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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.

  Super Eurobeat 238

1.Ken Martin - Hero (Asia/Saifam)
It's good to have some more male oriented action from Asia after the last album's duds. Hero spreads the eurobeat energy in such a different fashion that it's hard to consider these being produced by the same people. Or maybe the Factory Team is just a euromob that has various people included. We have had some really explosive and well balanced Asia entries in the recent albums and Hero attemps to carry on with the high level, sadly falling just a tad behind. There is definitely only minor flaws to be found here, but the song just sounds too similar all through the whole faire. With some more variety and a few extra engine revs here and there we might've had a perfect follow up to Last Of Eurobeat and Fire In The Night. A solid album opener, just not polished enough of a diamond. A rough cut.
Rating: 9-

2.Lolita - I Wanna Be A Star (Go Go's Music)
I amongst pretty much everybody else was definitely not expecting this from the true queen of eurobeat. Elena is providing us with a totally different approach to her beautiful vocals with this disco-themed treasure of a track. I Wanna Be A Star is the introduction of a totally new writer behind the scenes and it definitely shows. The eurobeat spirit is definitely intact but the song just sounds so fresh and different from anything else we've ever heard from either Lolita or Go Go's Music. While this treads dangerously far from the comfort zone of most fans, I do believe this kind of music definitely has enough room on SEB. Even after all these years I can't get enough of Elena's voice and those high notes just sound so pure and perfect for eurobeat. You, my love are already a star. And I Wanna Be A Star is a true star in its own merit, even if it was sung by someone else this would definitely turn heads.
Rating: 10

3.Tora - Boom Boom Booster (SinclaireStyle)
After a slower disco performance it's amusing to hear a more Lolita-esque performance by Roberta with Boom Boom Booster. It feels like euromach era was back upon us with this wacky, upbeat and all around crazy entry. Boom Boom Booster could've very well been a Lol song if you ask me, but I don't mind Tora doing the performance as it just expands the variety we've had under the title. The melody in the track is quite funky and fun to listen to, but the song could've used some more life into it (which feels weird saying how all over the place the track already is). But I feel there's a layer of instruments lacking from making this entry a real treasure. Either way there's a whole lot of positive stuff going on here, just minor details that could've improved an already strong track.
Rating: 9-

4.Cherry - Forbidden Love (Delta)
To me Clara Moroni has felt to be quite absent in the recent years albeit being there quite frequently. Forbidden Love proves me wrong as Delta finally packs a proper punch! This time around we get one of the most aggressive Cherry songs we have had in years. Occasionally I've felt Clara hasn't really been totally present with the recordings and the sound just felt quite hollow, but this time it's anything but hollow. Vocals alone make the song feel strong and impactful but you tie those to a funky melody we get a really excellent entry. The song feels really rushed, which in this case is not a bad thing as there's this sense of urgency about everything going on. My only complaint is how thin the bass-line feels, with some more power to pack into the track this would've been a true diamond.

5.Ace - I'll Never Break (SCP)
Christian is a pretty unique figure in the eurobeat world. He has this ability to make very different kinds of songs feel powerful and stand out due to the vocal work alone. I'll Never Break is a slight side step towards more house-oriented sound for me. The eurobeat basis is firmly intact but the song just sounds so different due to the sounds. The song feels like an another example of the variety SCP provides. The example that doesn't please everybody for sure. To me it just sounds like a totally new experience with an unique approach to eurobeat. A solid song that suffers from a slightly repetitive melody. Oh and more bass, or cod.
Rating: 8+

6.Vicky Vale - Firegun (Delta)
Wow, Europanic is back! That synth is like a real blast into the past. Firegun shows such a different yet in so many ways similar Clara than Forbidden Love. This track is more of a traditional Delta entry where the synth and c-melody steal the show entirely. While the vocals are solid, it's the song & sounds that really make a stand. Vocals are such a important factor in eurobeat it's not common to have songs that overshadow vocals easily. A great melody and great sounds really set this track apart from the masses. I sooo love that old sounding synth, wish to hear more of that in the future. Oh and the instrumental section around the 4 minute mark is just beautiful.

7.Aleky - Do You Remember? (Dima Music)
The intro promises a really different kind of Dima for us and surprisingly enough the song shows how unique and different the label can sound if they just feel like it. Do You Remember? has that typical bubbly feel to it and it also smells very strongly of Stefania Martin. Davide really went an extra mile with the sounds this time as the typical synthline is accompanied by some of the most enjoyable instruments and sounds we have had in a while. A really enjoyable feel-good song that could've used the quieter transmissions even more strongly. But either way this song is a real step up from Dima's recent entries.
Rating: 9

8.Jeff Driller - Blat The Trumpet (HI-NRG Attack)
I rarely... very rarely smile at HI-NRG Attack's so called 'wackiness', but this song just brings a smile to my face. The weirdness meter has been turned to the maximum with Blat The Trumpet. I can easily imagine this song being written after a few bottles of wine with Accatino, Rimonti & Malvicino just giving their everything out. The song does not have the strongest of melody but what it lacks in melodic composition it makes up with the sheer amount of dumbness and humor. Proper and enjoyable satire music is not easy to come by and eurobeat in general is not a genre where you expect to hear tracks that properly pull that off. Blat The Trumpet is one of those few cases. The trumpet sample is just the icing on the cake. Blat blat blat blat!
Rating: 9

9.Ciao Ciao - Baby Baby (HI-NRG Attack)
After Blat The Trumpet it's rather difficult for the label to provide anything even as remotely memorable. Baby Baby is not guilty of many fouls, but it's neither a very strong performance among the masses. Synths sound fun and the c-melody is kicking but that's about all there is to really say about the song. Vocals provide no real strength for the track and the melody itself isn't really something special. A rather easily forgettable entry.

