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For quite a while now the site has been going steady without many actual content upgrades, nor other major changes. There has been lots of talk for more than year now about the upcoming layout but due to various reasons it's still on hold. Yet when the day that you come and visit EP and notice a new layout is actually up, I can't yet say. It might be tomorrow, it might be in a year. Either way, the staff behind Eurobeat-Prime are still throwing ideas around about the future of the site. New content will be out, when is the question currently.

Eurobeat as a music genre is very unique, yet very stationary in a way. People understand eurobeat differently and while others see the music as simple feel-good music, there are also those of us who see deeper into the world of fast beats and aggressive synthesizers. The general concept of our beloved eurobeat is music that will make you dance and feel good. Super Eurobeat, the compilation series provided by Avex Trax releases new material monthly which keeps the fans constantly craving for more. During the past few years online downloads have eased up the process for many foreigners and it has clearly become easier to obtain new eurobeat, which surely pleases us fans. EP sends a thank you to the producers and artists behind eurobeat who make the world a happier place for many of us.

Eurobeat-Prime is a site dedicated to solely eurobeat. The site initially started as a miniature site for my own fun and amusement, but it has gradually grown to be one of the biggest and most extensive eurobeat databases the internet currently holds. Eurobeat Prime aims to spread the message of eurobeat around the world and bring together people who enjoy this music. The staff of Eurobeat Prime welcomes you to enjoy your stay at our humble hold. Let's all make this year yet an another enjoyable one for us all.

Enjoy Eurobeat, enjoy Eurobeat Prime!

The Best Of Super Eurobeat 2023 - 30 September 2023
Earlier today The Best of Super Eurobeat 2023 was added to various online stores, including a release date and some extra info. After Avex stopped with the regular Super Eurobeat releases, they switched over to an annual release schedule. The Best of Super Eurobeat 2023 is the 5th release in the renewed 'Best of Super Eurobeat'-series.

It will be released on November 22rd in Japan. Just like previous releases, it has two discs. The first disc will have 16 new songs by 9 eurobeat labels. The second disc is a non-stop mix with 28 songs. The song selection on the second disc is done by the eurobeat labels, featuring their top picks.

When pre-ordering The Best of Super Eurobeat 2023 you will also get a 'mega jacket'. This is a 25x25cm (approx.) mini-poster with the front cover on it. Those who pre-ordered That's Super Eurobeat 2023 or Super Eurobeat presents Euromach Special Collection vol. 2 before will know what it is.
Pre-orders on mu-mo generally get another bonus. It is currently unknown what that bonus is.

If you want to pre-order The Best of Super Eurobeat 2023, you can do this using CDJapan, Amazon or any other online (Japanese) retailer.

Once we have more info, it will be shared with you of course!

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Manuel Caramori passed away at 40 years old - 31 August 2023
Last Friday, August 25, Manuel Caramori passed away. He was only 40 years old. The cause of death is currently unknown.

Manuel became a sensation in the Eurobeat music genre, many of his songs being put into the Initial D anime soundtrack during the 2000s. His song Gas Gas Gas became a major hit, in Japan and even more so later through memes online. Manuel was known for his high, powerful, incredibly distinct vocals. Manuel the man was a crazy, direct, funny, strong personality. For the past years he worked as an entertainer on cruise ships. Recently, he had been exploring re-entering the Eurobeat genre.

Our condolences to his family, friends and all the fans of his work.

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Happy birthday to Eurobeat Prime.com 🥳 - 26 May 2023
Today, May 26, marks the 19th birthday of Eurobeat-Prime.com. That means we have been the prime source for your eurobeat needs for almost two decades. And we're still going strong.

Congatulations to all members of Eurobeat-Prime.com!!

This is not just a simple announcement though, as for the first time, we are opening positions in the moderation team. You may have noticed the database is missing a lot of things, and information may even be wrong. To keep everything up to date is a big task, that we can't do ourselves anymore. That's why we are asking you: do you want to join our team and make Eurobeat-Prime even more Prime?
Are you interested, contact SuperEuroJimmy on Discord (link in the sidebar). And maybe you will be part of the Database Moderation team!!

EDIT: Right now we have expanded our team, and are not looking for extra help anymore. But, feel free to join the Discord and chat with all other super euro fans.

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Best of Beats 2022 - 26 November 2022
Even though this website may look like not a lot is happening, quite the opposite is true when it comes to eurobeat. This year, we had 2 Super Eurobeat releases, as well as various singles and independent releases from many producers. That leaves us asking, which songs do you think are the best - ever.

Help create the ultimate eurobeat chart by entering your top 10 songs at BestofBeats.com. Send in your selection before December 15. Then, we will create a big list of all the songs and rank them by popularity. The final results will be broadcasted on Twitch on Saturday December 17.

Get your favorite artists and songs to the top by voting for the Best of Beats 2022!

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