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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.

  Super Eurobeat 94

1.Cherry - Too Cool To Fall In Love (Delta)
The years before the millennium presented us with SEBs that were high quality from start to end every time, decades that followed after have had a hard time to stand up to this level after. Clara Moroni's wonderful voice is yet again doing most of the work with this catchy eurobeat song. The track relies on effective and addictive bassline with a very beautiful chime-esque c-melody that breaks the form of the song perfectly every time it hits in. Great vocals, catchy sounds and a brilliant melody to back everything else make this a great Cherry song.
Rating :

2.Toby Ash - Are You Ready! (Time)
An extremely funky intro gets to me everytime. The song features such opposite style sounds that it's always a bit startling to hear the one part of the song switch to other. The song packs a lot of mighty energy into a neat package that doesn't leave anyone cold. Excessive use of the songtitle feels a bit bland at times and it might've been even better if the chorus had more lyrical work instead. Either way an effective basic eurobeat song.
Rating :

3.Lolita - Miracle Tonite (A-Beat C)
Elena keeps on singing her love songs for our pleasure and during this time she still had her groove going and she was feeling happy. The happiness can be heard easily through this song when the song starts with the bouncy and upbeat sounds. Nothing new under the sun for people who recognize the title, so for the people who love Elena Gobbi to pieces will also love this song, who don't, no need to expect for anything special.
Rating : 9

4.Sophie - Love Is Always On My Mind (Time)
The "other" Elena keeps doing just as her colleague, as she presents us with yet an another lovesong. Love Is Always On My Mind is an upbeat song that reminds the cheery songs that are often given to Emmanuelle instead. The song has a really nice mood to it as the happy lyrics carry on the show with synth-based sounds to back things up. A rather good example of how even the simple ingredients can work well when you have a good melody to work with.
Rating : 8+

5.Max Coveri - High Desire (Delta)
A funky hybrid of eurobeat and techno sounds reveals itself under the Max Coveri title. The song builds energy with very aggressive and strong sounds that set itself in a different league than most of its competitors. The song is blessed with a catchy chorus that unfortunately has just a few too many highs, just like the Toby song did a few songs ago. The verses are very effective with guitars to back up the synth and bass and it sounds simple yet very catchy and memorable.
Rating : 9

6.Karen - I Want You Back Boy (A-Beat C)
One of the strongest female vocalists in eurobeat history is known to bring life into nearly every song she sings. This song is one of them, as the track doesn't really offer much of a melody and the typical eurobeat elements are the essence that is spiced up with Karen's wonderful vocal work. The song reminds me of the earlier Lolita song Goin' On, but just maybe not as catchy and memorable. Giddy guitars, bouncy synths and a cheery c-melody, just what you can expect from A-Beat C.
Rating : 8

7.Niki Niki - Tell Me Why (I Love U) (Time)
The ever so magnificent Emmanuelle Gubinelli makes her appearence on the album with the type of song you could expect to hear from her slightly childish sound tone. The song starts with a relatively boring intro and the first verse can't either really bring much more excitement around but when the bridge starts and builds energy for the chorus it really starts to bloom. The chorus is a pure example of happy eurobeat with addictive and catchy lyrics that will suck you right into the eye of the storm. The song has a really clear division between the excellent chorus & c-melody and the slightly lacking intro and verses, but the fact is that the chorus is just too irresistible to resist and it will become memorable after the first time you listen through the song.
Rating :

8.Black Power - Broken Arrow (A-Beat C)
A-Beat C's male power burts into action with electric guitars, what else? The song resemblences typical guitar-influenced rock songs with it's macho vocals and typical guitar solos. I haven't ever been the biggest fan of this type of material so it's not really that surprising that this song neither manages to really catch my attention. The song has packed quite a nifty amount of energy which is great and the sounds aren't bad at all, but I just don't find myself grooving to this type of eurobeat, but the song isn't bad by any means, quite the opposite. Vocals work, sounds rock and everything is in order, just not my type of eurobeat.
Rating : 8-

9.Newfield, Moroni & Sinclaire - (Delta)
So yeah, some time in the past I had a long conversation about suggesting eurobeat artists to work out other URLs we would've wanted to be made into songs. This song was always the inspiration for all of the songs we thought of, yet the possibilities for them are endless and quite amusing. I'm fairly sure that this kind of title won't be forgotten and it's also an addictive song so it does help it become as memorable as it really is. Great vocals, catchy sounds and hard to forget lyrics, just the way Delta works at their best peaks of inspiration.
Rating :

10.Tommy K. - Rock Of Fire (Time)
So yeah, even during the golden days of eurobeat the generic eurobeat sound already existed. Not every song managed to sound unique and even though less common it did happen with all labels. Rock Of Fire sounds like a very common track with not much of a edge to cling on to. Nothing about the song irritates nor interests so it sorta flows by while waiting for the next track to start.
Rating : 7-