10.David Dima - Shoot! (Dima Music)
Holy eurovision song contest spirit, it's within Dima tonight! The intro felt like a perfect example of what one could expect to hear as an opener to any of the past 10 years of eurovision. Shoot! shows definitely a very different sounding approach to eurobeat as it incorporates some pop-elements that make the sound feel more contempory. The entire atmosphere feels quite different from what Davide generally does, so I guess the need for change is present for all of the producers. Shame the sound alone doesn't take you too far. The melody is really mellow with no variety to speak of. The few instrumental points stand out as the highlights. If I wanted to listen to instrumental I'd go for a different genre though.
Rating: 7-

11.Lilly - Walk In The Sunshine (HI-NRG Attack)
Walk In The Sunshine is a weird one. We all know the label pushes forward bubbly and upbeat entries, but this feels like an even notch higher from the standards. The whole song feels of positiveness, it kind of makes me feel dirty. I mean I'm a grumpy northerner who is supposed to sulk and never smile. Why are they doing this to me?! I rather stay in the shade and avoid the sun, thank you very much. All the feel-goodness aside, the song isn't all that bad. A pleasant chorus and c-melody are yet again the song's strong suit. Verses though need some imagination to really give the song that extra power.
Rating: 8-

12.Jager - Fun (SCP)
Wow, I'm glad Jager is back! It's been nearly 3 years since his last performance and everything he has done so far has been outstanding. As is Fun! The song is not exactly the kind of music I would've expected to hear from the rather mature artist. Fun feels like a breeze of fresh air and totally unique. The synths, the bass, the vocals and just about everything in this track feels thoroughly thought out. Production seems really flawless to me and what especially stands out is how fitting this kind of style is for Filippo. A slight reference in a way to the awesome days of Blast! Just an all around perfectly enjoyable performance!
Rating: 10

13.Les, Ana & Roberta - Kiss Again (SinclaireStyle)
I wouldn't have expected this from Bratt, but the trio of strong female vocalists doing a performance together is just what I never knew I needed! Kiss Again pairs up the more high pitched vocals with the deeper Les sounds that work together so damn perfectly. The erratic synth and bass-line make the track feel a bit chaotic. Maybe even a tad bit too much really. Sinclaire was obviously going for a strong and impactful performance for the trio and wasn't definitely running out of ideas, but for once I feel there might've been one layer too much. I can't often say this but sometimes the producers just are feeling too inventive! A really strong track that shows how variable the label can be when they really want to.

14.Pamsy - All Over Me (SCP)
Alessia has definitely shown her different sides to the fans throughout the years. We've gone from kiddy and feel good stuff to the more serious and mature styles. All Over Me is a more traditional eurobeat entry in all senses. The production feels very strongly like SCP from the recent years where the synth and sounds pair up to provide a strong foundation for vocals to build upon on. The problem this time is that the track feels like a true double-edged sword. The chorus is catchy and memorable, but the verses feel really lifeless and dislocated. The eurobeat Frankenstein does not become an entirely pretty entity. Great vocal work can get you only so far. But at least we aren't in the elevator eurobeat territory just yet.
Rating: 7+

15.Manuel - Hysteria (Go Go's Music)
If this doesn't get the paralists on the go, nothing will. I'm slightly surprised how Manuel can constantly keep up with the solid pace of explosive and catchy tracks. I have this constant fear of the title suffering from recession like most of the other names that started out strong. But then again Manuel has been around for 13 years now and there has only been a few mediocore entries under his impressive resume, I better ditch the fears and just look forward to the future. Hysteria is everything a fan of Manuel could ask for. Energetic, speedy and most of all really imaginative. The sounds offer a huge amount of variety. Vocals are as powerful as ever and it feels like when Manuel started taking a leading role in writing the tracks just got even more hyper, which I approve! An excellent way to end a solid album.
Rating: 10

Final Words :
237 was a solid album and I was not exactly expecting something as all around balanced as we eventually got with 238. Definitely one of the best SEBs in the recent years with just a few dents into the otherwise polished image. The trio of perfect 10s is a feat that doesn't happen frequently on SEBs these days. With the different labels providing a really good selection and variety I have high hopes for a good future for Super Eurobeat. This is one of the few albums where there are no bad tracks which by itself is a strong selling trait. If you aren't already familiar with 238 I highly recommend you get acquinted with it. 2016 is shaping out to be a pretty good year for eurobeat. I'm personally keeping my fingers crossed that Avex would re-introduce a fan voting selection for the incoming SEB240. Now would be a good time to open up the voting and actually get some variety for the future album! And the pressure is on for 239, it'll have a hard time topping the last 3 good albums we've had, but everything is possible. Oh and props to Avex for making one of the prettiest album covers in ages, the springtime can be felt totally from the color selection.

Final Score : 9-

The Best 3 songs

- Lolita - I Wanna Be A Star
- Jager - Fun
- Manuel - Hysteria

The Worst 3 Songs

- Ciao Ciao - Baby Baby
- David Dima - Shoot!
- Pamsy - All Over Me

Honorable Mention

- Les, Ana & Roberta - Kiss Again

Labels present on the album:

Delta: 2
Dima Music: 2
Go Go's Music
: 2
HI-NRG Attack: 3
Saifam: 1
SCP: 3
Sinclaire Style: 2
Sunfire Records: 0

Reviewed by Bore