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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.
  Super Eurobeat Presents Euromach 11 

1.Fastway - 777 (SCP)
Another Euromach album kicking off, and again we get the opening by SCP and what better way to get people moving than some Fastway. This guy really never seems to stop from amazing with better and better songs, you hear one song and you think it's the best, then you hear a new one and then you go through the same feelings and then that happens all over again. I myself for some reason didn't fancy 777 a whole at first, and it took me quite a while before I understood the real brilliance of this song. Energetic, unbelievebly catchy, awesome melody, perfect backgrounds and excellent vocals, so from what we've heard him do, this is definitely the best song out there. Incredible opening.
Rating : 10+++

2.Ace Warrior - 24 Hours A Day With You (A-Beat C)
Ace Warrior is a vocalist that has been rather mediocore in my opinion, his songs have sounded nice or good, but nothing phenomenal to get me replay his songs over and over, this time he makes a change and we get one hell of a energy packed song. His vocals never sounded this catchy and the typical electric guitars work marvellously due to the energetic and good song that works on all levels. One of the better songs by the A-Beat C male eletric guitar group.
Rating :

3.Pecos Drill - She's My Baby Chevrolet (HI-NRG Attack)
HI-NRG Attack has also their own group of people who have the tendency of doing similar songs with identical styles, I can't really point out other Pecos Drill songs at the moment (if there are any in the first place), but still the song reminds me a lot of the typical material the label produces: upbeat, catchy, energetic and doesn't make any sense what so ever. Sometimes this is a bad thing, sometimes it works well, most of the times the songs are just decent, like this one. Don't get me wrong, I liked the song, but it just wasn't original enough to stick out.
Rating :

4.Lou-Lou Marina - Rock N' Dolls (HI-NRG Attack)
After one typical performance we get another one, but like I just said sometimes these work, and this one really does work marvellously. Lou-Lou Marina (with or without the hyphen) has done a lot of nice songs that work alright, but haven't made any huge impressions but this time she gets one awesome song. The song starts off with energetic verses that build up energy and the chorus really blows the jackpot as you'll quickly notice how irresistible the song is and then you'll soon start to sing to the vocals, and naturally everytime they mention the word Eurobeat in the vocals you get a bit of a positive boost.
Rating : 9+

5.Space Girls - Boys On Fire (HI-NRG Attack)
The really energetic girl-type eurobeat is changed to a calmer, more typical girly HI-NRG Attack material. The song starts off sounding really good (must be the transition that still uses clips from Rock N' Dolls) and slowly after the transition the song starts to go downhill, the sounds are alright, vocals work pretty nicely and I can't find anything to complain about the song, but still it just doesn't light me up like some of the materials HI-NRG Attack has done, still catchy.
Rating : 8

6.Louise - My Love Romance (HI-NRG Attack)
For some reason I always combine Louise with other recordlabels than HI-NRG Attack, as her name and style just remind me of something more mature and not so wacky that I generally combine to the record label, but I guess it's just a good thing as that shows that the label can also do more mature materials that work just as nicely (okay not as nicely, as I love the songs that are on crack and have no meaning to them at all). The song on the other hand, has a good chorus, great vocals and decent backgrounds that would've needed a bit of a punch to make the song turn out memorable though.
Rating : 8

7.Norma Sheffield - Little Crazy Baby (A-Beat C)
Norma Sheffield is pretty much like a boogie(wo)man to me, knowing an album has her songs on it, I always prepare for the worst, and well now you might think I hate her, but by no means, I just find her extremely boring. This time she marvellously shows exactly why: The song is very dull, the vocals are way too whisper-y and the sounds sound like a rip-off of some previous song she did, and over all the song is just a typical Norma song that doesn't light any kind of interest.
Rating : 7

8.Christine - Till The End Of Time (SCP)
The wonderful Christine is back again, and we already know how marvellous she is (as in addition to singing in various SCP projects, she also does a lot of the backing vocals), and yet she still finds time to record songs under her own name, and these songs seem to be the best ones time after time. This song has similar aspects to her previous songs, it's not as energetic as for example Crazy Generation, but it's not slow either, very upbeat, catchy and of course marvellous vocals. A great song, just not the most memorable one on her career.
Rating :

