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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.

  EuroPanic! 1

1.Mister Max - My Energy (Boom Boom Beat)
The album kicks off with an unique intro, the intro though turns into a rather common eurobeat song, that has some cool jigs in the backgrounds and the c-melody works marvellously, but still it doesn't manage to improve the general level of this song enough to make it a great song. Fun to listen to, but not very longlasting fun.
Rating : 7+

2.Baby Energy - Boom Boom In My Heart (HI-Site)
The album's level rises a lot with the 2nd song, as a different label that isn't heard on other eurobeat compilation series displays their first song. Baby Energy sounds a lot like materials that HI-NRG Attack could release, very cheery and not very complicated with the melody or backgrounds. A good song none the less, I at least don't need acoustic symphonies to be thrilled by a song.
Rating :

3.Mister Tom - Sex Bang (Boom Boom Beat)
The mood of the album slightly changes as a bit more serious song kicks in. This track has a very solid beat that is catchy from the very first seconds and the vocals sound good too. The track has a certain Mega NRG Man feel to it, though the sounds are totally different but I still thought of NRGie when I first heard this song. A good song with an excellent c-melody and catchy vocals.
Rating :

4.Chemical Boy - King Of Fire (NRJ Mania)
Another new label that produces very typical eurobeat, and I wouldn't really have noticed any difference if this was presented as a song by say Delta or A-Beat C. A standard eurobeat song that manages to sound okay, but doesn't really leave that 'gotta play it again'-feeling.
Rating : 7

5.Romeo - Tokio Night (HI-Site)
Wow, well if the previous song had a similar tone to it, this has an even more similar tone to the common eurobeat tracks out there. But this time it doesn't really matter, the melody is good and the chorus works marvellously. The vocals seem to fade quite a lot at some parts and they seem to vanish from time to time which seems a bit odd, but apart from that the song works really well, could've been more distinctive.
Rating : 9-

6.Laurie - Game (Boom Boom Beat)
And then we're treated to the real blast on this album. Laurie (if this is the same Laurie) did an ancient eurobeat album back in say 1993 or so, and the style between that slow and tedious eurobeat with this style is like day and night. This track is extra catchy and the backgrounds are as cool as can be. The vocals suit the song like a dream and the song leaves you with the 'gotta play it again, and again, and again, and again...'-feel. The song has a really solid bass-line that is a bit out of the common eurobeat fashion but it suits the song well.
Rating : 10

7.Cyborg - Cybernetic Fire (Vibration)
The album takes a dive deeper with this song, we're treated yet to another standard eurobeat song that works alright in every sense you can imagine, it's not bad nor good. It actually didn't really bring any feelings what so ever in my mind, a very transparent song that goes by without you noticing it.
Rating : 6

8.Fire Man - Dancing In The Dark (HI-Site)
At first this song seemed rather tedious but a few replayes earned it a lot more credit. The backgrounds are pretty thin and only the c-melody gives the sounds enough space to really rev it up. The vocals are due to the arrangements in the leading role and they work quite well, specially the chorus is catchy and sounds very good after you listen to it a few times.
Rating : 8-

9.Debbie Key - Never Ending Love (Boom Boom Beat)
The moment I heard this song it struck a Deja Vu-nerve in me, I have absolutely no idea why, but I had a feeling that I'd heard this song before, or then it just sounds a lot like some other song. The song has a pretty standard sound to it, yet it manages to work well. The vocals sound like Vanessa or Norma Sheffield and work really well, in particular the chorus is fun to listen to and the sounds boost up the song to a new level.
Rating :

10.Lady Princess - Queen Of The Night (HI-Site)
The first really hyper song on the album, but at the same time not a really distinctive or special. The track has a really hyper synth-line in the back and that's pretty much the main background sound heard during the whole song. The whole song relies on the vocals to create the edge, and they succeed in them quite well. The c-melody is the only part where the backgrounds kick in well and you actually notice them.
Rating : 8

