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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.
  Super Eurobeat 112

1.King & Queen - Fun Fun Pharaoh (A-Beat C)
For a change album is kicked off by King & Queen and once more we're treated to quality by a rather crazy song in the good old K&Q style. The song has a hyper melody and an egyptian theme like the title says. Fun Fun Pharaoh is perhaps slightly more upbeat than some of the releases by the duo but we've heard some even happier songs in the past. The best part with the song is the whole theme that makes it stick out from the majority of songs, and in addition the melody is great and even though the lyrics are plain stupid they get stuck in your head, and you'll be singing "You gotta take your cat and make it fat" sooner you notice it yourself.
Rating :

2.Michael Beat - Kiss Me Goodbye (Delta)
There's a vocalist on Delta that sounds like Fastway, freaky? The song also slightly resemblences the style we've heard from Fastway so I had to think a few times if Delta was just copying the successive formula SCP has been doing. The song is rather typical eurobeat with the SCP-kind of flavours spread around the song which add a nice touch to the song. The few female vocals heard during the song also reminded me of Fastway so if something about this song should be said I'd just point it out that it's a copy of Fastway the Delta way, not too shabby, but not as good as the original.
Rating : 8-

3.Jaz - I Will Take You Higher (A-Beat C)
One of the titles I never really picked up, is the vocalist a different one or some of the familiar titles? Well I couldn't at least think of a girl who it could be, so either they just edited some vocalist a lot or this is an individual name. The song reminded me of Karen's style in more than one way, as the song is rather upbeat, not the fastest song around but it's still pretty fast, the vocals sound rather nice though they aren't very distinctive or memorable but neither annoying. A decent song that is fun for a while but not for longlasting replays.
Rating : 7+

4.Dave Simon Feat. Symbol - Heaven (Time)
If you liked Symbol on Euromachs then this song might light some sort of a spark as well. The same kind of a mood is present and the song is also pretty decent, as the chorus is good and the vocals work, but still in the end the the song isn't a real hit that would earn a lot of airplay on my cd-player at least. The typical Time-elements are all here in good and bad, so if you like Time then this song would probably earn a +1 in the grade but if not, then go with my grade.
Rating : 7

5.Karina - Spin Me Round (Time)
After the typical Time male presentation we get a typical female presentation and if these two fought who'd win? In my opinion this latter one would clearly be the winner. The song is really upbeat with good vocals and some great moments in the backgrounds. The sounds aren't anything special most of the times and the verses sound really neutral and don't arouse any feelings at all, good thing the chorus works and the c-melody sounds good. A rather nice song to listen to, but not worth of any awards surely.
Rating : 7+

6.Boys Band - Crazy Night (Delta)
It isn't everyday we get oriental sounding songs, and it's a shame that the song also throws the slight oriental sounds after the intro. But fortunately the song works in the end really well, the track sounds really hyper due to the backgrounds and also the vocals are very speedy and remind me of something you might hear on an Euromach. The song has a decent melody, which does it part but nothing more. The chorus is the clear highlight for the song (in addition to the intro that is) and it's really catchy, and in the end the song works pretty nicely.
Rating : 8-

7.Sophie - Ah L'Amour (Time)
Sometimes the vocalists who do slow music also get speedier materials and Sophie's at least gotten a small dose of ritalin which makes her get jumpy and more energetic than usually. The Time elements are naturally present and also this time work pretty nicely which makes the song sound better than the vast majority. If you're expecting for bouncy and hyper songs then you're far from that, but on Time standards the song works nicely due to the slight increase in BPM. A nice song in the end.
Rating :

8.Derreck Simons - Move Yourself (A-Beat C)
It's interesting how they can re-produce the same synth-lines over and over without making them sound identical. A-Beat C like the other labels also leaves their clear mark on the songs and that applies here as well, the backgrounds are constructed from the elements used a dozen times before and that's probably the main reason why they don't work that well now. The chorus is rather calm regarding how fast the intro sounded and the c-melody also adds up a bit of speed but it doesn't make up for the slower parts. A song that doesn't really manage to annoy or please.
Rating :

9.Mike West - Fast Love (Time)
After many songs from Time already I was getting rather desperate if the pace just keeps on going the same way. This song also is pretty much what you hear from Time every time, the only difference is that the c-melody is like from a different world: it's energetic, catchy and sounds great, but as the rest of the song sounds really boring it doesn't really function well on it's own. What can I say? I want more originality.
Rating : 6+

