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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.
  Super Eurobeat 122

1.Dave Rodgers - Watch Me Dancing (A-Beat C)
If they pick Dave as the album opener I always get a bit skeptic, but no worries because this time he proved that he can do great eurobeat and sing while he's at it. The album opener is one energetic song with an amazing melody. The song starts off with the typical A-Beat C guitars and slowly builds up the energy and in the chorus it really blasts into full groove. Over all a great song to start the album with, what more can you ask for when we're talking about the allmighty Dave?
Rating : 9+

2.Lolita - Ready To Dance (A-Beat C)
After the 'king' of eurobeat we're treated to the 'queen' of eurobeat, and would there be a better way to continue the album with? Well I'd say no, as this one kick ass song. Lolita's wonderful and energetic style is present like always and her high pitched voice will surely drive some fans away but for those of us who already have completely fallen in love with the vocalist this offers more of what we came for. A catchy cutesy song with an excellent chorus and a good c-melody, exactly how we like her to be.
Rating :

3.Atrium Feat. Helena - Super Sonic Lover (Time)
With previous Atrium collaborations I was expecting much from this song, and fortunately Time answered my calls and they released a great song, and there are never enough of good songs from Time. The male vocalist on Atrium never really pleased my ear, but when he's doing the duet with Helena he doesn't sound that bad, and as the song is good otherwise as well it has to work. The c-melody in this song is clearly the highlight as it works marvellously and is a feast to the ears.
Rating : 9

4.Robbie Grain - Your Kinda Love (Delta)
The previous SEB introduced us to this new name from Delta, and her first song was already amazing and this time she improves a whole lot, and treats us to a strangely addictive song. The song kicks off with an amazing intro and it doesn't take long to realize that the song also has a very variable soundworld which offers a lot of cool hooks here and there. The vocals sound great and as the chorus is really catchy you just have to sing along, awesome work by Delta.
Rating : 10

5.Overload - Tears In My Heart (Time)
The track kicks off as a rather mediocore eurobeat song but it slowly builds a firmer ground for itself. My initial reaction with this song was that it's yet another Time mediocore song, but fortunately a few replays earned the song some edge. The vocals sound quite nice and the chorus is catchy even though it's rather midtempo. The verses aren't anything phenomenal, but the c-melody on the other hand works really well, so those even each other pretty well. A good song on Time standards, and this continues the high level the album has had so far.
Rating :

6.J. Storm - Dancing In My Dreams (Guitar Performed By Olaf Thorsen) (A-Beat C)
The album takes a small turn as we're treated to a heavy song on eurobeat standards. The guitars combined to a classic eurobeat beat work always, and when the melody is as good as on this song the result can be nothing but marvellous. J. Storm has presented us some marvellous hits on his career and this is definitely one of the best ones he has done, as this track has all of the essential elements working fulltime. A great song and the guitars by Olaf Thorsen add in a nice spice.
Rating :

7.Priscilla - S.O.S. To Your Heart (Delta)
After the rougher shift we're taken back to the girly-girl land by Priscilla, and oh boy has eurobeat ever sounded this general? I have nothing against Priscilla but this song just didn't really work at all, the vocals are decent and the melody is rather okay, but the problem is that the song has nothing new what so ever and it left me feeling kind of cold. The chorus and the c-melody work well, but the rest of the song is too mediocore to earn the song a high mark.
Rating : 7+

8.Alexis - Passion (Time)
Time already managed to surprise me twice with their songs so I didn't get my hopes up for the rest of the album, but I probably should've given Time more credit as they again surprised me happily. Alexis as a vocalist is pretty typical and her voice isn't very memorable, but the song itself is nice and the light backgrounds work strangely well, the thing is that the melody is rather catchy and the vocals are easy to sing to. A nice performance again by Time, and they really should do more songs with this kind of c-melodies.
Rating : 8+

9.Mega NRG Man - Kung Fu Fire (A-Beat C)
Things are going swell, I've tried to give up my prejudices regarding some of the artist and I think it has worked as I really liked this song. At first the song caught my attention due to the good vocals and the rather dumb lyrics (which made me smile). The song itself took a few listens before I actually got inside of it, but once I did I really liked it a lot, the chorus is marvellous and the energetic c-melody works like a charm, over all a very solid performance by Mega NRG Man.
Rating : 9+

10.Suzy Lazy - Love And Luxury (Delta)
Nobody can probably forget Din Don Dan the classic Delta song that made Suzy Lazy a known name in the first place. Her songs have been very high quality thorough her career and it applies yet again, we get an upbeat song with a great chorus and an exceptionally catchy c-melody. The song has cool backgrounds that use simple sounds like chimes and the synth of course, it's weird how the same elements can work sometimes so well and the next moment suck beyond the telling of it. A great performance, and it carries the rather high level of the album.
Rating : 9

