Lyrics submission

You can submit new lyrics to Eurobeat Prime right here. There are already a vast amount of lyrics freely available, but there will always be new songs to add. If you have lyrics to a song that isn't on the website yet, you are free to submit it.


There are a few guidelines to adding songs. Please keep these in mind before posting.

  • Lyrics should follow normal capitalization. Do Not Use A Capital Letter For Every Word (like this).
  • Lyrics should be submitted in Latin characters. That means Japanese (or other Asian languages) has to in romaji.
  • Write artist and title of the song exactly as they are in the database. If you believe the database is wrong, let us know.
  • Include the source of the lyrics! Did you type them over from a booklet (if so, which one?), did you recieve them from a producer/writer, or did you write them down yourself by listening to them by ear?
  • Don't repeat the parts that are expected to be repeated. Don't include a chorus for 5 times just because it's sung 5 times. Just once the first time is enough.
  • Do not include notes in the lyrics like 'Chorus:', 'Intro:' or something similar. It should be clear from the lyrics themselves.
  • Check the lyrics database before adding any lyrics. We don't need double submissions.
  • Newly added lyrics that haven't been reviewed by moderators yet can be edited. After they have been reviewed editing isn't possible and you need to resubmit any updated lyrics.

Submit your lyrics

You need to be logged in to the forum to submit lyrics. Go to the forum, log in to your account, and return to this page.