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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.

Review of Super Eurobeat 160's

Another decade of Eurobeat has passed, an another year has gone by and the music still keeps flowing. But how was the past year in terms of Eurobeat music and how did it compare with the past? After a rather variable and somewhat surprising 150s, the 160s backtracked slightly to the older style of Eurobeat but with a few major changes. First of all our beloved Vibration was left out of the series sadly and it was replaced by the good ol' Asia/Boom Boom Beat. How the change on the labels affected the series can be surely discussed a lot, but I myself wasn't that happy with it, even though 3B did offer us quite a few great songs during this decade.
The amount of new titles this decade wasn't maybe as high as it was in the 150s, but many of the old strong titles kept pushing forward and also made it big on the big 170. I myself was feeling rather discontent through out the whole 160s. The start of the 160s were rather medium level in SEB standards, but after the first few 'better' albums, the level of the decade went down a notch and stayed that way till the end. So as a clear average for all of the album grades we end up with the...

Average Grade for 160's : 7+

A-Beat C, Delta, HI-NRG Attack, SCP, Time & and the newcomer to SEB Asia all provided us with memorable tracks and kept the decade going, but maybe not as strong as one might hope. Some labels did what they've always done and it might've worked on some tracks, yet not so well on others.  Below you can find the individual reviews on how the labels did this decade with pros and cons, I also made a chart of each of the albums showing how many tracks per album each label had.



161 162 163 164 165* 166 167 168 169 Total
A-Beat C 5 4 4 5 2 5 5 5 5 40
Delta 3 4 4 4   3 3 2 2 25
HI-NRG Attack 2 1 2 2 1 2 2 2 2 16
SCP 3 3 3 2   2 3 4 3 23
Time 3 3 3 3   3 3 3 3 24
Asia/3B 2 3 2 2 1 3 2 2 3 20

* Only new songs

Label Reviews:


A-Beat C
As the upper chart shows, A-Beat C still has the upper hand on SEB with their amount of songs. So with that many tracks one could assume that A-Beat C has been doing really good as usual, but I have to admit that this decade really wasn't exactly what I would have expected to hear from the label. The label had a really strong presentation with their male vocalists and most of their best songs during this decade are done by the three big names Manuel, Neo & Dave Rodgers. The female vocalists did alright in general, but only a few songs managed to stand out from the crowd and become favorites for my playlist. The label suffered this decade of rather mediocore songs and some rather bad vocalist performances which I haven't at least gotten used to hearing from them. I myself felt that like the whole decade, also A-Beat C did worse than they usually do.
Three words to describe A-Beat C in the 160's: Masculine, Spiritless & Aggressive.

Label Grade : 8

5 Biggest A-Beat C hits in the 160's

1. Manuel - No Control (Super Eurobeat - 164)
This track didn't right away strike to me as a masterpiece, but by time I grew to love it more and more, and here after almost a year of looping I can really declare that this is definitely one of Manuel's best songs. Pure energy filled with aggressive vocals and a catchy melody make this track the embodiment of how A-Beat C is at their best. Really can't get much better than this.

2. Groove Twins - Viva The Night (Super Eurobeat - 163)
If this decade was over run by the men of A-Beat C, there were a few glimpes of light for us who love their wacky and bubbly females. Viva The Night is a perfect party song that would've fit the Go Go Girls title perfectly (and as a huge minus for this decade, there weren't actually any Go Go Girls songs included). A happy, catchy and pure irresistible parteeey track.

3. Dave Rodgers - Eldorado (Super Eurobeat - 162)
After the brilliant Space Invader was released on 161 I was hardly expecting Giancarlo to pull off yet an another track that could even top it. How ever Eldorado really blew people away and it really does deserve the credit it was given. The track even made it clearly to the top10 of 170 which is a good sign of the level of the song. Dave Rodgers at his best in this song.

4. Neo - I Was Born For Burning (Super Eurobeat - 163)
The new title Neo was introduced late in the 150s and on this decade it was going strong as he was represented with a total of 4 songs, which is quite a big number for a brand new act. Either way the songs have all been high quality productions that fit the A-Beat C image perfectly. Aggressive, powerful and over all perfectly produced eurobeat at its finest. Was quite a tight competition with this song and King Of Chinatown as I loved both tracks a lot.

