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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.

  JGTC Special 2004 - 2nd Round

1.Fastway - Run (SCP)

This song starts off like every other GTC/JGTC CD and the traditional car noises.  Whatís very interesting about the introduction to this song is the ravish feel it has when they remove the bass elements and make it sound like a rave song.  Very nicely done.  An amazing song by Fastway sped up slightly and perfectly.  A great song on Super Eurobeat Volume 149 and a spectacular song on JGTC.
Rating : 10-

2.Matt Land - Here I Am (A-Beat C)

Another song that has become classic.  This time though the song is slightly redundant.  Doesnít have quite the impact that it did on Super Eurobeat Volume 139.  While it isnít as memorable as it was then, it is a Matt Land song, which means that its extremely powerful and extremely energetic.  Guess after the phenom that was Night Flight To Tokyo, I expect things to be just as good from him.
Rating : 8

3.J. Storm - We Are The Children Of Rock (A-Beat C)

Ask people what their favorite J. Storm song is and most will give you this song.  Very reminiscent of the version on Euromach 16 in that the guitar solo is right at the beginning.  Again, not as amazing as it was then but still a very awesome song.
Rating : 9-

4.Babby One - Rumble the Jungle (HI-NRG Attack)

AWESOME!  I love this song so much!  Itís so energetic and reminds me a lot of the old Euromach style.  In fact much of this CD is suggestive of the Euromach style.  I love the guitar in the background.  Classic HI-NRG Attack guitar.  Very fast, very catchy, very awesome.  A song to be expected on Super Eurobeat please!  (hint AvexÖ)
Rating : 10+

5.Ann Sinclaire - I Need A Miracle (Time)

This song is much like the old school style soft style that I remember when I started listening to Eurobeat.  Very danceable and very interestingly chosen for JGTC.  The key style reminds me of Matteo Settiís style when he was Tension just a tad more mellow.  While I wonít listen to this song over and over again, I do appreciate itís nostalgia value.  Great mixing too on this song.
Rating : 8

6.Lolita - Heart Attack (A-Beat C)

It was a very interesting song when it came out on Super Eurobeat Volume 143 and everyone was waiting for the full mix on Super Eurobeat 147.  Now that itís out again, once again like many songs, it has lost much of its impact.  Itís not a horrible song, its just the same thing sped up.  It doesnít really bring me back all that much since it wasnít too long ago that it was released.  Great song then, now its not that much different.
Rating : 8-

7.Damon - Work Your Body (SCP)

In my opinion, this song should have an addition to the title.  777 2004 Mix!  Thatís what the song sounds like!  Then again it is SCPís work so what did you expect?  I love this song and the addition of Kiki & Kika saying ďWork Your BodyĒ from Jam Jam Jam several more times than the original song makes this song even better.  Great song, great mixing = high grade.  Donít pass over this song!
Rating : 10-

8.Happy Hours - Eclipse Of Your Love (A-Beat C)

Dave Rodgers, Nuage and Lolita make an awesome combination in this song.  Outstanding song only made better with some speed.  Very evocative of The Spiders From Mars material.  What you get is amazingly smooth material with an amazing sound.  Great work by A-Beat C.
Rating : 10

9.Jean Love - Steel Blade (Delta)

My favorite song by Jean Love.  Every song he does is totally different from the others which shows his versatility.  Slightly sped up and more apparent guitars in the background with a moment when you hear Clara backup sing exclusively makes this an amazing mix to listen to.  Great job Jean Love!
Rating : 10

10.Manuel - Shock Me (A-Beat C)

ManuelÖ  What more can be said about the artist of 2004?  3 songs in the 140ís era, a new song coming out on 151, more songs on the way; his stock is just rising!  Now along the way their will be a few bumps.  Unfortunately this mix of his amazing song is one of those bumps.  The speeding of this song is just too much for me in my opinion.  It ruins the magic Shock Me had on Super Eurobeat Volume 148.  The mixing isnít that spectacular either.  It isnít horrible but isnít good eitherÖ  Sorry Manuel it isnít your fault.  Itís just they made it so this song caters to a different group of people. Get the version on Super Eurobeat Volume 148 over this version please. 
Rating : 7-

11.Jean Love - Moviní Up Moving Now (Delta)

Again Jean Love, great song.  This song was outstanding on Super Eurobeat Volume 148 and it has aged slightly.  It isnít horrible but the feeling isnít more of what I remembered from 148, but less.  Not bad but not great.  The sound is good, the vocals are top notch and the French feeling is very transcontinental.
Rating : 8-

12.Niko - Superbad (Delta)

Niko is back in a huge way with this song.  Niko is Superbad and this song shows it!  By the way I mean bad in a good way.  The guitars are blazing, the keys are ripping, the feeling is energetic and the style will carry on to the future!  Keep it cominí Niko!
Rating : 10

13.Kevin Johnson - Promises (Delta)

Very smooth song and very smooth sound.  Then again its Kevin Johnson so what did you expect?  Usually this is the style he gives out.  Fits well with the earlier song by Ann Sinclaire.  Very danceable and reminds me a lot of the disco style.  In one part it reminds me of The Beegees when they remove the main lyrics and go with the backups.  Very nicely done!
Rating : 9+

14.Mr. M - All That I Want (Time)

It wasnít phenomenal on Super Eurobeat.  Now on JGTC, to me, its like an interlude really.  It isnít that bad of a song but I really donít get a sense of energy from this song.  It seems rather muted.  The lyrics are pretty good but the guitars seem rather sad.  Often skipped.
Rating : 7-

