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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.

  Super Eurobeat Presents Euromach 2

1.Mega NRG Man - Space Racing (A-Beat C)
The series kicked off with a great opener, and as the emphasis on the previous album was on HI-NRG Attack we're now dealing with mainly A-Beat C materials. This album kicks off with the familiar sound of Mega NRG Man, the song is rather catchy and offers some nice hooks and a good chorus, your everyday Mega NRG Man materials, nothing spectacular but just nice.
Rating : 7+

2.Dave Rodgers - Deja Vu (A-Beat C)
Whoo Mega NRG Man and Dave Rodgers after each other, I'm in heaven... As if. Well I still gotta give it to the guys this time. The first song wasn't all that bad and Dave performs one of his best tracks as well, a catchy song with a great chorus, the lyrics are somehow really well written and suit Dave, a good performance.
Rating :

3.Go Go Girls - Do You Wanna Dance (A-Beat C)
Well the A-Beat C line continues but for a change by an act I like. And oh boy what a song they put out this time. We've gotten used to the really fast and energetic songs but this one pretty much tops them all. The song is ultra speedy and overall incredibly catchy, the chorus and the c-melody are just perfect and the lyrics suit Eurobeat more than perfectly. More songs like this please!
Rating : 10

4.Lolita - Macho Man (A-Beat C)
And another favorite of mine in the row, perhaps they were trying to make amends for the album opener pair, well any way Lolita's high level continues with this song, specially the chorus and the simple euro sounds work magnificently. Wonder how many songs about macho men there are out in eurobeat history now, this must be at least the third one. Come up with new ideas for the lyrics, thank you.
Rating : 9+

5.Suzy Lazy - Big Time (Delta)
And after the pretty strong A-Beat C open we get some Delta for a change, and if the previous tracks were your everyday typical A-Beat C this song is very common material for Delta. The vocals are strong and the song is quite catchy, but it's not very memorable. The song lacks the final touch that would've made it more special.
Rating : 8-

6.Karen - Ride Like The Wind (A-Beat C)
A-Beat C sure has gathered themselves a strong line of great female vocalists (well we can't say the same about the male vocalists *cough*). Karen's one of the better ones, as her voice is really memorable and she has a lot of energy for the kind of music eurobeat is. This song starts out explosively and the song carries the energetic mood from the beginning to the end with honor. A great song, it just would've needed a bit more appeal to make it really longlasting fun.
Rating : 9-

7.Mega NRG Man - Over The Time (A-Beat C)
As the first track from NRGie was rather good that doesn't apply to a 2nd appereance by the man. This song sounds like it would've been cloned from various bits of earlier Mega NRG Man songs, and it sounds a bit incomplete. Not good, not good at all.
Rating : 6-

8.Silver - Brave Heart (Time)
Time makes their appereance on the album as well and if you ask me I feel that they aren't necessarily the best label to appear on this sort of happy-happy albums, the songs are good but the label just doesn't produce songs that would fit the albums as well as some other labels. Well that aside, this track is just what I feared, a rather good eurobeat song but it just doesn't suit the athmosphere of the album.
Rating : 7

9.Linda Ross - Sugar Sugar Honey (Time)
Well I just mocked how Time shouldn't be on these albums and I was quite quickly proven wrong. This song is pretty cheery and the sounds have more of a parapara feel to it, not the best song on the album but good medium level, what decreases this song's grade is that's really _really_ repetitive and it starts to annoy after a while.
Rating : 7+

10.Mako - Rain (Delta)
The album takes another dive deeper with this track, the song is really lame and even the chorus doesn't really offer anything special. There's nothing awfully wrong with it, but I just like to skip the song as it's so... so pointless.
Rating : 6-

11.Karina - Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Time)
Well I am now definitely taking back my comment about Time's position on these albums. Karina displays another happy song that works decently, not a real hit or anything but just proves that Time also knows how to loosen up a bit. The c-melody in this song is marvellous, but that's the only part of the song that really has potential.
Rating :

12.Crystal - I Belong To You (Delta)
This song has 'Disney' written all over it, I don't know why but I feel like I'd heard a song identical to this one in some disney movie. The lyrics, vocals, sounds, everything in this song has a certain feel to them that make them seem perfect for the image Disney has. A nice song in the end, and specially the chorus sounds pleasant.
Rating : 8-

13.Priscilla - Keep It For Tonite (Delta)
The album has sounded quite mediocore after the nice start and this song unfortunately falls into the same trap as the previous songs. It's plain nice, but it's not a song you'd listen to multiple times in a row, with songs like this the level of the album is definitely decreasing quickly.
Rating :

14.Pizza Girl - Everytime You Go (Delta)
Pizza Girl makes her debut on Euromachs and wow she's back with a huge hit! Somehow her style and voice just strike me as something perfect. Her previous songs have been awesome as well, but this song is really incredible. The c-melody is truly a feast on the ears and the vocals sound really great all the way through. A definite highlight for the album.
Rating : 10

