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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.

  Super Eurobeat 106 

1.Go Go Girls - Go Go Dance (A-Beat C)
This song along with Do You Wanna Dance were some of the very first songs I heard when I got into the eurobeat scene, and I can remember how I was swept away by the energy and the speed. And still, even after a really long time I still value these songs to the maximum. There's not much to complain with this song, as the vocals suit the band perfectly and the vocals roll smoothly, a magnificent display of skill by A-Beat C.
Rating : 10

2.Domino - To Say To Do To Kiss (A-Beat C)
We're treated to yet another awesome display of art by the wonderful Domino this track is rather perky and it has similarities to previous hit songs like Tomodachi Big Friend, this song isn't perhaps as cheery and the chorus takes a bit more serious tone. Though the chorus is clearly the best part with this song and it creates a really catchy web, you're bound to get stuck on. A wonderful song over all, everything matches here.
Rating :

3.Triumph - Baby Revolution (Time)
The line of kinda stupid song titles continues again with this song. Couldn't they come up with any kind of better lyrics for the song, as the track has an immensive amount of energy and somehow the title just doesn't suit the speedy mood at all, even a XXX fire wouldn't have been that bad. The lyrics aside, this is a catchy song that works mainly due to the nice harmony between the effective backgrounds and the mellow vocals.
Rating :

4.Pizza Girl - My Superman (Delta)
When you hear the name Pizza Girl you just know you're getting high quality music. This is possibly the only eurobeat title that hasn't so far even once let my expectations down. With so many different kind of songs I'd consider it a really magnificent job. This track is by any means just as good as her other songs, with a really catchy chorus and cool backgrounds. The vocals are plain brilliant and the song leaves a nice 'gotta listen to it once more'-feeling.
Rating : 10-

5.Norma Sheffield - I Like You So Much (A-Beat C)
Where as the previous artist isn't stuck with a formula being repeated over and over, we can't say the same bout our good old Norma, her songs are very similar all the time and I still haven't really loved any of her songs. The problem with her songs is that they are A) really calm (without having any real hooks, as calm songs can work too) B) boring (this applies to quite a lot of them) or C) Unimaginative (the same formula being repeated over and over), and this song didn't let my expectations down: We have another calm song that sounds dull and imaginative at the same time, so we get all of the 3 options for the prize of one, yay for Norma! (notice the sarcasm here...)
Rating : 5

6.Thomas T. - High Satisfaction (Time)
And after a really deep dive from the high level beginning we're lifted back up by a rather surprising song by Time. This time we get a really energetic song that has way too speedy backgrounds for a standard Time song, but that's just a good thing. This song is really catchy and the sounds really have a lot of balls. A nice song, though not a bull's eye or anything.
Rating :

7.Helena - Love Is My Paradise (Time)
After a refreshing performance by the same label we're pulled back under water. What's up with some of these artists who can't seem to let go of that broken record they've been playing for ages.  This song is not bad by any means, but when compared to Norma for example we're moving on the same grounds, though there's a bit more idea in this song, and the c-melody sounds nice.
Rating : 6

8.Leila - Play The Game (Delta)
A cool intro starts another Delta hit for this album, and now we get a cool song with interesting moments. The vocals use partly robotic vocoder effects and they sound nice as they're not used very often. The track is pretty mid-tempo and only the chorus and the c-melody speed up a bit, and they are the best moments of the song. The guitars playing in the background during the verses sound also really nice.
Rating : 8+

9.Toby Ash - It's My Life (Time)
When rock and eurobeat meet we're treated to results like this song. The mixture of the regular eurobeat beat and the rock-style guitar riffs at first always sound a bit confusing but once you get used to them, they start sounding really nice. The best part bout this song is that it fuses two styles into one seamlessly, and in addition the chorus is really catchy.
Rating :

