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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.
  Super Eurobeat 098 

1.Dave, Domino & Virginelle - Anniversary (A-Beat C)
The album kicks off as rather calm, and this track is a rather pretty one, they're obviously preparing for the SEB 100 as song titles like this pop up. A nice collaboration by the three huge A-Beat C names, not the catchiest songs around but a song to listen to when you want something calmer.
Rating : 8

2.Robert Patton - Vision Of My Love (Time)
Ah now we're talking, tempo is up and the album starts to feel more like eurobeat again. Robert Patton sounds good and the song features some nice effects in the background, this song leaves a  positive feeling to it, but it's not a huge masterpiece or anything.
Rating : 8+

3.Denise - Spin My Heart (Delta)
A rather bombastic beginning that predicts a good song, and this is what we get. Denise's vocals suit the great backgrounds perfectly, the church-choir style theme makes this song stick out from the sea of identical eurobeat songs. In the end the song isn't anything that special, but it's plain good.
Rating : 7

4.A-Beat Sisters - Love & Peace (A-Beat C)
More collaborations by A-Beat C, Yay and without Dave! We've gotten great results before when the A-Beat Sisters have released materials and that streak of great songs isn't broken with this one either. Not as magnificent as the previous Go Baby Go, but muchos grandes better than many other songs on this album.
Rating : 9-

5.Atrium - Starman (Time)
Intro with robotic voices doesn't predict anything good (have I said before how much I hate vocoders...), fortunately that's all we hear about them. Atrium has released great tracks before in particular the collaboration with Angie Davies back on SEB58 was great, but this time he releases a rather normal eurobeat song. The beat is there, the vocals are quite calm, the song goes through without any highpoints at all, it sounds too similar from beginning to the end. A pretty boring song actually.
Rating : 6

6.Morris & Cherry - Still Love You All (Delta)
Another duet by these two, and we're treated to a good song. The song doesn't have the standard eurobeat 'beat' to it and the track features some great effects in the background. The vocals combine together very well and the chorus is really catchy. The normal tempo eurobeat song, with a bit more speed this would've been a real hit.
Rating :

7.Dr. Money - Erotic Power (Time)
With the song Erotic in the title you can't expect anything but an erotic song... Well this song has 0% of that. The lyrics could have been written with some actual idea in them, now the vocals just jump from subject to another and the Erotic Power has nothing to do with the rest of the song. Also a pretty boring performance as the melody is nothing special.
Rating : 5+

8.Derreck Simons - I'm A Superstar (A-Beat C)
You so aren't.... With songs like this at least. Dave could've kept his hands off of this one, this is too standard in every way. The backgrounds are identical to so many other tracks and the only good point about this song is the chorus, it creates a nice athmosphere for a while but doesn't really make this song anything special.
Rating :

9.Suzy Lazy - I Believe In Music (Delta)
Fortunately we have Delta to save us from the evil Dave (just kidding, no need for beheading). Suzy Lazy has had such a strong streak of great tracks before so I had high expectations for this one, and even if Din Don Dan isn't beaten we get a really amazing song. The track features excellent backgrounds and the c-melody after the chorus is plain awesome.
Rating : 9

10.Rose - Don't Stop My Fire (Time)
A pretty intro starts off a rather normal Rose track. The tempo is rather calm, but the chorus speeds up a bit. This song is unfortunately rather mediocore and it doesn't offer anything new to this genre, just a nice sing-along track.
Rating : 6

11.Max Coveri - Like A Thunder (Delta)
Our lil' Max has released some classic eurobeat songs before and we're treated to a really energetic song yet again. The song starts off sounding calm but when the synths start playing the true nature of the song is revealed. A great song that has a killer chorus and Max's vocals sound really good.
Rating : 8

12.Karina - I Can Fly Like An Angel (Time)
Wow a really cheery song, the melody is plain adorable and the 'light' sounds in this track give it an unique athmosphere. The general eurobeat beat sounds really different with this kind of sounds. Karina's vocals suit the song perfectly and the song really lifts your spirit up. This kind of happiness is always appreciated.
Rating : 9-

13.Lisa Johnson - Feel The Night (Time)
Lisa's previous hit songs have been amazing, but this time she takes a dive deeper to the sea of common music. Feel The Night is a pretty song, and the melody is pretty good, but it has nothing to make it memorable. Not bad, nor good. A mediocore song.
Rating : 7-

14.Virginelle - Wanna Be Over The Moon (A-Beat C)
Yay, new Virginelle! And oh boy what a hit we get. The track is very similar to other Virginelle productions but it doesn't really matter as the melody is really catchy and the vocals by G.Frattini are as powerful as always. Pretty interesting as G. Frattini is featured on 4 songs on this album, not too many other vocalists have had that many songs on a SEB.
Rating :

15.Cherry - Keep On Loving You (Delta)
This song starts out as really boring as Cherry's vocals don't really sound that special, and actually they are the problem with this song. The vocals are way too much on the frontstage and you can't really hear the backgrounds at all, only the good c-melody is heard well. With a bit of editing this song would be a lot better.
Rating : 7

16.Lolita - Because I Need You (A-Beat C)
Yay, new Lolita! If you already haven't noticed I adore G. Frattini's songs a whole lot and the reason is due to the fact that they are practically all the times above the rest of the tracks on the albums. Because I Need You sounds similar to some other Lolita songs but the c-melody really does create a difference and makes the song rise above the crowd.
Rating :

17.Mega NRG Man - Dancing Everyday (A-Beat C)
I'm probably going crazy as this song really struck like a thousand volts. Mega NRG Man has been doing the same thing over and over again but this time he does it magnificently. A really catchy song that has only only one problem, and it's that this has been done way too many times before by Mega NRG Man himself. Still if it had been before the other songs this would've earned a better grade.
Rating :

18.Domino - Play With The Numbers (A-Beat C)
And to wrap the album up we have the most memorable hit on this album. The song starts as a rollercoaster from the beginning with great male vocals and Domino's amazing style. The song is probably one of Domino's cheeriest songs out to date and I love it! The scratching sounds and the general happy backgrounds really make this song very memorable, also the mixing of Japanese and English in the vocals works perfectly. Go Go Domino! Nanananana Play with the numbers!
Rating : 10

Final Words :
This album is pretty uneven, there's Domino's amazing track but then there are also multiple plain crappy tracks in the mix. It seems like A-Beat C did the best job with this album as almost all of the better songs are from them, not all terrible, but there are better SEB-albums to get as well, invest your money on an another album if you can.

Final Score : 

Reviewed by Bore