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Real name: Various Artists.
Label: Hi NRG Attack,

A Label with a sound! The Mad cow-run Hi NRG Attack label seems to stick to the same basic sound no matter it's song and with crazy-yet-catchy lyrics, this isn't always a bad thing. Sped up vocals, bouncy synths, and over-driven mute guitars shine through every song giving this label a cult following. But then, maybe fans are drawn to the homely nature with which thier website is presented. Then again.. maybe its the though of Cows with bazookas or the fact that they are home to the royal eurobeat orchestra of Bookistan.

Group Information:
- Baby Bazooka / Eurobeat-Prime Bio
- Bazooka Girl / Eurobeat-Prime Bio
- Chris / Eurobeat-Prime Bio
- Franz Tornado / Eurobeat-Prime Bio
- Maddy Layne / Eurobeat-Prime Bio
- Nikita Jr. / Eurobeat-Prime Bio
- Tri Star / Eurobeat-Prime Bio

Website Link(s):
- Hi NRG Attack / Live Music Studio / Official Site
- Hi NRG Attack Fanlisting @ eP

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Vocalists credited under the name Hi-Nrg All Stars

Hi-Nrg All Stars - Love And Peace For Christmas
HI-NRG All Stars - Rumiringo Superstar