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Real name: Cristiana Cucchi
Aliases: Chris,
Label: HI-NRG Attack,

Bazooka Girl is one of the most well known names on HI-NRG Attack, her energetic and quite crazy songs have charmed many eurobeat fans, and specially her super smash hit Velfarre 2000 is known by practically everybody who listens to eurobeat, and even many who don't. She and Franz Tornado form a striking duo and they've produced many great songs together. Cristiana has worked under many different aliases, and before joining HI-NRG Attack she worked
under the name Chris, that she still apparently uses at HI-NRG Attack.

Artists statistics from the database
Vocalists credited under the name Bazooka Girl
Bazooka Girl - Bazooka Girl
Bazooka Girl - Campus Summit
Bazooka Girl - Cantare Ballare (Happy Eurobeat)
Bazooka Girl - Flying Around The World
Bazooka Girl - Mister Robinson
Bazooka Girl - Velfarre 2000
Franz "V.I.P." Tornado & Bazooka "T.C.V." Girl - Super Euro Flash
Franz Tornado & Bazooka Girl - Caballero With Sombrero
Bazooka Girl - Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu / Volare (Unreleased)
Bazooka Girl - Hey Hey Velfarre (Unreleased
Bazooka Girl - The Class Of Velfarre (Unreleased)
Bazooka Girl - Everybody Velfarre (Unreleased)
Bazooka Girl - Money Funny Dollars (Unreleased)
Franz Tornado & Bazooka Girl - Motto-Motto Inamoto

Chris - First Time (12'' Remix)
Chris - First Time (Last Version)
Chris - Hey Dee Jay (Dee Jay Pazzo Mix)
Chris - Lucky Boy (Energy Version)
Chris - Lucky Boy (Last Version)
Chris - My My My (Extended Version)
Chris - Not For Money
Chris - Power Of My Love
Chris - Take Me To The Top (Ultimate Mix)
Chris - Viva L'Amour