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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.

  Super Eurobeat Presents Ė JGTC Special 2003 Non-Stop Megamix

1. Matt Land Ė Overload (A-Beat C)
So we start the CD off with A-Beat C! I like this song, itís all good and everything, but itís been over-played on JGTC and other albums! It sounds to me like typical Matteo here, which is a good and bad thing. Gincarlo should get him some more original stuff, he has the talent. Over all good song; itís just annoying that it is played so much.
Rating: 8

2. Mega NRG Man Ė Ready To Go (A-Beat C)
Why didnít they start the CD with this song? It is called Ready To Go. If I was doing the song layout, this song would have been the first track Now, to show my bias, I adore Tomas, and this song just makes me love him all the more! It also fits the sound for racing perfectly! This song has great vocals, and I always enjoy it! One of the best songs on the album!
Rating: 10+

3. Dusty Ė The Fire And The Rain (SCP)
Wow! This albumís having a great start! This song is awesome; itís as simple as that. Leave it to SCP to bring a song like this into the mix! Nice beat, fast and catchy lyrics, excellent singing; one of the highlights of this CD! Way to go Ennio!
Rating: 10

4. Powerful T. Ė Fly To Me Baby (A-Beat C)
More A-Beat C! It seems like they own most of this album so far. Well, Iíve never been a big fan of Powerful T., but he has some good stuff. To be honest, this song seems sort of mediocre compared to most of the other songs so far, but at the same time itís impressive. Itís also really short; why is that? They donít even give you time to like it! Oh well.
Rating: 8+

5. Lolita Ė Beautiful Day (A-Beat C)
I thought this was Nuage the first time I heard this song. I donít generally like female singers to be honest, and Lolitaís voice tends to hurt my ears, but this song surprised me; I actually enjoyed it! Itís not great (by no means), but itís fun and catchy! I guess anythingís possible.
Rating: 8

6. Nuage Ė Baby Get Me Fire Tonight (A-Beat C)
Well, hereís the Nuage song I thought was the previous track, haha. This song doesnít strike me as anything special, and it has a slower beat then the other songs before it. Itís okay, but certainly nothing worth a special mentioning.
Rating: 7+

7. Karen Ė Open Your Heart 4 Another Story (A-Beat C)
I think these songs are slowly decreasing as far as ratings go. This songís kind of fun, but kind of bores me at the same time. It has a nice dance beat, but the vocals lack. If this song was given to another female vocalist, I think it would have been better, but it wasnít. Nothing special.
Rating: 7

8. Ace Ė Donít Stop The Dance (SCP)
The CD finally goes back to a series of male singers! Yay! This song has a fast beat, with great vocals by Christian! It doesnít have a happy sound though, and this song seems like itís supposed to come off as ďhappyĒ. Thereís also a point where his vocals go so high, itís a bit annoying. All-in-all good song, but not the best.
Rating: 8+

9. Nick Mansell Ė Freedom Wild (?)
I had not heard of this singer before, so I was looking forward to hearing it. This songís okay, but itís not something I tend to enjoy listening to. This song ranges for me depending on the day and stuff, so I settled with the median rating Iíd come up with.
Rating: 8-

10. Mark Gillan Ė Break It Down (Time)
Well, we now return to what is mediocre. This song annoys me a bit because the manís voice is so deep, and the lyrics are far too repetitive. To be blunt, it just plain annoys me. We need more originality here writers!
RRating: 6+

11. Simon Koh Ė Come On Come On! (Delta)
Not only does this song creep me out, but the vocalist annoys me beyond what I can possibly explain! The lyrics greatly lack, and the back-up is just too high-pitch! Skip this track! Itís the worst song on the album!
Rating: 5

12. Mako Ė Excitable (Delta)
Thank you Mako! After a few less than good songs, we get this! This songís just entertaining. The lyrics are rather pointless, and a bit repetitive, but thatís okay in this case! The one thing that hits a nerve with me is the random men going ďUghĒ. That is extremely annoying!
Rating: 8+

13. Dr. Money Ė Power Gun (?)
This song [for some reason] reminds me of Derreck Simons - Love Gun. Aside from gun being in the title, they donít sound much alike. Ah well, this songís annoying. The vocalist is fine, but the beat is terrible. I know this song could have been better!
Rating: 7

14. Macho Gang Ė Got To Move (?)
When the song began, I thought it was going to be a few men singing, I also thought the female back-up was high-pitch and incredibly annoying, then I find out when the actually song kicks in, that Macho Gang is a bunch of woman singing! Wow. They should have given this song to a man.
Rating: 7