11.Groove Twins - Happy With Me (A-Beat C)
All of the old farts will recognize the brilliant and unique yet not so unique Pacman intro on this song. The track has a really funky way of swaying the rhythm and melody from side to side and make it sound distorted yet really cool which is very rare in eurobeat. The ambassador of happiness Domino does her best to bring this track some extra happiness which it quite frankly never needed, but she just ends up making the song sound even more unique than it already was. Very nice way of including all the bells, videogame sounds and other funky elements into a very balanced mixture. A very hard song to forget and that my friends can be both good and bad, you decide for yourself.
Rating : 10

12.Dr. Money - Criminal Love (Time)
More guitars, was this era really that much affected by the use of guitars? Every time this track starts I'm suddenly surprised when Elena Ferretti's vocals appear and not the Davide stuff I am expecting to hear. But the extra female vocals back the male vocals perfectly and add a really nice touch for the song. The song has a really thick sound as it doesn't really seem to slow one bit at any point and it seems to throw everything into an even slightly confusing mess. A catchy song after you listen to it through a few times plus the guitars really do work nicely to make it even more memorable.
Rating : 9

13.Vicky Vale - Days Of Thunder (Delta)
If was a memorable songtitle, you can't say that Days Of Thunder would lose much either. A very cool song title that I always look forward to as the song clearly also stands up for its name. The track has a similar feel as the few other Delta female songs from this era, but the lyrics and catchy chorus always set it apart from others. Not the most unique kind of artwork but a good eurobeat song to listen to every once in a while and surely easy to come back to.
Rating :

14.Norma Sheffield - Sunny Life (A-Beat C)
If Francesca's vocals occasionally sound slightly juvenile, this time around they sound very very juvenile. In Sunny Life her sound feels like she'd be 10 years younger as the vocals occasionally go extremely high and have a very kiddyish dialect as well. The song is sadly also very thin and relies too much on the common Norma Sheffield dream-like effects.
Rating : 7

15.Helena - My Life (Time)
Following Norma usually is a good time to improve the level, so we get the Time equivalent for dreamy and somewhat medium tempo lovesongs. Helena brings forth a generic song with every single basic effect you can ask for. The giddy beat and nice simple piano work pretty decently and the song doesn't feel like a drag at any point, but it doesn't become very memorable either. A presentation that isn't really the best example of Time's talent.
Rating : 7+

16.Valentina - Baby Don't Worry (A-Beat C)
With the playlist I've been having for years, there are a few songs that pop up from time to time and they somehow drill a spot into the back of your head even though your first impression isn't too favorable. This song is one of those tracks. Something with the song has a slightly mesmerizing feel to it, but the fact is that this song just doesn't really have anything very unique or original going for it. It is just a very typical eurobeat track with a catchy chorus, but still I can't help but sing along every time I listen to it.
Rating : 8

17.Suzy Lazy - Love Generation (Delta)
After years of heavy eurobeat airplay and certain albums getting more attention than others it is pretty logical if specific songs become the anchors for love towards some albums. Love Generation is without doubt the reason I value SEB94 so highly above many other albums. I admit right away that I have felt for a long time that this is possibly one of the most genious eurobeat songs ever written. From the second the first heavy beats get into action and the stunningly addictive lyrics burst out you'll be hooked right away. It isn't at all strange how this song has become a crowd favorite and makes it to all countdown albums due to it's sheer brilliance. I can't really say any other thing about this song than that it really is eurobeat at its best. A classic, a legend, I present you: Delta Records.
Rating : 10+++++

18.Mega NRG Man - Burning Desire (A-Beat C)
So the album has already reached its end, but we've got one of the most well known Mega NRG Man songs to finish it off with. The song features the key elements to a Dave Rodgers macho-male-guitar-song. Tomas' vocals are as edgy as always and the song really sounds like something memorable due to the simple yet effective way it just becomes catchy the more you hear it. A very well produced song that works for Tomas Marin's advantage, but by far not the most unique of productions.
Rating : 9+

Final Words :
The 90's decade in Super Eurobeat history was a very memorable one due to very many reasons. One of the main reasons of course is the fact that all of the labels kept pushing forward material that was not only memorable but also very well produced all around, the fact that most of the 90s albums are very well balanced on one hand means that it's easy to get a slightly bland feel of the album if everything is just okay, but on the other hand it also means that there are no songs you instantly want to skip and ignore. And also among all this good level there are those few gems that also become memorable and become classics on their own merits, like Love Generation and Burning Desire. Both songs that have been featured on countless albums and are recognized by any eurobeat fans. I also nominate Love Generation as the real messiah for eurobeat message around the world. The lyrics, sounds, beats, everything the song offers are the embodiment of eurobeat at its finest. The song will please to the people who don't fancy the macho feel of the other known classics like Night Of Fire or Spaceboy. Either way, this album is a very nicely constructed one that stays on my favorite list for various reasons. The bonus disc also holds a lot of high quality tracks for the fans of older Eurobeat.

Final Score : 8+

The Best 3 Songs

- Suzy Lazy - Love Generation
- Groove Twins - Happy With Me
- Niki Niki - Tell Me Why (I Love U)

The Worst 3 songs

- Tommy K. - Rock Of Fire
- Norma Sheffield - Sunny Life
- Helena - My Life

Honorable Mention

- Cherry - Too Cool To Fall In Love

Reviewed by Bore on 30th of April, 2007.