10.Karen - If Only You Feel (A-Beat C)
At one point I thought that Karen and Norma had the same problem, but fortunately Karen has managed to get rid of the Norma-syndrome. This track though ain't one of those songs, here we have another basic eurobeat song that is rather mid-tempo and sounds a lot like some other song I've heard before. A decent chorus manages to save this song a few points.
Rating :

11.Madison - No Other Love (Delta)
Yet again Delta shows us, what they can do. We have a rather distinctive song that has a killer intro. The track uses some nice effects in the backgrounds. The vocals aren't anything really special, but they do their job with honor and at least they manage to make the chorus catchy. The song would've needed a bit more punch in the backgrounds, or more likely the backgrounds should've been brought more to the frontstage like happens during the c-melody.
Rating : 9-

12.J. Storm - I Wanna Be Your Rainbow (A-Beat C)
Can I just ask one stupid question : Why the hell would anybody wanna be a rainbow? Seriously why do the lyrics have to be this moronic. I mean even the 101 times heard love-lyrics wouldn't be that dumb, but what's the actual metaphor for the lyrics? Is there some symbolic meaning for the rainbow that I am not getting? Well either way, the dumb lyrics aside we have a killer song at our hands : energetic, catchy and also the vocals work.
Rating : 9

13.Drama - Come To Me (Delta)
Some songs just let themselves wait for a time before they open up for you, this song really had that thing going on for a long time. At first the song sounded lame, but once I really got the hang of it I started to spot the nice effects here and there in the backgrounds and suddenly the vocals sounded great. Not a huge masterpiece but still we have a great song in here, specially the chorus earns two thumbs up.
Rating :

14.Ace Warrior - Wild Desire (A-Beat C)
The intro with guitars has definitely been ripped off some Dave Rodgers' song... It sounded so similar, and when the actual song began I experienced yet another Deja Vu-feeling. The song has a lot incommon with some other song, or possibly songs. Anyways sometimes the cloning has been done with style and that applies here, this song is catchy and has a really catchy chorus.
Rating :

15.Claire Deny - Give Me Your Love (Time)
It's always refreshing to hear some different eurobeat, and this time we hear a song that really reminded me of the eurovision song contest for some reason. The song has that distinctive sound all of the songs in the contest have, perhaps it's the slightly calmer pace or the sounds. Either way, this song may not be very longlasting but once you hear it for the first time it really strikes you big time. A catchy song to keep you entertained for a few days.
Rating : 8-

16.Atrium - Fire Fire Fire (Time)
What the heck has happened to the rather good vocalist Atrium has had? We get a rather whiny sounding male doing the vocals this time and I had a rough time trying to last through the song. The track itself is pretty good with a nice chorus, but the vocals are even worse than Niko. A rather typical eurobeat song, but when eurobeat is good, then I won't complain about the song.
Rating :

17.Dave Rodgers - We Wanna Rock (A-Beat C)
First of all, notice that I did not mention Dave in that review for the previous song, as I am starting to actually like his voice, but it really took its sweet time. I mean I've been listening to him for ages now, and just during the past few weeks I've actually noticed that he isn't that horrible. This song is a typical Dave Rodgers song both in good and bad. The vocals are decent, and the backgrounds do their thing, with guitars of course. Not his best by any means, but a decent song to listen to.
Rating :  8-

18.Every Little Thing - Pray (Eurobeat Mix)
And this new style of adding a J-Euro song to the end of the SEBs continues here, and we're again treated to a nice song. This time we hear a rather calm song that isn't as catchy as the previous songs we've heard as the album closeners, not your every day speedy and energetic materials which might be the reason why I did not find this song that interesting.
Rating :

Final Words :
We're moving on the general SEB level again with this album. There are some really memorable moments (mainly in the beginning of the album), but we have a rather steady level with good songs thorough the album, and with some ups and downs we get the grade of 8. For eurobeat fans this album will probably work marvellously, but casual listeners might want to pick a different album to purchase.

Final Score : 8

Reviewed by Bore