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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.
  Super Eurobeat 107

1.Dave & Domino - I Believe In You (A-Beat C)
With Dave & Domino kicking off the album the expectations are a bit contradictive, two great titles, but when put together you get badness. Well like with many of their collaborations this time we again get a song that is rather calm and Dave sings most of the vocals mostly leaving Domino to sing backgrounds, which works nicely but it'd be nice to hear more of Domino's vocals instead of just using her as a background-gal.  The track itself has a rather nice beat to it, the upbeat feeling is catchy and the chorus is catchy, not really my favorite kind of eurobeat, but it works nicely and probably will also please fans who don't want as much energy in their eurobeat as I do.
Rating : 8+

2.Matt Land - Fly To Me (A-Beat C)
I wonder if I'm the only person who thinks that this song sounds a lot like 80's rock-songs, there's the similar intro, the energetic backgrounds, the cool lyrics, the handsome vocalist, the catchy vocals... Well the newcomer to the eurobeat scene (well technically not that much of a new-comer as Matt Land already sung at Time under the title Tension, but a newcomer at A-Beat C) still manages to surprise with energy and a new kind of attitude. A great chorus sums up this song pretty nicely, as Matt really shows that he has the balls needed for a good eurobeat vocalist. He just keeps on improving.
Rating :

3.Delta Queens - Get Up (Delta)
Clara being the queen of different eurobeat titles is here, and well perhaps they've given her this title due to the fact that nobody else probably has had as many titles as she has. The song is your typical happy Delta materials that will either make you go yay or gag, depending on your personal preferences. It reminds a lot of songs that you might expect to hear from Cherry, so it'll be easy to notice if you like it or not. A catchy upbeat chorus combined with great vocals still makes this a good song, but we know Delta can do so much better as well.
Rating :

4.Karina - Sunshine Dance (Time)
After an upbeat performance from Delta, we get another kind of an upbeat song from Time, and of course vocals handled by Elena Ferretti. The song has a really great intro, which is still the area that Time has mastered and generally offers a lot of kicks, but gladly they also present us with a great song over all. The track is rather light-weighted and offers a lot of synths and happy dance-sounds to make you move. The best part with the song is clearly the chorus that in it's simple happy way will make you sing along to it for sure. Nicely effective and also fun to loop for some time.
Rating : 9-

5.Rose - Goodbye Goodbye (Time)
Rose being one of the old-school names who appeared on the albums wayyy back in the past, is still on the same path that we very well know. Light, airy backgrounds, dreamy kind of vocals and lots of synthesizers.  The song is perfect for a more calm kind of a mood, when you're having a romantic candle-light dinner (just make sure that your date isn't a person of _really_ calm music, as what's calm for us eurobeaters is generally way too fast for most people), and the song also has a kind of relaxing tone to it.
Rating : 8-

6.Cherry - One Day Queen (To Diana) (Delta)
Like I already before pointed out we already got a song that sounded a lot like Cherry, and then we get the actual Cherry as well. Upbeat, bouncy, bubbly, a song to make you feel good, and also really simple yet effective. The people who enjoy the more hard, rough kind of eurobeat won't probably find anything good about this song as it's the embodiment of girly Delta-dance and even with those standards it's slightly lighter. Not the best track Cherry has released, but it's not a huge disaster as the song is blessed with a good chorus, where as the other areas can't stand up to the same standard.
Rating :

7.Mr. M - Superwoman (Time)
Time switches the male gear on and we get a slightly more edgy kind of a song that is again very typical Time material. Lots of synthesizers and an energetic beat at the background, but that's all there is oh yeah and of course the vocals. I am not so sure about the different male vocalists on Time and therefore I can't really even point out who the singer here is, the vocals remind me of Robert Patton, but I'm not really familiar with the Label's vocalists so it might be him or somebody else. A rather dull song that flows by rather un-noticably, leaving no marks what so ever, like a ghost.
Rating : 6+

8.Mr. Groove - Out Of Sight (A-Beat C)
More Mr.'s, and I always confuse these titles for some reason. Well we're dealing with A-Beat C now, so we're moving on slightly different grounds. Tomas Martin sings with his usual energetic style again, and we're getting a typical song that isn't as edgy as for example Mega NRG Man songs, but still a rougher style than what we can expect to hear from the female artists. Lots of guitars here and there, and of course the basic synth/beat, a typical production from the label, not much to say.
Rating : 7+

9.Happy Hour - Give Me Heart & Soul (A-Beat C)
It's Happy Hour! Yay, a new title that brings a few familiar vocalists together and you can easily notice the main vocalists Karen and Elena Gobbi, who do a great collaboration here. The song could've just as well been titled as A-Beat Sisters as it's really similar to what we know from the title. The voices of the two vocalists blend together really well and it's great to hear the high-pitched vocals of Elena switch to low vocals by Karen, the contrast is really nice and adds a cool tone to the song. A good song with a great chorus, nothing sensational but still it manages to make you feel good.
Rating :