5. Lolita - I Wanna Take You Up (Super Eurobeat - 168)
Even though I have to admit that the Lolita title has lately been losing its magic and the songs in general have gone down quite a lot from the super level they used to be for so many years, but fortunately we were given this song to prove Elena can still do well with her own super title. The old classic by Valentina & Mirka was reworked a bit to be featured in this track and it turned out absolutely magnificent. The catchy chorus sums up the best sides of the song and also is a nice sign to show respect for the old eurobeat generation.

Honorable Mentions:

- Neo - King Of Chinatown (Super Eurobeat - 166)
- A. Gordon - Say Yeah (Super Eurobeat - 169)
- Dave Rodgers - Make A Movement (Super Eurobeat - 164)
- Dave Rodgers - Space Invader (Super Eurobeat - 161)
- Virginelle - Like A Virgin 2005 (Super Eurobeat - 162)


After the drastic changes that Delta made in the 150s the label has seemed to stabilize a bit and they managed to pull of quite a few big hits during this decade. The label still has a tendency to release quite a few rather mediumpaced eurobeat songs that I don't really prefer listening to, but by time they're growing on me. Either way this decade offered quite a few super hits by the label that will be surely remembered for a long time and these songs also made it big on 170. I'd say that I was even slightly surprised about the general level of Delta during the 160s, where as the whole level of SEB was down a bit, Delta's level was a bit higher than I've come to expect from them. Really nice variety in the end, plus a few killer songs that were truly some of the best eurobeat hits in a few years.
Three words to describe Delta in the 160's: Surprising, Variable & Catchy.

Label Grade : 8+

5 Biggest Delta hits in the 160's

1. Kevin & Cherry - Chemical Love (Super Eurobeat - 167)
There is really no denying that this track which was featured on Initial D is one of the strongest performances we've heard from Delta in ages. The track has that similar irresistible edge as the best Delta productions did in the past, plus duets are always remembered rather well, especially when they're as high quality as this one. The fast synth backgrounds work stunningly well together with great vocals that make this song one of those songs that you just have to sing along to. Quite a perfect hit from Delta.

2. Madison - Without You (Super Eurobeat - 162)
If we take this track and put it next to the aggressive Chemical Love one might think we're not even listening to the same type of music. That is one of the best features of Delta when they are doing their work well. The songs can range in style and type a lot but still work marvellously. Without You is one of the prettiest discoballads I've heard probably ever and it's impossible to get it out of your head once you hear it a few times. Perfectly produced eurodisco that could make it popular outside of the general Eurobeat market surely.

3. Leila - Tic Toc (Super Eurobeat - 161)
Tracks with special themes or some very distinctive points are easy to remember, Tic Toc has the latter. A digital clock sound and repetition of the title make this song one of those that you right away remember when you hear the very first sounds. Simple yet very catchy song that might not have been given as much credit as it deserves.

4. Ale - If You Ever Leave Me (Super Eurobeat - 169)
After listening to 169 for quite a while I didn't really consider this song to be that much of a novelty hit, but time has used its magic touch and somehow I've learned to love this song more and more. A very "typical" eurobeat song with great vocals and a simple yet very very efficient soundworld. The song sounds like the early Delta productions from the late 90s which gives it a nice nostalgic feeling.

5. Cherry - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (Super Eurobeat - 166)
Covers are hardly ever this catchy and well produced. The good old Clara Moroni title has been put to a rather good use this decade with a few killer tracks. This song has an entrancing background that's one of the keyfactors that make the song as good as it is. Guess it is somewhat easy to work when you got a good song to cover, but either way I never did expect this track to be as good as it turned out to be.

Honorable Mentions:

- Priscilla - Shattered Dreams (Super Eurobeat - 164)
- Cherry - Stop Teasing My Heart (Super Eurobeat - 168)
- Donna - Boogie Boogie (Super Eurobeat - 164)
- Donna - Hot Hot (Super Eurobeat - 161)
- Candy Taylor - Eurobeat Kind Of Love (Super Eurobeat - 169)


HI-NRG Attack
The ever speedy HI-NRG Attackists had quite a special decade this year on SEB. The Label in general was producing really high quality songs but the tracks got somewhat unevenly divided. There were a few albums where HI-NRG Attack only had rather lousy songs, but as the opposite there were albums with only really good tracks from the label. What was enjoyable during this year with HRG is that they had a really nicely variable array of songs. We had energy in male and female form, bouncy and childish songs in the good old HRG type and on top of that some Mad Cow stuff I could've lived without.
Three words to describe HI-NRG Attack in the 160's: Aggressive, Bouncy & Cowfull.

