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For quite a while now the site has been going steady without many actual content upgrades, nor other major changes. There has been lots of talk for more than year now about the upcoming layout but due to various reasons it's still on hold. Yet when the day that you come and visit EP and notice a new layout is actually up, I can't yet say. It might be tomorrow, it might be in a year. Either way, the staff behind Eurobeat-Prime are still throwing ideas around about the future of the site. New content will be out, when is the question currently.

Eurobeat as a music genre is very unique, yet very stationary in a way. People understand eurobeat differently and while others see the music as simple feel-good music, there are also those of us who see deeper into the world of fast beats and aggressive synthesizers. The general concept of our beloved eurobeat is music that will make you dance and feel good. Super Eurobeat, the compilation series provided by Avex Trax releases new material monthly which keeps the fans constantly craving for more. During the past few years online downloads have eased up the process for many foreigners and it has clearly become easier to obtain new eurobeat, which surely pleases us fans. EP sends a thank you to the producers and artists behind eurobeat who make the world a happier place for many of us.

Eurobeat-Prime is a site dedicated to solely eurobeat. The site initially started as a miniature site for my own fun and amusement, but it has gradually grown to be one of the biggest and most extensive eurobeat databases the internet currently holds. Eurobeat Prime aims to spread the message of eurobeat around the world and bring together people who enjoy this music. The staff of Eurobeat Prime welcomes you to enjoy your stay at our humble hold. Let's all make this year yet an another enjoyable one for us all.

Enjoy Eurobeat, enjoy Eurobeat Prime!

Super Eurobeat Presents Initial D - Dream Collection - 8:28AM 01/13/19
So. 250 came, 250 went. Silence fell everywhere in the eurobeat world. Well kinda. Digital releases have been happening after the eurobeat world ending with 250 remaining maybe as the last final SEB (we still have rumors flying about maybe a yearly release happening, but that remains to be seen).

But amongst the silence something interesting has finally happened. A new Initial D album called the Dream Collection came out on the 11th of January, 2019 with a few new tracks included! So we still hear some new tidbits of our loved artists on CD form. Go check out the album and notice the new tracks especially from the tracklisting! Lolita's song is especially worth listening to (of course).

Super Eurobeat Presents - Initial D - Dream Collection
Cat# : EYCA-12185

Tracklisting (new tracks in bold):

Disc 1:

1. Dave Rodgers - Space Boy 2018
2. Leslie Parrish - Remember Me
3. Miss Helly - Shy Boy
4. Mega NRG Man - Grand Prix
5. Niki Niki - Let Me Be Your Love
6. Dejo - Too Young To Fall In Love
7. Fastway - Spacelove
8. Dolores - Someone Precious
9. Manuel - Big Boy
10. Dave Rodgers Feat. Eurobeat Union - Gold Night
11. King & Queen - Go Go Go Baby Go
12. Arena 69 - Space Jam
13. Nando - Love Killer
14. Leila - Burning Lover
15. Matt Land - Don't Stop Me
16. Mega NRG Man - Supertonic Lady
17. Doctor Bazooka & The Speed McQueens - Tokyo Race
18. Nikita Jr. - I Love To Dance
19. Dusty - Midnight Lover
20. Dr. Love - State Of The Nation
21. Helena - Dedicated To The Moon
22. Neo - Go Go Money
23. Dusty - I Wanna Take A Chance
24. Manuel - Sun In The Rain
25. Lolita - You Better Call Me
26. Ken Blast - The Top
27. Ducky Chix - Looking For Lovers
28. Nuage - Crazy Little Love
29. P. Stone - Water In The Gas
30. Joe Banana - Wild Boy Bad Love

Disc 2:

1. Mega NRG Man - Get Me Power
2. Leslie Hammond - Feel My Body And My Soul
3. Dave Rodgers - Deja Vu 2018 (1:04 Mix)
4. Marko Polo - Hai Hai Hai (Dance Across The Nations)
5. J. Storm - Gettin' You Gettin' Me
6. Denise - Emotional Fire
7. Go Go Girls - Walking Around The Town
8. Dave Simon - I Need Your Love
9. Time Force - Don't Let Me Down
10. D.Essex - Restless And Wild
11. Dr. Love - Doctor Love
12. Priscilla - Love Is In Danger
13. Nick Turbo - Ride On Fire
14. Mika La-Do - Walky Talky Doki Doki
15. Manuel - Ready Steady Go!
16. Matt Land - In The Line Of Fire
17. Lisa Bee - High On Devotion
18. Manuel - Let's Go, Come On
19. Lolita - Listen To My Heart
20. Karen - Fly In The Sky
21. Daniel - My Gasoline
22. Garcon - Fast Food Bikers
23. Jeff Driller - Race Gun & Cows
24. Ace - Rider Of The Sky
25. Queen 26 - Upside Down
26. Kevin & Cherry - Chemical Love
27. Daniel - Full Metal Cars
28. Fastway - Go Racin' Go
29. Eurodudes - Passport To Dance
30. Dave Rodgers - 1 Fire

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Welcome to the other side! - 11:51AM 12/27/18
As you might have noticed, the end of 2018 wasn't the best time for Eurobeat-Prime. But rest assured - we moved to a new server, which should stay with us. We are back, better than before!

Some parts of the website were super outdated, and needed some hard work to get running on the latest web standards. You still might see some things that don't really make sense, but we're working on that.

For now, welcome back, and thank you for staying with us! Keep the beat alive!

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The road to Super Eurobeat 250.... - 12:45PM 12/15/17
So as most of the people have possibly heard from one or more sources. Avex has been letting us in on the news that 250 shall be the end of the longlasting series. These sad news are definitely not the kind of christmas present we wanted to hear from Avex, but alas it seems one era is coming to a closure next year. The remaining albums before 250 will not have new material, so sadly it seems 246 shall be the last album to feature new music.
What the future brings for the genre is a mystery. Hopefully the labels will find a new outlet to keep being productive, but at this point all we can do is be thankful for the masterminds producing this awesome music for decades. Eurobeat-Prime thanks all of the artists for their devotion to making the fans happy. Let's hope this is not the end of eurobeat.

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Super Eurobeat 246 - 8:49AM 12/12/17
Christmas is nearly upon us. And unlike most of the recent years, this time around we aren't treated to a Best Of X album, but instead a brand new volume of SEB! The tracklisting has been revealed and the lineup seems really promising. We only have to wait till the 20th to get around to this present. The best present of them all?

1.Honey Hime - We Wanna Have It All (Japanese English Version)
2.Mister Tom - The Flame Of Love
3.Elly - All Eyes On Me
4.Ace - Burn The Night With You
5.Manuel - I Was Made For Rock
6.Suzy Lazy - Every Single Day, Every Single Night
7.Nikita Jr. - Come Back
8.David Dima - Time After Time
9.Dejo - Lightning Over Japan
10.Chris McRea - My Body Is Burning
11.Tipsy & Tipsy - Tokyo To Milano (All Around The World)
12.Seastar - Crazy Crazy Feeling
13.Martina Dry - Back In Time
14.Leo River - Feel The Power
15.Elly And Ace - No Gravity For Love

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