15.Robert Patton - Rock And Roll Babe (Time)

Now if you wanted energy from the last song, come to this one!  Very very fast and energetic with a rock and roll feel!  The piano/guitar combination is sensational!  The mixing on this song is great and the total package is great!  Listen to this song a few times and get a feel for the rock and roll!
Rating : 10

16.Ace - Welcome To The Real World (SCP)

In my opinion, when this song came out on 141, it reminded me too much of Aceís earlier work.  Itís not a horrible song at all but isnít a transition to something new like I expected.  Now that this song has been on 2 other CDs before this, there still isnít anything really new to talk about.  Itís classic SCP work but sometimes classic isnít enough.  And I know what SCP is capable of!
Rating : 8

17.Jimmy Bravo - Mazinger Go! (Vibration)

CAN WE SAY INCREDIBLE!  Based on a popular Japanese anime, this song is more than great mix of Mazinger Go! from Super Eurobeat 149.  They added the guitar solo missing from the version on 149.  What can I say about this songÖ  Itís classic Davide DiMarcantonio work, its classic Vibration stuff, its amazing speed, its amazing feeling, its amazing energy and its just amazing!  Listen to it a few times and fall in love with it!
Rating : 10+

18.Garcon - Dollar Machine (HI-NRG Attack)

This is another new song by HI-NRG Attack and to be honest Iím slightly disappointed by it.  Last year, we were treated with the amazing Walk Around The Jungle and this year we have Dollar Machine.  The only thing stopping this song from being totally amazing is the sharpness of the singing and the rather repetitive chorus.  Other than that, the song is phenomenal but it just needed a little more work.  Not bad but not perfect.
Rating : 9-

19.D. Essex - Master Power (Delta)

A great song from Super Eurobeat Volume 141 and it hasnít really been changed with the mixing.  So what we have is pretty much a shortened mix from 141.  Not a bad song but to those that have heard it before, youíre getting pretty much the same in a different package.
Rating : 8+

20.Ace Warrior - Mad About You (A-Beat C)

Again on JGTC?  Bad move by Avex since we really shouldnít repeat songs.  Then again it is an Ace Warrior song which means its very good.  Sounds much like last years version on JGTC Special 2003 Second Round just without as many car sounds.  Nothing new to report on this song unfortunatelyÖ
Rating : 8

21.Tokyo Future - Da Burning Tokyo (Delta)

Great song and fits well with the racing theme presented by this CD.  I would have liked it if they did more of the announcer saying ďTOKYO!!!!!!!!!Ē which appears at the end to transition to Go Beat Crazy.  I just feel it would have given the song a little more flair than how it is now.  You want to give the listener something new that just the same.  This song is great though and I recommend everyone listen to this song.  The transition at the end is amazing!  Which leads me toÖ
Rating : 9-

22.Fastway - Go Beat Crazy (SCP)

GO BEAT CRAZY!  I definitely went crazy when I heard this song.  I had it on repeat for so long and never got sick of it!  This could very well win my award for song of 2004 if released on Super Eurobeat Volume 152 like its supposed to.  Even though it wonít be released on 152, it could still come out on another SEB later on.  I truly hope it does or is released on @Music on Avex.  I still canít get enough of this song!  Panu had Plastic Girl, I have Go Beat Crazy!
Rating : 10+++!!!

23.Electric Rock Band - Rock Me Tonight (Vibration)

Another Vibration song that has aged nicely since 147.  I love this song so much and it has very much opened up my eyes to the style of Vibration.  Very energetic, very spicy and very fun!  Thatís what I ask for in a Eurobeat song; that it gives me a great feeling of fun whenever I hear it!  Great job Vibration!  The mix is pretty good too though not too different from 147ís.
Rating : 9+

24.Mad Max - Tsunami Comes (Delta)

Looks like they really focused on making this song the most different song from how it was before.  A lot of mixing was done at the beginning ďwhen the tsunami, tsunami, tsunami, tsunamiÖĒ  I love it!  This song was outstanding when it came out on 148 and it continues to redefine itself!  Keep it up Delta!  And good job to Avex for showcasing a great mix too!
Rating : 10

25.Matt Land - Overload (A-Beat C)

UghÖ not againÖ  This song was already on JGTC!!  Please give us new material for goodness sake!  Donít get me wrong I loved this song but now Iím literally getting overloaded by the same song over and over again!  Itís not different at all from itís previous mixes, itís just the same song again!  I love Matt Land but why couldnít they just put Dave & Nuageís song Car Of Your Dreams, Aceís Crazy Sexy Baby, a new Vibration or HI-NRG Attack song (they only get one song per SEB so why not) or something new!?  Again not knocking the song but I can only handle so many mixes of the same song over and over againÖ
Rating : 6-

26.Vivace - Flame Love

I heard this was a remix of an upcoming Nuage song.  If so then we have a treat coming to us very soon!  Very good song, great key work and very nicely sung.  The voices arenít really matured yet which is what a lot of pop singers (both American and Japanese people) suffer.  Maturity in voice comes with time and vivace will soon have that experience with time.  Now they are doing very well for themselves and I really hope they keep up the good work!
Rating : 9

Final Words :
There were a lot of good mixes but nothing new really to report.  The new songs on the CD are definitely worth checking out but too much of the same thing is being put out.  Please take a cue from JGTC Special 2003 Second Round Avex!  Thatís how you put out a new non-stop CD!

Final Score : 8-

Reviewed by Jion