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For quite a while now the site has been going steady without many actual content upgrades, nor other major changes. There has been lots of talk for more than year now about the upcoming layout but due to various reasons it's still on hold. Yet when the day that you come and visit EP and notice a new layout is actually up, I can't yet say. It might be tomorrow, it might be in a year. Either way, the staff behind Eurobeat-Prime are still throwing ideas around about the future of the site. New content will be out, when is the question currently.

Eurobeat as a music genre is very unique, yet very stationary in a way. People understand eurobeat differently and while others see the music as simple feel-good music, there are also those of us who see deeper into the world of fast beats and aggressive synthesizers. The general concept of our beloved eurobeat is music that will make you dance and feel good. Super Eurobeat, the compilation series provided by Avex Trax releases new material monthly which keeps the fans constantly craving for more. During the past few years online downloads have eased up the process for many foreigners and it has clearly become easier to obtain new eurobeat, which surely pleases us fans. EP sends a thank you to the producers and artists behind eurobeat who make the world a happier place for many of us.

Eurobeat-Prime is a site dedicated to solely eurobeat. The site initially started as a miniature site for my own fun and amusement, but it has gradually grown to be one of the biggest and most extensive eurobeat databases the internet currently holds. Eurobeat Prime aims to spread the message of eurobeat around the world and bring together people who enjoy this music. The staff of Eurobeat Prime welcomes you to enjoy your stay at our humble hold. Let's all make this year yet an another enjoyable one for us all.

Enjoy Eurobeat, enjoy Eurobeat Prime!

The Best of Super Eurobeat 2021 - 22 January 2022
A bit later than we would have hoped, the Best of Super Eurobeat 2021 has finally been released! To celebrate this, DJ Boss did a live stream where a lot of eurobeat artists showed up and sent in a message to all the fans. You can check this out on YouTube.

Of course, you can still buy this release, both as a physical disc as well as a digital release. Websites like CDJapan.co.jp and Amazon.co.jp have the physical discs, but you can get it digitally too at OTOTOY.jp for example. To everyone who's getting the digital release, there are 3 songs longer than their versions on CD: Blazing Guns, P.I. Investigator and Red Zone are all cut to fit on the CD release.

More info about the release can be found on the album page.

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Best of Beats final results - 19 December 2021
After a big event last night, the final results of Best of Beats 2021 are online on the Best of Beats.com website! I am not going to spoil the results here - you can either watch the live show yourself, or check out the list with all the entries on the website.

There are some interesting bits in the list, and I am sure you can find them out yourself.

From us at Eurobeat-Prime and Deshima Sounds - happy holiday season!

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Best of Beats returns! - 1 November 2021
After doing a few runs over a decade ago, we are reviving the Best of Beats. This ultimate eurobeat countdown is compiled with songs sent in by YOU! Everyone can send in their personal top 10 eurobeat songs at BestofBeats.com. With all the top 10 lists we will make an ultimate top 50 of the best eurobeat songs of all time. The list will be broadcasted in a live show at the Twitch account of our friends at Deshima Sounds on December 18th.

So don't wait to send in your votes and get your favourite songs to the top! Get your votes in at BestofBeats.com

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Are you ready for Paradise Online 3rd Mix! - 6 May 2021
The biggest online eurobeat party of the world is up for a new edition. Enjoy 17 DJ sets with over 14 hours of eurobeat fun. 22th of May 2021 is when Paradise Online 3rd Mix will take place.

People who were at the first and second event will tell you, this is THE party you want to join. Paradise Online brings you a live streaming event like no other. Filled to the brim with eurobeat, hyper techno and parapara, brought to you by well known names. This time, you can participate in the stream yourself by answering the interview questions that can be found on the event website.

Check paradise.deshimasounds.com for more information.

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