11.Max Casanova - Don't Stop Moving (HI-Site)
The keyword for this album so far has been 'standard'. The songs are okay and some good too, but there are generally a lot of songs that sound like a dozen different songs, and yet again we witness this effect. This song doesn't really earn a lot of praise as it doesn't offer anything new what so ever, the melody sounds like something I've heard before, the vocals are decent, nothing thrilling and the sounds... well been there, done that.
Rating : 6-

12.David - Revolution (Vibration)
Where as the previous song had a lot of problems with sticking out from the crowd, this song battles with the same problems but this actually manages to do it. The song has some nice moments due to the backgrounds and even if the vocals aren't very catchy they suit the song in general. The best moments are when the melody is heard well and the simple, yet nice sounds are heard. Not a huge deal, but still an okay song.
Rating : 7-

13.Mark Foster - Man On The Moon (Boom Boom Beat)
From the first seconds of this song I knew this would be an improvement in the level of this album. This track has very distinctive sounds (at eurobeat level that is) the song is really upbeat and has an excellent c-melody, the soundsa re cheery, yet not annoying. The vocals suit the song, though they aren't the best part with the song and could've been better as well, now they just work as an improvement for the song.
Rating : 9

14.Knick Knack - Your Love Again (Boom Boom Beat)
The upbeat mood conitnues, with another BBB song that works well, though not as well as the previous song. This song relies on the very effective chorus that repeats the word gimme perhaps a few times too often. A nice song to listen to, and once you learn how the gimmies go, you're bound to be hooked.
Rating : 8+

15.Lisa Ferrari - Love In Music (NRJ Mania)
This song has some similarities to a certain other Lisa. I don't really know why, but I right away thought this could be a Time-production with Lisa Johnson as the vocalist, a similar style, and while as this ain't as catchy as some of Lisa Johnson's productions this song works nicely as well. The chorus and the c-melody are the highlights for this song.
Rating : 8+

16.Joe Tempest - Shock The Night (Vibration)
The level of the album takes another dive deeper with this song. The track is rather mediocore at all levels, the sounds aren't bad nor good, and the vocals are pretty much the same. This is just one of those songs that go by with no reaction what so ever.
Rating : 6

17.Mary London - Sunshine Of Your Love (Vibration)
An adorable upbeat intro has a lot of potential, the verses and the chorus unfortunately blow the potential away. The song has some really excellent moments due to the cheery intro and c-melody but apart from those, the song is rather typical and doesn't really work that well.
Rating : 7-

18.Keki - Say Goodbye (HI-Site)
A rather calm song with this albums standards, and quite surprisingly it works really well. The calm, yet good backgrounds sound strangely beautiful and the vocals suit the song a lot. There are distant similarities to Susy Wender songs as the chorus is a bit more fast than the other parts and the whole mood is somewhat similar, a great song that managed to surprise me totally.
Rating :

19.Michael Fortunati - Into The Night (P.K.G. Euro Tech Mix) (Saifam)
Now we're moving at eurodance territory on many levels. The sounds have a certain eurobeat cheeriness to them, but the song just is so much of a mixture between these two genres that I wasn't sure which genre I should place it into. Not the speediest song on the album, so it'd suit eurodance, the sounds are partly eurodance partly eurobeat. Well the genre placement aside, this song ain't very special, the only sparkle of light is the chorus that adds up a bit of speed and edge.
Rating :

20.Axel Force - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Red Moster Mix) (Saifam)
Covers are usually a bad thing with musicgenres like this. There are many succesful covers, but this one is not one of those. The sounds are way too cheery and the original mellow and sorta depressive mood is no where to be heard. The chorus is the best part of the song and the speedier touch works rather well, but if the verses don't work at all it still isn't enough to make this a good song.
Rating : 7-

Final Words :
Well this album seriously lacked one thing: originality. The songs are generally all good or decent, but most of them are just way too standard to make them distinctive. There are a couple of jewels like Laurie and Keki, and as there are no bad songs in the mix at all, the result is a decent album. For eurobeat fans there are many better albums to get, but if you are fan of Boom Boom Beat, then you might like this release as this album probably has most songs on an album from this label. Not bad, but the album just doesn't have enough strenght to work its way to the level of the best eurobeat albums.

Final Score : 7½

Reviewed by Bore