Label Grade : 8½

3 Biggest HI-NRG Attack hits in the 160's

1. Garcon - Super Kaiser (Super Eurobeat - 169)
Not really much more to add to this review other than what I already wrote in the review for 169. An absolutely brilliant presentation by HI-NRG Attack that shines clearly due to the great chorus, good vocalists and aggressive sounds. Really one of their most remarkable works since I Want Your Balalaika.

2. Cindy - Pun Pun Beam (Super Eurobeat - 164)
It has been quite a while since HI-NRG Attack had a pure wackiness dose on SEB, but Pun Pun Beam fortunately fixed the situation. The song also manages to be one of the better end craziness doses we've ever had from the label. Fun vocals, moronic yet irresistible lyrics, great sounds and a big dose of happiness. This is the kind of HI-NRG Attack I've been longing to hear.

3. Jeff Driller - Lucky Doom (Super Eurobeat - 162)
Jeff Driller has kind of unnoticably become one of the better titles by HI-NRG Attack, I didn't even really understand this myself until I looked at the amount of tracks the title has had in the recent past, and seeing almost all of the tracks were really awesome. Lucky Doom follows the basic HI-NRG Attack formula religiously. Rather unique soundworlds make this track stand out from the majority of their releases plus on top of that it will get stuck in your head you wanted it or not. La la la la la la.

Honorable Mentions:

- Lou Lou Marina - Who's Making Love (Super Eurobeat - 166)
- Bazooka Girl - Money Funny Dollars (Super Eurobeat - 161)
- Tam Arrow - Tam Arrow Go! (Super Eurobeat - 165)


Another great decade for SCP, the label just seems to push forward to be the best label around and I'm really giving them all the credit they can get. This decade was absolutely brilliant all around for SCP (a few duds aside). The strong vocalists on the label did their best to deliver us with solid tracks that range from aggressive male songs to bubbly kiddy tracks, and either way they did it, they came through big time. Not much of a complaint yet again for SCP, if they keep this up they really should deserve to replace A-Beat C as the major label on SEB. Also their popularity says something, how about an all SCP compilation?
Three words to describe SCP in the 160's: Rewarding, Memorable & Fun.

Label Grade : 9½

5 Biggest SCP hits in the 160's

1. Kiki & Fancy - Roly Poly Rock (Super Eurobeat - 169)
I might be alone when I state that this song was truly a gem in the 160s. It pretty much sums up how wacky and enjoyable K&F are when they do what they do best. Fun song to sing along and as Roly Poly Rock has a slightly rougher edge than most of the Kiki & Fancy songs it also stands out from the crowd. Really irresistible and the adorable ParaPara routine for the song that was featured on the 170 DVD really brought out the best in it.

2. Fastway - Shock Out (Super Eurobeat - 166)
As far as Fastway goes, the general level of his tracks is clearly higher than most of the eurobeat acts, but when he even raises that level we're moving in a totally different athmosphere. Shock Out is just simply put a perfect eurobeat song that works on every level. Awesome energy packed into a 4 minute packet that gives immense satisfaction every single time I hear it. Doesn't get much better than this, one of the best reasons to buy SEB166.

3. Van T.K. And Kiki & Fancy - Make Your Move (Super Eurobeat - 161)
A second song featuring the ever happy Kiki & Fancy, what's going on? I know you think that guy is nuts for even daring to say that their songs rock, but hey what can I do! Make Your Move was one of the best tracks the decade opener 161 had to offer and it still to date is one of my favorites out of the releases this year. Perfect feel-good song to cheer me up if I'm feeling slightly blue. And also a really nicely done collaboration that I didn't assume would work.

4. Melissa White - My Wish (Super Eurobeat - 161)
Melissa has been doing a rather nice job on the vocals for a while not, but not too many of her songs have really struck as something very special, My Wish fortunately fixed up that error. An airy eurodance flavored song with brilliant sounds that are backing up the brilliant vocals. A rather unforgettable song  that always made me smile when I heard it. This song is a good one to pick if you wanna fall asleep feeling happy.

5. Go 2 - Super Striker (Super Eurobeat - 163)
A song that went for the first place on 170, it can't be bad and it isn't. Super Striker the song that pretty much fit the whole football mania Italy was going through the summer into a perfectly produced eurobeat hit. Great chorus with a very live stadium feeling to it, rather hard to not feel like you'd be a part of something bigger when you listen to this track and hear the claps, drums and the typical humming you hear in big sports events. Not much to say other than Go running for the glory!

