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Real name: Christian Codenotti
Label: SCP,

Christian Codenotti is one of the major players at SCP. Not only is he a talented singer, who people mostly know as Ace, but he also writes and produces songs at SCP. He became known as Ace right away when he released his first song, "Play The Music", which is still considered his best song to date. His vocal trademarks influence many SCP songs, ranging from happy to more serious songs.

- Ace was born in 1976.
- The name ACE is derived from the vitamins A, C, and E.

- A known fan of the open-source world of Linux, a few fans have claimed to find Ace posting on Linux forums.

Group Information:
- Go 2 / Eurobeat-Prime Bio

Website Link(s):
- SCP Artist : Ace / Official Site

Artists statistics from the database
Vocalists credited under the name Ace

Ace - Adrenaline
Ace - Brand New World
Ace - Brand New World (Shiny Vox Version)
Ace - Breakin' Out
Ace - Burn The Night With You
Ace - Christimas
Ace - Christmas
Ace - City Of Angels
Ace - Colours Of You
Ace - Crazy On Emotion
Ace - Crazy Sexy Baby
Ace - Dance In The Starlight
Ace - Don't Go
Ace - Don't Stop The Dance
Ace - Don't Stop The Dance (Vintage 2001 Deluxe Version)
Ace - Drivin' Crazy
Ace - Dynamite
Ace - Fantasista!
Ace - Feel Heaven
Ace - Fightin' Over Freedom
Ace - Futureland
Ace - Heavensent
Ace - I'll Never Break
Ace - In The Fire Of Victory
Ace - Me & You
Ace - Moon Child
Ace - Moonchild
Ace - My Valentine
Ace - New Dirty Road
Ace - Open Your Eyes
Ace - Play The Music
Ace - Power Of Sound
Ace - Rider Of The Sky
Ace - Set Me Free
Ace - Set Me Free (Art Of Light Version)
Ace - Set Me Free (Mainstreet Version)
Ace - Take My Breath Away
Ace - Take My Breath Away (Healing Version)
Ace - Take My Breath Away (Pop Version)
Ace - Tokyo Lights
Ace - Turn Me On
Ace - TV Hero
Ace - Wait For You
Ace - Wait For You (Dancefloor Night Mix)
Ace - Wait For You (Dancefloor Night Version)
Ace - Wait For You (Magic Night Version)
Ace - We Are Magic
Ace - Welcome To The Real World
Ace - Welcome To The Real World (Another World Version)
Ace & Pamsy - Inside My Soul
Ace & Seastar - Come Alive
Ace Feat. Brubell Girls And Child Choir - Holy X'Mas Night
Ace feat. La Gatta - Feel Th' Beat
Ace Feat. La Gatta - One Touch
Lisa & Ace - Getting The Fever
Lucya & Ace - Memories & Feelings
Lucya feat. Ace - Sweet & Tender Lies
Melissa White & Ace - Rainin' In My Heart
Melissa White & Ace - Switch!
Melissa White & Ace - The Poison Of Love
Pamsy & Ace - 2 Love, 4 Love