10.Melody - Fly (Delta)
This wonderful title from Delta has really gotten way too few songs released, but it's always great to hear new materials from Melody as yet again we get simply an amazing song. Catchy, speedy, upbeat, and the way I love my Delta-girly girl eurobeat to be. The song starts off with a very cool intro that turns into a really strong song and we indeed get a great melody by Melody. The song itself uses a lot of the basic elements to build up a lot of edge, and the song just gets better when you listen to it more. Simply awesome, the question is though that is the vocalist for Melody (Melodia Castalleri) singing under the other Delta aliases?
Rating : 10

11.Time Force - Imagination (Time)
And Time does it again, a song that is so basic, so neutral, so transparent that it's almost funny. This song sounds like a huge amount of other songs from Time and I honestly can't really think of many positive things to say about it. The male and female vocals aren't bad but they can't create any edge, or make the lyrics fun to sing to. The melody is alright, but it doesn't have any hooks in it. The chorus sounds alright, but doesn't work properly, a bad bad song.
Rating : 5

12.Lolita - Hurry Man (A-Beat C)
Nice to hear Elena on the album for another time, and this time we're moving on very familiar Lolita grounds with an upbeat song that will definitely please fans of Lolita. A catchy song that offers a great chorus and great vocals, but aside those it is just your basic eurobeat that doesn't offer any surprises in the sounds or the melody which can be forgiven, just that you know you're getting more of the same old. Still like with Lolita's productions in general, the song is well produced and sounds good, simple as that.
Rating : 9-

13.Alexis - Don't Worry Baby (Time)
Time again manages to take down one uphill, as Lolita managed to rise the level up, and then we get Alexis on board who pretty much screws up the peak. The song is slightly speedier than the vast majority of Alexis songs which is a nice plus, but the song otherwise offers nothing exciting or no highlights in it what so ever. The real problem here is that the song really sounds similar from the intro to the end and I couldn't even tell if the song was in the chorus or the verses if I randomly started listening to it from some part...
Rating : 6-

14.Virginelle - Fly Wherever You Go (A-Beat C)
And Elena makes her third appereance on the album, and it seems that the songs progress slowly for the better. The song kicks off with a really upbeat solo where the lyrics repeat a simple non-word phrase that becomes familiar thorough the song and is also the highlight for the song. At first it sounds quite pointless but when you start to notice that you're singing along to it, it's easy to realize that it's a nice feature in the end. A good upbeat song with a great chorus and happy-go-lucky lyrics.
Rating : 9

15.Za-Za - It's Only Love (Delta)
Delta throws another big title at us, and again we're getting great quality. A catchy Delta song that has the same energy and edge as the previous Za-Za songs. Great vocals, great sounds and a killer chorus form a great combination. The song doesn't really break any barries inside the genre, but when the song is good it's good, simple as that. The c-melody earns a lot of points for the fact that it manages to be the clear highlight for the song.
Rating : 9

16.Mega NRG Man - Video Killed The Radio (A-Beat C)
When this song kicked off I was rather surprised by how it managed to catch my attention from the very beginning. I've slowly began liking the more aggressive style of artists like Mega NRG Man and this song is just another nail on the coffin. The song is really well produced as it combines traditional A-Beat C elements, and the actual fact that it doesn't offer much new at first seems dull, but the real plus here is that the song is blessed with an awesome melody. The song flows by way too quickly and you just have to rewind back and listen to it another time, great vocals, great chorus and an awesome c-melody that sums up pretty well why I'm starting to like the men on eurobeat more by time.
Rating : 10+

17.Mad Max Feat. Denise - Radio (Delta)
Another Radio-titled song, and an interesting duet between two nice names from Delta. The song starts off sounding typical, and that's what is all the way through: typical. The song works nicely and offers great moments due to the collaboration between the two vocalists, but it can't really create as much edge as the previous song did. The part where the song really fails is the chorus, it can't really keep up the energetic pace and sounds really lame when the verses  seem to prepare for some energy, and when you're expecting to experience the energy unleashed and you get nothing, it's really disappointing. Not a bad song, but definitely not what I was expecting.
Rating :

18.Dream - Movin' On (Eurobeat Mix)
And we're already on the last song, and we're getting my favorite J-Euro act Dream. The band released a killer song on Euromach 4, and we're close to the edge of Private Wars, the song has similar kind of production values and it's great to notice how the chorus really builds up the energy and the upbeat c-melody changes the mood completely. A great way to finish off the album with, and also a marvellous performance from the Dream girls.
Rating : 9+

Final Words :
Super Eurobeat 107 carries on the expected level of releases as it offers a few really big hits and also many more mellow songs that get stampeded by the bigger names. Mega NRG Man, Melody & Matt Land present us with great tracks that deserve the most attention from the whole album, but after these 3 big titles we also get many other good songs, and over all the level is pretty solid. The few downs aren't really that horrible, as in comparison the level always seems to get back up with the next song. A basic good SEB-album that will please the fans, but if you're more picky and want an album with really high quality, then you might wait for another one.

Final Score : 8+

Reviewed by Bore