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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.
  Super Eurobeat 124 

1.Kevin Johnson & Cherry - Happy Phantom (Delta)
When this song kicked off I was right away swept away by the awesome sounds and the cool combination of the 2 great vocalists. This song is very very distinctive on many levels as the lyrics, the sounds and everything about the song offers a lot more edge than a general eurobeat song. The happy/scary mixture is very fun to listen to and Cherry and Kevin do their best to make this song a funfilled thrillride, and that's what it is. An excellent start, and also one of the highlights on the album (one of the many).
Rating : 10-

2.Go Go Girls - Speedy Speedy (A-Beat C)
The Go Go Girls are here again with another awesome to make us go crazy for. They've this time covered the great Passion song Speedy Speedy which was already great as the original song, but this being the Go Go Girls they've made the impossible happen and made the original into something much better. The vocals are handled by the ever wonderful Elena who never seems to stop from pleasing us fans. The song is like the title says: Very Speedy, and it works perfectly for the image of the Go Go's, I can't think of anything bad to say about this song, and it's yet another addition to the ever growing resume of the all-eurobeat-girl band.
Rating : 10

3.Symbol - Sound Of The Night (Time)
After a killer beginning we're treated to a huge surprise. Time did an interesting move as they picked a clip from the Axel Foley's Theme from the famous Beverly Hill's Cop series and mixed it into this song. From the many Symbol songs this track is clearly the best one, as it's more energetic and catchy than the other productictions. The vocals sound good, and the short clip adds a great touch to the song. An excellent song, which really took me by surprise.
Rating : 9+

4.Virginia Toy - Away From You (Delta)
Avex has really managed to get a killer line-up for the beginning of this album. This song kicks off with very disctinctive sounds and good vocals, and the song also manages to handle the whole deal through with glory as they've managed to include in a lot of very cool elements and the vocals are very suitable for eurobeat, the only thing that struck my ear as not very pleasing was how the chorus blended together with the verses so that there's only the c-melody to apart the whole song from being all identical from the beginning to the end.
Rating : 8+

5.A-Beat Boys - Get Somebody (A-Beat Boys)
Whenever A-Beat X's are featured you know that you're getting high quality materials and that's also the case this time. The boys are on the move this time with an energetic song that sounds really great as you can easily notice the different vocalists doing their parts: Matt Land, Powerful T., Dave Rodgers, Mega NRG Man... pretty much all of the bigger names, and unlike with many of the A-Beat Sisters' songs it's just not one singer taking all of the glory for the song. A good song, not much to say about it.
Rating : 9

6.Kim Loren - The Logical Song (Time)
Time does yet another surprise as they present a great song that I was sure would have something similar with the german techno-act Scooter but again the people in the eurobeat scenery just wanted to mess up with our heads and present a songtitle that is very missleading. The song is very cheery and upbeat all the way, the vocals sound great and the very un-eurobeat like sounds make the song stick out easily and it also gets stuck in your head very easily. In the end this is another light in the tunnel by Time to show that they still know how to do proper music.
Rating : 9

7.Valentina - Wonder (A-Beat C)
A-Beat C presents us with a very eurodance-like song that instantly got me. The song starts with a heavy intro and then turns into a more classic eurobeat style, and occasionally it's featured by brilliant little effects like church bells and other simple, yet very effective sounds. An excellent chorus finishes this song nicely and in the end I noticed it was yet another song on the album I really liked.
Rating :

8.Atrium - Feel It (Time)
What happened to the crappiness that used to be Time? Again they throw a song at us that is actually very good. The usual Time elements are present but the song is blessed with a good melody and the vocals sound better than Atrium generally does. The only thing that could've had more edge to it are the verses that don't have a whole lot edge to them and go by rather unnoticably.
Rating : 8-

9.D.Essex - Music For Hire (Delta)
The thing I love about D.Essex is the way that he makes each of his songs very unique. This song starts with an awesome intro that turns into a song that reminds me of hyperdisco materials more than eurobeat which is not a bad thing as there are never enough of distinctive songs on SEBs these days. And distinctive this song is, yes it is. D.Essex presents a marvellous song on all levels and in particular the chorus is simply ingenous, nothing about this song could be improved imho. Perfect yet again.
Rating : 10

10.Rose - Everytime It's Love (Time)
With Rose Time doesn't do a lot of drastic changes so I had my guard up for this song. The song starts with a clock ticking that sounds in its simplicity very relaxing, and when the typical Rose acoustic elements are added in I noticed that this song isn't all that bad. We're no where near the level of the best songs on the album, but regarding how most of the songs by Rose are, this song is from the better end. The chorus is rather neutral but the c-melody sounds nice and the verses work well, so in the end we're left with a nice song that works on its area well.
Rating : 8-