Honorable Mentions:

- Ace - Rider Of The Sky (Super Eurobeat - 162)
- SCP All Stars - Big Heart (Super Eurobeat - 169)
- Go 2 - Looka Bomba (Super Eurobeat - 164)
- Christine - Yeah! (Super Eurobeat - 167)
- Nick Mansell - Hurricane (Super Eurobeat - 168)


This year wasn't the strongest for Time really. The label had quite a lousy streak of crap songs released this year, but alas it's not all bad. What Time really does seem to do well is reworking their old songs or covering materials in general. Most of the successes Time had this year were either cover tracks or remakes of old songs, a few really big hits I might add. On top of that the label did release a few really good new songs which brigthened my days at least.
Three words to describe Time in the 160's: Cover(/re), Broken record & Airy.

Label Grade : 7

3 Biggest Time hits in the 160's

1. Dave - Pride (Super Eurobeat - 164)
The last eurobeat decade had one really big Time hit, and it seems yet again we have the same by Time. Pride is a pure energy packed song that features a lot more variable soundworld than what most of the Time productions these days can offer. Great vocals accompanied by aggressive sounds and a good chorus make this a really nice song to repeat for ages.

2. Sara - Summer, Spring & Fall (Super Eurobeat - 166)
One of the calmer Time tracks that works surprisingly well due to the light and airy mood it has. Especially the beautiful intro in this song stands out and after countless replays of 166 I started liking the song more and more by time. Not nearly as good as per say Pride but a very pleasant song to listen to.

3. Linda Ross - Love Is Danger 2005 (Super Eurobeat - 163)
An another remake by Time, from a true classic about everybody already knows. The song really doesn't need any introduction, it's been featured on countless albums after it made its debut back in 1993. The remake actually manages to breathe life into the track by changing the sounds completely and adding in lots of extra edge, even getting close to the glory of the original masterpiece. Awesome track and a great remake by Time.

Honorable Mentions:

- Sophie - Drive In The Night (Super Eurobeat - 169)
- Jilly - Ding A Ling 2006 (Super Eurobeat - 167)
- Lou Grant - Maharaja Night 2006 (Super Eurobeat - 169)


Asia/Boom Boom Beat
So Super Eurobeat ditched the loved Vibration for the old and slightly not as typical eurobeat label, the result was probably pleasant for some, but I'm surely not the only one who wishes that Vibration was still along. If we forget Vibration and concentrate on how 3B did we can see that the label did have a rather big of a rollercoaster on their productions. The tracks varied a lot and where as the best songs were really memorable and well produced, but the label also did produce many songs that just didn't spark up any emotions other than hatred. I really don't feel that 3B has earned the amount of songs they suddenly were given as they just were introduced to SEB, when compared to for example HI-NRG Attack that have been along for 3 full decades and even they had less songs than the newcomers. Well it's just me, but I'd rather cut down the space 3B has per album currently.
Three words to describe Boom Boom Beat in the 160's: Energetic, Catchy & Repetitive.

Label Grade : 7½

3 Biggest Asia/Boom Boom Beat hits in the 160's

1. Asya - A Love At First Sight (Super Eurobeat - 168)
It has been quite a while since I really enjoyed a Saifam song as much as I did with this after I heard it for the first time. A very bouncy female eurobeat track that just keeps flowing on with a steady beat that seems to push you towards the dancefloor no matter what. Great vocals, awesome chorus and catchy sounds make this track a real jewel for the 160s. May not be a true Asia product, but none the less a great song.

2. Ivan B. - Laser Light (Super Eurobeat - 165)
The first noticable remake of an old song that was sadly on featured as a nonstop version on 165. This song really brings out the best in 3B due to great sounds, awesome vocals (+ great backing vocals [I don't mind, I don't care!]), nice melody and high quality production values. I haven't heard the original song, but I'd assume it's a rather good song if this cover is to be believed.

3. Lupin - Black U.F.O. (Super Eurobeat - 166)
I dare say that this might be one of the eurobeat songs that about everybody who listens to the genre, also enjoys. The song just sounds really perfectly produced and the catchy chorus is really easy to remember. This is yet an another track that made it big on 170 and for a reason, just hope it might stay as one of the longlasting titles on the anniversary compilations.

Honorable Mentions:

- Susy - Give Me Another Chance (Super Eurobeat - 167)
- Alvin - Domino (Super Eurobeat - 166)
- Mark Foster - Like A Fire (Super Eurobeat - 162)