10.Cherry - Bye Bye Goodbye (Delta)
For a change we get a good vocalist and also a rather perky song. This time we're treated to a song with incredibly light backgrounds, the song sounds almost like an accapella with only the beat and a synth here and there. This kind of a soundworld isn't generally enough to make me happy with a song but fortunately the chorus at least has a bit of a edge to it and the simple c-melody sounds good (but only for a while). In the end this song is only blessed with a great vocalist and a nice chorus, but that's only a portion what would make the song good.
Rating : 7

11.Alexis - Stay With Me (Time)
Even more Time, and the skies are turning darker. Alexis very seldom manages to leave an impression with her mediocore and calm style on me, and it's unfortunately yet again true. The song has a few peaks that sound really good with some extra effects in the background but the fact is that most of the song sounds really mellow and not at all what I want my eurobeat to be. Time for god's sake get a hold of yourself!
Rating : 6

12.Priscilla - Baby Gigolo (Delta)
The first really hyper song on the album and right away I was feeling better. Priscilla has become known for her happy and catchy style and that applies also with this song, it sounds a lot like something on an Euromach which might've been a better place for the song. The song seems a bit sped up and faster than most of the songs on SEBs but that didn't bother me as I enjoy faster songs. The track has a rather light background (but so does the vast majority of girl-eurobeat songs) and only the chorus and c-melody sound really good, but considering how the album has been so far this track rises above most of the previous tracks clearly, nice work Delta.
Rating :

13.Time Force - Faith And Desire (Time)
Time for a change shows some sings of trying with this song. The thing I like with Time is that they make good intros and nice c-melodies but for some reason they think that's all a song needs and then they forget to do any work on the verses and choruses. That applies on this as well, the track has clear highlights and clear lowpoints which makes it rather un-even and even though the song isn't getting a really good grade I sort of liked it due to the exceptionally catchy c-melody.
Rating : 7-

14.Karen - Made In Heaven (A-Beat C)
We're taken back in time by A-Beat C as they present us with a song that uses a lot of really ancient kind of dance-sounds that make Made In Heaven seem really distinctive. Karen sounds still great and specially the chorus in this song works marvellously as the backgrounds have a cool touch to them and somehow they've created a perfect symphony between the backgrounds and the vocals, which is really often an aspect I don't like with eurobeat. In my opinion this is one of the better songs Karen has released during her career, and a highlight on the album (which's level has been rather low in general).
Rating : 9-

15.Mad Max - Rock Of The Nation (Delta)
Delta like other labels seems to reserve good songs for some of their titles and Mad Max is one of those titles. We've heard really catchy and energetic materials by him before as well and he carries on the similar path with this song, catchy, energetic and pretty distinctive as well. The song uses the typical eurobeat elements on most parts but the c-melody throws in a more variable mechanic dance-solo that clearly rises as the highlight for the song. A good song, but we've heard better ones as well.
Rating : 8+

16.Powerful T. - The Year Of The Dragon (A-Beat C)
Another vocalist with a lot of great hits under his belt. We pretty well recognize his vocals already as they're so distinctive and they're also generally always the highlight for his songs. This time we get a song that isn't as catchy as most of his songs and lacks from rather dull verses, the chorus makes up a bit for them but it can't rise the song as high as I anticipated it to get. A good song by all means, just not as jumpy and catchy as I expected it to be.
Rating :

17.Dave & Domino - Red Hot Zip (A-Beat C)
From all of the duets this couple has made this is definitely my favorite. They show some edge on this song and the vocals also sound really great. Starting a review like this is probably not very professional but I just had to get that out of my system. Red Hot Zip is a speedy song on Dave & Domino standards and it's also much catchier than what I generally bump into with them. The chorus is your typical A-Beat C with guitars and synth but it's still really catchy and the c-melody with the 'radio' shouts sounds great. Overall a great song and one of the best ones on this album.
Rating : 9+

18.V6 - In The Wind (Eurobeat Mix)
The album reaches its conclusion by another J-Euro artist, this time the more unknown V6 (at least more unknown by people outside of Japan in general). The song is pretty calm and it doesn't really apply as eurobeat in my opinion, they just added a faster beat on the song which doesn't make it a eurobeat song in my books. The song has a calm melody and pretty nice male vocals that sound rather dull and over all the song is also one of the worse J-Euro titles to appear on SEBs. Not the best way to end the album.
Rating : 7-

Final Words :
This album kicked off rather well, but the level notched down quite much after the great first song and stayed at that level for most of the song which is a pity. This album isn't necessarily very bad and it doesn't have any really bad songs, but the general level is just below and above good which creates a rather mellow athmosphere. The few peaks up stand out clearly and they can't carry the album on by themselves which is a pity. A decent SEB and for fans of Time this might also work really well, but for the fans of something more energetic I wouldn't really recommend to get acquinted with this one.

Final Score : 7½

Reviewed by Bore