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Real name: Alessandra Mirka Gatti
Aliases: Juliet,
Label: A-Beat-C,

In 1988, Domino released her first song called "Fever" through the label Discomagic. Since founding A-Beat-C with Dave Rodgers in 1990, she has released 2 albums, 2 singes, and countless numbers of popular songs which has made her one of the most well known and accomplished female Eurobeat artists in the industry. In this stage of her career, she is now focusing more on producing music rather than singing, which has brought her to write songs for fellow A-Beat-C artists like Lolita, Go Go Girls, and others.

Group Information:
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Vocalists credited under the name Domino

A-Beat Power Feat. Edo, Dave & Domino - Wanted
A-Beat Power Feat. Edo, Dave & Domino - Wanted (Extended Dance Mix)
Dave & Domino - A Whole New World
Dave & Domino - Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Dave & Domino - Click Your Heart
Dave & Domino - Don't Close Your Eyes
Dave & Domino - Forever
Dave & Domino - Friday Night
Dave & Domino - Friday Night (Extended Mix)
Dave & Domino - Give 'Em A Christmas Time
Dave & Domino - Give 'Em A Christmas Time (Piano & Vocals Mix)
Dave & Domino - Happy X'Mas (War Is Over)
Dave & Domino - Happy X'Max (War Is Over)
Dave & Domino - Holy Night
Dave & Domino - I Believe In You
Dave & Domino - I Just Wanna Find You
Dave & Domino - King & Queen
Dave & Domino - King & Queen (Choreo Version)
Dave & Domino - King & Queen (Instrumental Version)
Dave & Domino - King & Queen (Radio Edit)
Dave & Domino - Mary Ann
Dave & Domino - Merry X'Mas
Dave & Domino - Never Gonna Give You Up
Dave & Domino - Nothing's Gonna Change My World
Dave & Domino - Red Hot Zip
Dave & Domino - Shake Your Bell
Dave & Domino - Sunshine In Your Eyes
Dave & Domino - Sweet Little Cinderella
Dave Rodgers Feat. Domino - Come On Let's Dance (Techno Mix)
Dave Rodgers feat. Domino & Kaioh - Music For The People
Juliet - Big Bang
Juliet - Heart On Fire (Extended Mix)
Juliet - Intuition
Juliet - Invation of Privacy (Extended Mix)
Juliet - Missing You
Juliet - More Than Your Love (Extended Mix)
Juliet - Red Hot (Red Hot Mix)
Juliet - Speak In English (Extended Mix)
Juliet - Ticket To Ride (Ride The Mix)
Juliet - You And Me