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Real name: Elena Gobbi / Annerley Gordon
Aliases: Virginelle,
Label: A-Beat C,

Lolita is one of the most important artists working on A-Beat C. Lolita has been around since the early days of Super Eurobeat, though the vocalist changed at the middle way though. Annerley Gordon was the first vocalist, and the last new song with her vocals can be found from Super Eurobeat 54. After Annerley left the eurobeat scene Elena Gobbi took over, and she's been doing the vocals ever since, her first appereance was on Super Eurobeat 58. Regardless of which artist happens to be voicing lolita, they're easily confused with that of Virginelle. The two names seem to have the exact same feel and singers.

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Vocalists credited under the name Lolita

A-Beat Sisters Feat. Domino, Valentina, Lolita & Norma - We're Dancing Together
Lolita - All I Want
Lolita - All I Want (Extended Mix)
Lolita - Anynight Anyday
Lolita - Baby Baby Blue
Lolita - Baby Don't Cry
Lolita - Baby Don't Cry (Extended Mix)
Lolita - Baby One Baby Two
Lolita - Baby Tonight (Extended Mix)
Lolita - Beautiful Day
Lolita - Because I Need You
Lolita - Carillon
Lolita - Carillon (Extended Mix)
Lolita - Cherry Girl
Lolita - Cherry Girl (Extended Mix)
Lolita - Come On Baby
Lolita - Cooling My Desire
Lolita - Crazy Dancer
Lolita - Dance The Night
Lolita - Dance The Night (Dance Mix)
Lolita - Don't You Want My Heart
Lolita - Dreamin' Of You
Lolita - Easy
Lolita - Everybody Dance
Lolita - Far And Away With Love
Lolita - Goin' On
Lolita - Good Love & Mystery
Lolita - Goodnight Kiss
Lolita - Happy Anniversary (Extended Mix)
Lolita - Heart Attack
70's Queens Feat. Annalise & Virginelle - Get Up And Move It
Dave, Domino & Virginelle - Anniversary
Dave, Domino & Virginelle - Anniversary (Christmas Version)
Go Go Girls Feat. Annalise & Virginelle - Crazy For You
Go Go Girls Feat. Annalise & Virginelle - Crazy For You (Extended Mix)
Go Go Girls Feat. Annalise & Virginelle - Fun Fun Boy
Go Go Girls Feat. Annalise & Virginelle - Fun Fun Boy (Extended Fun Mix)
Norma Sheffield & Virginelle - You Are My Happiness
Virginelle - Baby Come Back
Virginelle - Baby Don't Let Me Down
Virginelle - Body Feels Exit
Virginelle - Brother & Sister
Virginelle - Bye Bye Girl
Virginelle - Call Me Call Me
Virginelle - Crazy Sexy Lady
Virginelle - Don't You Love Me
Virginelle - Don't You Love Me (Extended Mix)
Virginelle - Even If You Say
Virginelle - Everyday Forever (Extended Mix)
Virginelle - Fantasy
Virginelle - Fantasy (Extended Mix)
Virginelle - Fantasy (Heaven Candle Light Mix)
Virginelle - Fantasy (Japanese Works)
Virginelle - Fantasy (M.I.D. Mix)
Virginelle - Fantasy (Mid Remix)
Virginelle - Fantasy (Sweetest Mix)
Virginelle - Fly Wherever You Go
Virginelle - Hot Love & Emotion
Virginelle - Hot Love & Emotion (Red Monster Mix)
Virginelle - Hot Love & Emotion (Special Crazy Remix)
Virginelle - I Just Wanna Be Your Angel
Virginelle - I'm Free
Virginelle - Jealousy
Virginelle - Kamasutra Dance (Extended Mix)
Virginelle - Kiss Me Kiss Me Babe
Virginelle - Kiss Me Kiss Me Babe (Extended Dance Mix)
Virginelle - Kiss Me Kiss Me Babe (ISD Remix)
Virginelle - Let Me Go
Virginelle - Like A Virgin
Virginelle - Like A Virgin (Extended Mix)
Virginelle - Like A Virgin 2005
Virginelle - Love Is...
Virginelle - Love, Sex And Money
Virginelle - Lovin' Like A Fire
Virginelle - Lucky Lucky
Virginelle - Lucky Lucky (Lucky Mix)
Virginelle - Lucky Tango
Virginelle - Lucky Tango (B4 Za Beat Remix)
Virginelle - My Name Is Virginelle
Virginelle - Mystery In Love
Virginelle - Mystery In Love (Extended Version)
Virginelle - Mystery In Love (IPP Mix)
Virginelle - Scream
Virginelle - Shake My Hand
Virginelle - Summer Night
Virginelle - Tango Tango
Virginelle - The Power Of Love
Virginelle - Tico Tico
Virginelle - Up And Down
Virginelle - Virginelle Non Stop Mega Mix
Virginelle - Wanna Be Over The Moon
Virginelle - We Say Merry Christmas
Virginelle - Why Not
Virginelle - Why Not (Extended Mix)
Virginelle - You Make Me Fly Tonight
Virginelle - You'll Get My Love
Virginelle & Annalise - Fantasy (Christmas Piano Version)