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Real name: Jennifer Batten
Label: A-Beat C,

A veteran writer and guitarist, Jennifer Batten has had one of the more underpromoted careers of Eurobeat Artists despite her star-studded history. Her history started when John Stix realized her unique approach to electric guitarsand signed her on to re-write John Coltrane's "Giant Steps" which became the most requested version of the song.

As time went on, she found herself in 6 different bands playing everything from Straight rock, to metal, to fusion, to funk. Her career hit "the big time" when she was selected from over 100 guitarists to join Michael Jackson's band where she did major work on the BAD, Dangerous, and HIStory albums and tours. She also joined him in Superbowl 27's half time show which air to the largest audience in television history. (1 1/2 billion)

Going with tradition, Dave Rodgers convinced Jennifer Batten to join in for a few of his Eurobeat songs as he would also later do with Kiko Loureiro of Angra. "Music For the People", "Sun City", and "Made In Japan" Features her guitars however though uncredited, her writing and preforming skills appear in several other songs under the A-Beat C label. Live appearances with Dave rodgers are limited to playing at the Tokyo Dome with him and Queen Of hearts however.

---- Random Facts ----
- Jennifer Batten can be seen in the Moonwalker version Of Michael Jackson's "Dirty Diana", she's the guitarist with White hair. Her guitars can be heard on the album version of the song as well as in "Give In To Me
" on his Dangerous Album.

- She has had 3 solo albums. her third, "Off The Deep End" is cming out soon.

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Dave Rodgers & Jennifer Batten - Music For The People
Dave Rodgers & Jennifer Batten - Music For The People (Extended Mix)
Dave Rodgers & Jennifer Batten - Music For The People (Karaoke)
Dave Rodgers Feat. Jennifer Batten - Fly
Dave Rodgers Feat. Jennifer Batten - Sun City
Dave Rodgers Feat. Jennifer Batten - Sun City (Extended Mix)