people but I think I already show my gratitude a lot, so you guys know who you are.

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