11.Dave Simon - Shadow (Time)
Time surprised me three times, so fourth time has to be the charm, and so it is. Perhaps I'm just being too pessimistic, but I just don't generally have high expectations from the label and songs like these are the reason. I've read my past reviews over and over and I have noticed myself that I complain about Time and well the thing is that I can't do much about it as I just don't like the majority of the music they produce. The other labels have their fair share of crappy songs as well, but the Time-syndrome of producing similar songs that have nothing special about them make me skeptical. This is one of those songs.
Rating : 7-

12.Valentina - Mr. Lover (A-Beat C)
Valentina has been one of the few girls on A-Beat C who hasn't aroused or annoyed me in any ways. Her most memorable performances happened with Mirka during the golden years of SEB, but her solo songs have always gone by without me remembering them afterwards. This song starts with a nice intro and it carries on a rather midtempo pace that suits Valentina's voice, the chorus works nicely and the acoustic/mechanic c-melody sounds nice. The problem with this song is that it's so calm and harmonic that it feels a bit out of place when we take for example J. Storm or Mega NRG Man as an example, not a bad song though, just would've fit a more calm album.
Rating :

13.Nando - Back In Black (Delta)
Nando did it this time, and really surprised me with a hyper song. Delta has a tendency of doing male songs that are either calm or very hyper, and this song represents the very ultimate hyper end. The vocals in the song are decent, though I can't say I would've really loved them, but the thing I loved about the song is the excellent melody in addition to the good sounds. The track works well on all levels, and specially the hyper c-melody made me move.
Rating : 9-

14.Claire Deny - All My Love (A-Beat C)
A very 80's kind of a intro with light and primitive dance sounds kicks this song off with a cute manner. After the intro the song turns into a more general kind of eurobeat that is only recognizable due to the rather freaky lyrics, the simple phrases being repeated get a bit old in the end, but at first they're fun to listen to, and the happy c-melody works really well. Not much to say about this one, a general song that is fun for a while.
Rating :

15.Go Go Girls - Bang Bang Bang (A-Beat C)
Once again A-Beat C delivers us the gogo-energy and again a song you won't be disappointed with. If you like the Go Go Girls at all then you will surely love this song as well. It's very similar to many previous songs but when they've all been done well it doesn't matter. The vocals are done by the wonderful Elena Gobbi which just adds more edge for the song.
Rating : 9

16.Mike West - The Power Of Money (Time)
At first I was getting the general 'eew' feelings from the intro as it sounded very typical to many Time tracks before this one, fortunately only the intro is the suck part of the song. Once the song kicks in we're treated to an upbeat happy melody that is backed up by Mike West who sounds alright, though his voice isn't exactly the best one for upbeat and happy songs like this, and the melody feels a bit out of place when he first sings in a tedious voice about the power of money, and after that an überhappy solo plays, well either way a good song.
Rating : 8+

17.Mad Max - Dance And Party (Delta)
The vocals in this song reminded me of The Vengaboys for some reason and that's partly good and partly bad. Fortunately the similarities to the vengas didn't last for long and as the typical eurobeat scene takes over the song really kicks off. The song has a great melody backed up with your everyday beat. The best thing with this song is that the male and female vocals blend together just perfectly and as the chorus is very catchy I was very happy  with the song, a good way to start finishing the album.
Rating : 9-

18.Domino - Gotcha! (A-Beat C)
And on to the final song, this time by Domino and in Japanese! We've had many good examples before how awesome her songs in Japanese have been, and this song doesn't make an exception. My Japanese skills aren't very good but I still had a great time trying to sing to the vocals, the good thing with different languages is that they right away create a more distinctive mood, and that's why I always wondered that why no other artists use Japanese as a language? This is definitely one of the better Domino songs out there, an excellent way to end the album.
Rating : 9+

Final Words :
Avex has really been doing a great work lately, as they've presented us with many awesome albums in a short time 114, 118 and now 122, all of the albums are bound to be my favorites in the future. This album has a lot of good songs, but not too many 'perfect' songs, and only Robbie Grain, J. Storm & Lolita manage to leave very memorable marks. Though the amount of great songs is also very high, and in comparison to many other SEB albums this one works very well. The best thing with this album is that it offers a lot of songs that are original and even the songs that are more general eurobeat work well, which is always a great thing. I'd definitely recommend to get this album, eurobeat is still going strong!

Final Score : 9+

Reviewed by Bore