15. Derreck Simons - Back To The Future (A-Beat C)
More Tomas! Yay! This song has SO many things going for it in my opinion. For one, I love the Back To The Future movie trilogy, Michael J. Fox is one of my favorite actors (heís in the movie), they mention the movie in this song, and itís sung by Tomas! This song is older, and a bit slower then the previous songs, but itís just as good! Out of all the songs Iíve heard so far, this is the one eurobeat song I think they should do a contemporary remix of.
Rating: 9-

16. Edo Ė Born To be Wild (A-Beat C)
This song is insane! Itís so much fun though! It has a rockish sound to it, but it keeps you listening and wondering! One of the weirder songs on the album, but one of the more catchy songs that you end of singing too!
Rating: 8

17. Denise Ė Burning Like A Flame (Delta)
Her vocals hurt my ears. The lyrics hit a nerve. The back-upís just as annoying. The only thing this song has going for it, in my case, is the choruses beat. This song is anything but ďgoodĒ in my opinion.
Rating: 7-

18. Donna Ė On My Own (Delta)
We have improvement! This songís actually ďokayĒ. When the main chorus comes up, her vocals go high, and annoy me, but in general this songís pretty average. (Just a note, I want to return to the beginning of this CD). That was some good stuff!
Rating: 7

19. Leslie Parrish Ė One Kiss (Delta)
Leslie Parrish is one of the few female eurobeat artists I like; she almost always has good songs, and she has a nice voice that doesnít go too high or too low. This isnít my favorite song by her, but itís good!
Rating: 8-

20. Mr. Groove Ė Letís Turn It Up (A-Beat C)
Yes! Another song by Tomas! This song actually really bored me when I first listened to it, but when he started singing ďIím gonna tell you honey, love can be strongerĒ, I fell for this song! It was as though he finally got into the song. After those lyrics, he actually showed emotion in his voice, and blew me away! Awesome song!
Rating: 9+

21. Dusty Ė Mystery (SCP)
I had high expectations for this song, but I must say, this song really let me down. Iím a fan of Ennio, but this song doesnít even compare to The Fire And The Rain. Iíd have to say, if I had to choose the most disappointing song on this CD, Iíd choose this! His vocals are too deep, and he leaves too much up to the beat. Heís very talented; this song just doesnít show his talent!
Rating: 7

22. Matt Land Ė Donít Stop Me (A-Beat C)
Well, Matteo here finishes up all the male songs on this album. The first time I heard this CD, I had forgotten that there were two songs by Matt Land on this compellation. I was listening to it, and thought to myself ďWow, this woman has one deep voiceĒ, then I picked up the CD case and read it was good old Matteo here. I felt stupid. This songís pretty good; his voice is just far too high. He needs to use the same vocal range he used in Overload; that would have made this song much better.
Rating: 8

23. Lolita Ė Far And Away With Love (A-Beat C)
Iím amazed! Lolitaís actually singing good songs, that donít annoy me! I guess anything in this world is possible! This songís incredibly perky, and incredibly happy! (Well, I guess theyíre the same thing, but you got the idea). The one thing that annoys me in general about Lolita is her very high-pitch voice; thatís always going to bug me. Good song though, itís fun!
Rating: 8 ½

24. Go Go Girls Ė Gimme The Count (A-Beat C)
Wow! Lolita covers a song under the Go Go Girls title right after one of her songs; that seems a bit risky to me. This song amazes me though! I love it! Itís so much fun! I canít help but tap my foot or something whenever I hear it! This is by far one of my favorite songs on this album! Nothing at all annoys me about this song! Itís almost perfect! Well Lolita, youíve earned my reconciliation with this song!
Rating: 10

25. Nuage Ė I Just Want To Keep You Hanging On (A-Beat C)
Too bad the last song didnít end the CD; that would have been great! To me, Nuage literally keeps me hanging on, and I donít want to be. Her voice is ďalrightĒ in this song, but the beatís too hard and quick for how sheís singing. One thing that really hit a nerve is the constant ďI just want to keep you hanging onÖ.Ē, as the song ended. Just end it! The ending could have been better as well. As the beat converted to car sounds, it was really annoying. Getting away from all my criticizing, by itself, this song sounds like it would be okay.
Rating: 8

Final Words:
I genuinely enjoyed, and loved this CD! It had some big highlights in my opinion; Mega NRG Man Ė Ready To Go, Dusty Ė The Fire And The Rain, Mr. Groove Ė Letís Turn It Up, and the Go Go Girls Ė Gimme The Count! Of course, there were a few songs that really were terrible, but with so many great songs, we need some terrible songs to keep it balanced. Itís VERY obvious this CD is dominated by A-Beat C, and that really added to it in every way. Actually, I liked A-Beat Cís constant presence on this album. SCP should have gotten more songs, but thatís alright. This is one of the better eurobeat albums Iíve heard (and own) so far! I feel I didnít waste my money getting this album, and that if you like A-Beat C you should get a hold of this! All-in-all an awesome album!

Finale Score: 9

Reviewed by Sadie