9.Susan Bell - A Little Goodbye (A-Beat C)
Some names just get stuck into the middle crowd, unfortunately it seems that Susan Bell can't really pull herself on to the surface as her songs are time after time nice, but nothing to praise or mention as the highpoint for the album. This song also works nicely as an album track, but if it was released as a single (okay I know that eurobeat is not released, but still just imagine), it wouldn't work out. Fun for the nearly 3 minutes, but nothing special.
Rating : 8-

10.Eurobeat Girls - People Come On! (Delta)
Delta girls love to do energetic songs that are definitely related to the good old Lolita, this song could very well be something Elena would make, and it would sound only more energetic and catchy. Well that aside, this is one of the better songs in a while from Delta, very energetic and catchy, and of course with the title Eurobeat Girls you can't really expect to get a bad song, that would just ruin up the whole reputation for the genre.
Rating : 8+

11.Vanilla - Around The Universe (SCP)
SCP shows us a new title, Vanilla, that reminds a lot of what we get when we hear Kiki & Kika, and we're at the same level on edge. The song is really really upbeat, the vocals are a bit high-pitched yet very catchy, not the most energetic track but yet it manages to make you move and feel good. Completely a different aspect of SCP in contrast to the album opener, but just as marvellous. Stefano Castagna is definitely a genious, as we have great names like this coming from his stables.
Rating : 10

12.Jinko Sbilenko - Too Many Lovers Night And Day (HI-NRG Attack)
The thing with HI-NRG Attack is that when you see their artist titles you can already point out that they're from the label, this one was new again, but I didn't even have to guess where it might originate to. The vocalist is a male for a change, and sounds quite odd, the vocals are not bad, but just somehow freaky, like the vocalist was getting progressively more drunk while he's singing, rather amusing actually. A nice song, but it's missing the energy that I usually desire to hear from HI-NRG Attack.
Rating :

13.Lilly - Good Time (HI-NRG Attack)
I wonder if HI-NRG Attack has the biggest amount of strange girl titles that I really don't even remember what they sound like. Lilly sounds like many other titles from the same label, which is bit of a downside when you listen to the songs. The vocals aside, we have a great song in our hands, the verses start off sounding rather light and transparent but fortunately the chorus finally breathes some life into the song and the energy level rises clearly. A great song, just missing a better vocalist and some finishing touch.
Rating :

14.Mike West - Highway Star (Time)
For a while I somehow thought we were dealing with HI-NRG Attack with this song and as I was double checking the songs I realized that it was Time, and that's a plus. The song has a lot of the typical Time elements, but it also has a lot of energy and slightly more edge than a regular Time production, that made me a bit confused, but it's for the best as they generally never manage to distract me into thinking we're not dealing with time.
Rating : 8

15.Kara Mell - When I Fall In Love (HI-NRG Attack)
After the rather midtempo mood we are taken to a new level in energy that the album hasn't really experienced since the first song. The song starts off with a marvellous transition and the whole song is blessed with a huge load of energy. The c-melody sounds simple, yet very great. The vocals also sound really good, even though very generic HI-NRG Attack, but I love the way they've tempered the vocals midway through to make them sound slightly robotic.
Rating : 9

16.Go Go Girls - I Want Your Kiss Boy (A-Beat C)
A great transition from a good song to an even better song, this is one aspect I love about Euromach, the times great songs get lined up, the transitions sound really awesome like with these 2 songs. Go Go Girls mean quality, and quality we get. Energetic, catchy, upbeat, fun and we're definitely go-going through the song. Seems like that all of the Go Go Girls songs on the Euromach series are high-quality and always highlights for the albums they are on.
Rating :

17.Lolita - Sugar Baby Love Me (A-Beat C)
A nice move to place to songs from the same vocalist in a row, but for a change the level slightly decreases with Lolita, and this doesn't happen every day. The song is energetic and upbeat, but it's just missing the typical karma that she generally delivers to her songs. Not a bad song by any means, but it's no where the level of the previous song or what we have heard from Lolita, for example Think Of You on the previous new Euromach.
Rating : 8+

