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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.
  Option Presents Street Tribe

1.Margaret - Mine Is Your Love (A-Beat C)
Well well here we are. The song starts out with engine sounds, like in so many Initial D soundtrack songs. But for the song... Margaret has a great voice and this song is kind of calm but still rocking. I like the melody of this song and that Ējazz hornĒ in the background.
Rating : 8+

2.Cherry - When I Close My Eyes (Delta)
The melody is quite good and the chorus is good too, but thatís about it. I canít find anything in this song that would make it something special. Heard and seen it all before.
Rating : 7-

3.Lolita - Goin' On (A-Beat C)
Powerfull lyrics and awesome singing by Lolita. Lolita really has it. Basically I donít like Lolita that much, but this song is really good. The chorus is great and the melody is quite good too.
Rating :

4.A-Beat Power Feat. Edo, Dave & Domino Ė Wanted (A-Beat C)
Okay.. the line-up sounds amazing, but is the song amazing? Well.. itís quite a basic song. The chorus is okay and melody is quite good too. Not much left to say.
Rating :

5.Tension - Come On (Baby) (Time)
I like Tension's voice, but this song ainít that good. Well, well the song is somewhat of a  basic eurobeat song. Chorus is basically the best part of the song. I donít like or hate this.
Rating : 7-

6.DJ NRG - Bad Boy (A-Beat C)
DJ NRG has some great songs, but this ainít in that list. I donít like this at all. I guess if I had to say something positive, then at least the chorus is okay.
Rating : 6-

7.Mr. Groove - Take My Heart (A-Beat C)
This song ainít moving me up or down. Itís an okay song, better than Bad Boy, but still something is missing. Not that good. The Melody is quite good.
Rating : 6+

8.Oda - Shy Gun (Delta)
So far this CDís best song. I like the melody, chorus, lyrics and Odaís singing. This is a great song. Quite frankly I canít think of anything negative to say about this song. Great song, again.
Rating :

9.Dave Rodgers - Stay The Night (A-Beat C)
I like Daveís voice, but this song is missing a big part... of something. Canít say what it is, but this is quite the basic song, again. Daveís voice earns few extra points.
Rating : 7

10.Go Go Girls - Go Go Dance (A-Beat C)
Go Go Girls have real some energy in their songs. I like this. The chorus is great and the melody is also good. Not much left to say, simply great.
Rating : 9

11.Niko - Night Of Fire (Delta)
Nikoís Night Of Fire ainít that good. Okay, it has a good melody and good lyrics, but I donít like it that much. When I hear it, I generally listen through it, but I donít play it that offen. Because Iíve heard this far too many times.
Rating :

12.Mike Hammer - Catch Me (Time)
Okay, 80ís is still pop, but not that pop. I donít like this track at all. Not a good thing to say. Maybe somebody likes this but that ainít me.
Rating : 5+

13.Delta Force Ė Heroes (Delta)
Good song, your basic good eurobeat. Good guitar and a good melody. But still there's something missing, I canít find anything special in this song. But itís a good song.
Rating :

14.Mr. Groove - Highway Star (A-Beat C)
Awesome song. I love this. Very catchy, the melody is great and the lyrics are also great. And there is some real energy in this song. One of Mr. Grooveís best songs.
Rating :

15.Mr. Groove - Love In Chinatown (A-Beat C)
Simply great, another good song by Mr. Groove. I Like this very much. Mr. Groove has great songs. Amazing chorus and singing, the melody is also good. Well, you get the picture, itís great song.
Rating : 9+

16.Time Force Ė Hurricane (Time)
The chorus is quite good, but it's too much of a basic song. I canít say anything good or bad about this. Golden middleline.
Rating : 7

17.Marko Polo - Baby Queen Seventeen (Delta)
Marko Polo is one of my favorite artists. This is a great song. You can feel the energy flow, Awesome chorus, lyrics, melody. This is definitely my stuff.
Rating :

18.Leslie Parrish - Killing My Love (Delta)
Well, here we are again, a bit better than a basic eurobeat song. Leslie has a great voice, good chorus and the melody is quite good. Okay, this is an okay song.
Rating : 8-

19.Niko - Made Of Fire (Delta)
Night Of Fire or Made Of Fire, well Night Of Fire is better, but this ainít not that bad. I like the singing and I like Nikoís voice. A bit better than a basic eurobeat song.
Rating : 8+

20.Dave McLoud Ė Mikado (SCP)
The beat is good in this song. I like it. Well, itís a good song. Not much left to say. Iíve heard this too many times.
Rating : 8

21.Princess F. - Shadows In The Night (HI-NRG Attack)
Great song, great lyrics and the chorus is awesome, the melody is also great.
I like this song very much. Hard and soft at the same time.
Rating :

22.Spencer - Doctor Of Love (Boom Boom Beat)
Kind of an old song, but this is one of this cdís best songs. Itís old and itís good. Good lyrics and a good chorus, It kind of reminds me of Modern Talking, donít ask me why, but it does. A great song.
Rating : 9+

23.Groove Twins - Ready For You (A-Beat C)
So much energy, good singing and the melody rocks. It must be Ready For You, a great song. I recommend this to anyone who suffers depression. Simply a great song.
Rating : 9+

24.King & Queen - Turbo Lover (A-Beat C)
Okay, back to basics. A calm song not too hyper. I like the singing. But too much of a basic song. Not a bad performance though.
Rating :

25.Valentina Ė Harmony (A-Beat C)
Here we are, the last song. Harmony is a good song, I like it. Quite oldish, a great chorus and I like the melody too. And I like the slow part in the song. Not bad at all.
Rating : 8-

Final words :
Okay, this was my first review. But for the CD. There are some jewels on it, but there are also quite many basic songs. Mr. Groove, Spencer, Groove Twins, Go Go Girls, Oda and Marko Polo present the best songs on this CD. Well I canít say if you should buy it. Itís guite a basic collection.

Final Score :  8

Reviewed by AxU