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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.
  Eurobeat Flash 4

1.Princess F. - Technotronic Flight (HI-NRG Attack)
This track is one of the most famous HI-NRG Attack songs out there, probably not the most famous one, but still pretty much everybody in the eurobeat scene knows this track. The song has without doubt earned it's position as a classic eurobeat song with an excellent chorus and some simple but unbelievebly catchy sounds, and when the vocals complete the song it's nothing but a masterpiece.
Rating : 10

2.Live Music Gang - This Is Para Para (On Stage Mix) (HI-NRG Attack)
The high level continues as a slightly different HI-NRG Attack song takes over, this song has awesome vocals and the song has some marvellous loops that will surely keep you coming back for more. The song is simply catchy and the sounds offer again more variety than other labels generally do. The answer is ParaPara.
Rating : 9+

3.Lady Energy - Call Me Manuelle (HI-NRG Attack)
Well when this label uses synths they do it will style, and the same old familiar beat isn't repeated that much. This song lacks the awesome edge the two previous songs had, as the song only sounds really catchy in the chorus, if the verses had the same edge then this would've been solid gold, now it's still above the general level.
Rating : 8+

4.Steve Tempest - Break Down The Crime (HI-NRG Attack)
The level of the album decreases a bit again as some more high energy is presented, but this time the high energy could be called low energy more like it. The track is rather mid tempo and it's missing the normal energy and catchiness this label puts in most of their songs. Not a bad song by any means, but it's just not good either.
Rating : 7-

5.Lisa Johnson - Paradise (Time)
It's quite amazing when Time manages to surprise me this big time, when there are only 2 songs from different labels than HI-NRG Attack on the album I had prepared in advance that these 2 songs would be the worst, but boy was I mistaken. Lisa Johnson has a great voice and this track gives her talents enough room to shine brightly. A simply irresistible song with an excellent bass in the backgrounds, a galloping tone to it and it gives the song a really distinctive sound. There's practically everything right with this song. A solid classic for this compilation series.
Rating : 10

6.Baby Gold - You Catch My Broken Heart (HI-NRG Attack)
An interesting intro, exactly the kind of material we've come to wait from HI-NRG Attack. They offer us a lot of cool sounds and some magnificent vocals by Baby Gold. The song has a really cool chorus that gets even better as the c-melody starts playing. Simply magnificent once again, not a perfect track but very well produced.
Rating : 9

7.Nikka Hollywood - Loose Your Fantasy (HI-NRG Attack)
I've said this before, and I'll say it again: What makes HI-NRG Attack a supreme label is their capability to produce so wickedly different and still awesome songs. The tracks have very distinctive sounds but still they retain the basic eurobeat sounds. This track takes yet another direction and is slightly more serious than the previous track, but it still works very well. The rather calm vocals at first sounded a bit out of place but slowly they grow on you and in the end I enjoyed them to the fullest.
Rating : 9+

8.Cy-Ro - I Want Your Fire (HI-NRG Attack)
A male vocalist changes the style again, but this time it's probably not a wise move. This track sounds like some Finnish eurodance acts who had vocalists who pronounced English very badly, I can just imagine the ancient band who had Raymond Ebanks (later on he worked in Bomfunk MC's for example) singing doing this track. This song left me feeling cold, even though it has a really energetic melody with some cool sounds, not bad, nor good.
Rating :  6½

9.Leslie Hammond - Friends In The Name Of Love (HI-NRG Attack)
This track has a rather common tone to it, the basic ingredients are here and it has some cool moments like the c-melody, but yet they don't manage to impress me all that much. The vocals aren't very good and they take some time to get used to, another reason why I didn't fall in love with this track. The good moments are limited to a few highlights, but they manage to lift this song a bit higher in the grades.
Rating : 7

10.Dolly Pop - Black Vampire (HI-NRG Attack)
Sometimes the intros just don't really fit this track, and this time the song turns out way better than the intro at first seems. The vocals are a strong part here and the lyrics are cool as I've got one or two fetishes related to vampires. This isn't very imaginative, but still it works like a charm.
Rating :  8½

11.Les Blue Belles - Telephone (Time)
As the previous Time song surprised me a lot I had even bigger expectations for this song (you know, I was thinking this would suck) and I was surprised again. This song sounds a lot like something that HI-NRG Attack would produce which makes it perfectly suitable for this album, the sounds are magnificent and the melody is really catchy.
Rating : 9-

12.Joe D. Toaster - Beautiful (HI-NRG Attack)
The album is getting closer to the end and some jewels are still in store for us. This track was probably the one which made me realize how good Joe D. Toaster actually is. This track has some magnificent moments due to the vocals, and most of the edge in the song is created mainly just because of the vocals.
Rating : 9-

13.Nikita Jr. - Dancing In The Jungle (HI-NRG Attack)
And the end of the album blows the bank completely. I adore Nikita Jr. as she reminds me of Blümchen, the awesome German happy hardcore/technopop artist who was my main inspiration for a long time (well it was before Eurobeat, but I still value her very much).  The similarities between these two are quite identical, they both were very young when they began doing tracks and they got really great songs to perform as well. Dancing In The Jungle is a marvellous example of how irresistible music can be, the song is rather midtempo but the hooks and jigs that are scattered all around the track make it sound plain perfect. The lyrics haven't got a lot of sense to them, but that hasn't been a problem before either, so the album couldn't have ended much better than this.
Rating : 10+++

Final Words :
This album was pretty much the first Eurobeat Flash that made me realize how good the compilation series actually is. There are some really memorable moments on the album thanks to HI-NRG Attack and Time. This album left me feeling really good, and I'll definitely come back to it over and over again. There aren't really any bad songs at all, which also lifts the whole mood of the album in the end, really worth of getting if you're into eurobeat.

Final Score :  8½

Reviewed by Bore