11.Norma Sheffield - Never Forget My Love (A-Beat C)
Perhaps I'm just on a way too positive mood when I'm typing this review when I found a lot of positive aspects about this song as well. The first thing I noticed was how different Norma sounds, they've definitely adjusted her voice a lot, as she sounds much higher than normally and that is probably one aspect I liked. The song is your typical Norma Sheffield production both in good and bad, the bad things you've probably read on my previous reviews apply, but the good aspects have probably been left out most of the times. So the good thing with this song is that if you're in the mood for something calmer this is a definite pick and also the sounds in this song are more variable than with many other songs.
Rating : 8+

12.Lou Grant - Always On My Mind (Time)
Time does it again, has Avex like hogged all of the better songs and then suddenly decided to let all of the better ones out in a one spurt? Anyways this song is rather heavy on eurobeat standards as the mechanic backgrounds combined with acoustic elements work marvellously. The deceiced Lou Grant sounds marvellous, and I was rather confused about the appereance of this song as I thought he already died back in 1999, but perhaps the song just had been lying in the Time vaults for a longer time, anyways an awesome song, and definitely one of the better Time productions out there since 100.
Rating : 9+

13.Macho Gang  - All My Love Tonight (Time)
Macho Gang is one of the bands on Time that is very unlike Time in general and I would more gladly place them on Delta for example, but perhaps they're just the proof that Time can do great materials from time to time as well. The song features some simple but nice elements but it's still mostly what you can expect to hear when you listen to eurobeat. Happy vocals fit the song nicely and make it stick out from the general SEB mood, a nice song but not the best Macho Gang song out.
Rating :

14.Matt Land - In The Line Of Fire (A-Beat C)
Matt Land never seems to stop from making me feel happy and energetic. From all of his songs this suddenly jumped a huge leap ahead with it's energetic style. Matt has specialized in energetic and catchy songs but in comparison to many other songs he has done this is much speedier and it suits me perfectly. The songs starts with an excellent intro and even if the verses slow down a bit the chorus boosts the energy into maximum and the vocals sound sexy as always, it's really a pity that there aren't any eurobeat musicvideos as I'm sure Matt would look good doing those. Either way, another highlight for the album, and Matt really doesn't never let us down.
Rating : 10

15.Mako - Shellfire (Delta)
Avex deserves more applaudes as they've really picked really different and awesome songs on this album. I'm not the biggest fan of Mako and I only knew the lyrics (as I had typed them on my lyrics database before hand) so I knew a song with 'different' lyrics was incoming. The track features an excellent melody and cool sounds, the choir-like backing vocals sound really cool and add the song a nice touch, over all an awesome song.
Rating : 9+

16.Virginelle - Lucky Tango (A-Beat C)
If I can say bias-based then I'll use that now, because this was one of the very first songs I heard on my journey to the wonderful world of Eurobeat and it was also probably the biggest turn point for me, I fell in love with it right away and I can't do anything but praise it. The song is simply the embodiment of how eurobeat should be: energetic, catchy, hyper, happy just perfect. Elena Gobbi does an excellent job with the vocals and you just gotta sing along to the lyrics, the song is very much like the materials on Euromachs and it would've fit the theme of that compilation series very well. Of course this song is a continue to the famous combo of Virginelle songs: Lucky Lucky, Tango Tango & Lucky Tango. This is eurobeat at its best.
Rating : 10+++++

17.Madison - Flash In The Night (Delta)
The album is about to end and the level is still staying high, and I can just say that this is how SEB should always be. Madison has never really caught my attention and I was slightly surprised with this song. The track has a great melody with typical Delta sounds. The problem is just that, the Delta sounds are not as bad as the A-Beat C guitars or such but you can easily hear about which label we're currently dealing with, and I didn't really get that feel that this track would've had some aspect about it that would've made it rise above the rest. Either ways, this song is nice, just needs a bit more of originality I guess.
Rating : 8-

18.De La Vega - Incredible Love (A-Beat C)
And the final song, already up to this point I was ready for some disappointments but fortunately A-Beat C avoids that and finishes the album off with class. This name is new, but I was right away swept away by the energy and surprisingly enough this song rose above many others even though I didn't think it would. The song features one of the best c-melodies in eurobeat history and the whole song is just simply unbelieveble, like the Virginelle song a few songs back this is also very much reminiscent of the materials on Euromachs, and that suits me perfectly as I'm a huge fan of that series. This is an awesome song and will definitely please both fans (those who like more rough male vocals and those who like girly vocals). Way to go A-Beat C!
Rating : 10
Final Words :
Again Avex amazes us with a brilliant compilation that is definitely one of the best ones in Eurobeat history. The previous awesome albums 118 and 122 aren't that far behind and already we're treated to yet another magnificent display of art. Kevin Johnson & Cherry, Go Go Girls, D.Essex, Matt Land, Virginelle and De La Vega all present us with memorable songs that are bound to be legends. Over all, the level for the album is very high and only SEB118 and SEB122 can even compete with this album. Even though I gave 118 a 10 as the final grade, this album isn't that far behind and they're actually pretty even, perhaps 118 is just a teeny weeny better. Either ways if you like Eurobeat, then you definitely shouldn't miss on this album.

Final Score : 9+

Reviewed by Bore