18.Kiki & Kika - Eurobeat Beat Boom (SCP)
BOOM BOOM! I just a while ago mentioned the thing I love with transitions, this song features an awesome transition that builds up energy and takes us to eurobeat heaven, and seriously a song with a title like Eurobeat Beat Boom just can't be bad! Kiki & Kika are the duo that always make my day a bit more sunny, and I can't really even express how good their songs always make me feel. This song is yet another classic track on their career, not perhaps as big of a classic as Easy Busy, but in my books this is a song that gets the perfect grade.
Rating : 10

19.Martina Dry - Come Together (HI-NRG Attack)
The upbeat and energy-packed mood suffers a lot when the transition to this song on the other hand just doesn't work at all. The song is really calm and has a really light and non-existant soundworld, which leaves the vocals as the main element for the song, and when they're handled by yet another generic female vocalist on the label the song is clearly left out as one of the worst songs on the album.
Rating : 7-

20.Bazooka Girl - Mister Robinson (HI-NRG Attack)
For a change we get the good old Bazooka Girl back in action, and now that I think about it, most of the previous girly vocals on the album from HI-NRG Attack also sound like Bazooka Girl, but why does this song still sound a lot better than the other ones we heard? Go figure, perhaps it's the fact that the main titles like Bazooka Girl just get better materials, and that's all. This song is no where near the energy level of Velfarre 2000, or the upbeat action of Flying Around The World, yet it still works nicely. The song is rather mid-tempo and has a very cheery mood, nice chorus and of course velfarre is mentioned in the lyrics.
Rating : 9-

21.Babby One - Baby Come On (HI-NRG Attack)
Finally we get some real talent from the label that hasn't so far managed to shine like they generally do. Babby One has created a solid status for himself as his songs are always really energetic and catchy, mainly due to the great vocals that always manage to give a nice boost for the already energetic song. What more can I say, energetic, catchy over all magnificently produced materials.
Rating : 9+

22.Lucya - Hey, You! (SCP)
I wonder if this Lucya girl has had Kika as her mentor, as this song reminds me a lot of Kika's In Your Eyes, for some reason. Well we have the same label at work here and of course we get really energetic, catchy, over all simply marvellous materials. Upbeat and much like the classic Kiki & Kika duo who already made an appeareance with a great song earlier on in the album. SCP needs to have their own compilation series, period.
Rating :

23.Nick Mansell - Spirit Of The Night (SCP)
A nice streak of 3 SCP songs in the end, this time they've again reserved great songs to the end. Nick Mansell as a vocalist is pretty similar to Fastway as he has the same kind of energy and enthusiasm in his voice, which is a great thing as not all manage to reach that level. The song is pretty nice, and shows us that the label has enough great materials for the not so known titles as well, energy packed, catchy and pretty irresistible.
Rating : 9-

24.Ace - Open Your Eyes (SCP)
After a slightly more unknown title we get the oh so popular Ace (perhaps his good looks have something to do with his popularity?), well at least he has had a huge load of killer songs on Euromachs, and this song adds to the final sum by one. Catchy, excellent vocals, nice lyrics and the electric guitars in the background add the song a nice Fastway-ish sound, really irresistible and again I have to show my respect to SCP for releasing materials as high quality as they did with this album, not one bad song in the mix.
Rating :

25.Mad Cow - Franz Tornado (HI-NRG Attack)
Okay this wasn't something I expected, I mean I was thinking that the song was titled Mad Cow (and I am not probably the only one), but well getting a song titled Franz Tornado just shows us again how unpredictable the label is. The track is exactly what you can expect to hear from Franz (and his many aliases), energetic, catchy, plain crazy and high quality. The female vocals (apparently by Bazooka Girl) add a nice touch to the song.
Rating : 9+

Final Words :
The Euromach series dumped Boom Boom Beat and Vibration for unknown reasons (well at least the fact is know that Saifam and Avex are no longer working together, so that sweeps BBB away, but why also Vibration?), and the series still manages to fly high, the reason pretty much is SCP, the series has been reigned by HI-NRG Attack most of the times, and they do a nice job at it, but still frequently the highpoints are done by other labels which is rather ironic. Well this album has a few real classic songs that will surely make me wanna get back to the album a lot, and also the level for the album in general is really high which is one of the best features for the compilation series. Thank you Avex, but at the same time BOO for no BBB or Vibration.

Final Score : 9-

Reviewed by Bore