15.Dave McLoud - Go! Get Ready! (SCP)
The short peak up didn't last long unfortunately. Another quite mediocore song appears on the album and again makes me lose my hope on the series if it turns out like this in the future as well. The trademark of eurobeat : the catchy c-melody works here as well and the simple sounds work really well, but the vocals can't really boost the level of this song and so it's bound to be just a track amongst others.
Rating : 7-

16.Cherry - Take Me To Your Heart (Delta)
A great spunky track for a while, Cherry does an impressive performance this time on a song that has awesome backgrounds and the occasional electric guitars really boost the songs appeal making it sound really good. The chorus works like a dream and the only problem with this song is that it isn't necessarily really longlasting.
Rating :

17.Denise - Don't Give Up Your Love (Delta)
Again a song that is not bad nor good, it's really hard to say anything about songs like this, they are your everyday eurobeat that has the basics there and if this was one of the first songs made back in the days it might've been special but now it's just a clone of so many other songs out there. And like with almost every eurobeat song the nice c-melody is the highlight of this song as well.
Rating : 6+

18.Go Go Girls - Touch Me Here Touch Me There (A-Beat C)
Yay, 2 Go Go Girls on the same album, this doesn't happen often. And when the songs are as good as these two I am satisfied. The previous song had 'Classic' written all over it, and while this song is good too it's not as much of a hit. The song has a really catchy chorus plus the sounds are good, with some nice tricks here and there.
Rating : 9

19.Eurosisters - Ready 4 Your Lovely Game (Time)
Okay I'm again gonna speculate on Time's part on these albums. The songs are decent and partly have elements that suit the athmosphere but somehow they have gotten only really normal songs so they so far haven't been able to stick out from the other labels and this song is just like the previous performances. Not a bad song, but after it's over you probably won't even remember it anymore. Time, get your act together!
Rating : 6

20.Mike Danger - I Want To Be Free (Vibration)
I tend to like Vibration releases a lot and the thing that separates them from the others is that the songs have really variable backgrounds and they don't just use common eurobeat sounds (even though they are mostly present as well). This song is just like that, it has the good ol' eurobeat beat there but it has nicely different backgrounds. Though the song could've improved on the vocal section, not the best vibration release out, but better than what Time has been able to put up so far.
Rating :

21.Ace Warrior - Fireball (A-Beat C)
When doing reviews and songs like this pop up I often get a feeling that don't the people doing this music themselves notice how similar the songs are. I could've been easily fooled if this song was under a different alias. Not bad, but seriously with the same pattern copied over and over the points are slowly going lower and lower.
Rating :

22.Dusty - You Make Me Feel (SCP)
What's funny is that a good vocalist can even bring life into a mediocore song, or even if it's a carbonate copy of some other song. Well this is not that case though, I just wanted to state that Dusty is a really good option to perform eurobeat with his wide vocal capacity, really energetic and this song is rather good as well, not a classic but still good.
Rating : 8

23.Jimmy Bravo - C'Mon Baby Tonight (Vibration)
Speaking of energetic materials... This track begins with an explosive intro but suddenly turns into something quite strange. The lyrics have so many grammar errors that it's quite funny, the c-melody is really energetic but the rest of the song sounds like it's not even the same song. Not bad, but they could've paid more attention in the lyrics and bring that energetic mood of the intro into the whole song.
Rating : 7

24.Virginelle - Brother & Sister (A-Beat C)
Well here we have another huge name from A-Beat C who doesn't let you down. I often have thought that A-Beat C really does try to make an effort to get the best songs for the bigger names. Lolita, Go Go Girls, Virginelle, King & Queen etc. etc. always seem to have the best songs and time after time they manage to impress me by great songs. Again we hear a great song that relies on Elena Frattini's great vocals and the cool electric guitars in the background suit the song well.
Rating : 9

25.Groove Twins - Dance On Saturday Night (A-Beat C)
An another big name from A-Beat C and like with the previous song this song is also really good. This song relies more on a really catchy melody and excellent sounds in the backgrounds. A lovely song with a happy mood to it.
Rating : 9-

26.Candy Taylor - Make A Move (Delta)
Wow they really managed to find an incredible song to finish the album off. I didn't really have any expectations for this title but I was totally sweeped off. The song is incredibly catchy and it has really variable backgrounds. Eurobeat backgrounds are generally quite light but this song has a slightly rougher backgrounds that and the fastpace really make this another highlight of the album. Awesome materials by Delta.
Rating : 10

Final Words :
After the interesting first album this compilation series takes a steep turn as HI-NRG Attack is totally absent and A-Beat C has the control. This album is not as strong as the first album but has some awesome highlights. Go Go Girls, Pizza Girl and Candy Taylor perform awesome materials, and I'm sure these songs are going to appear on future compilations as well. A good album over all, but I hope they aren't going to abandon HI-NRG Attack on the future albums.

Final Score :  8-

Reviewed by Bore