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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.
  Super Eurobeat 126

1.Mad Max - Cow Boy (Delta)
A song that made me gasp for air, as the intro has clips from a Lolita song and this one is by Delta, so there's something terribly wrong with this image. I had a rough time trying to think of the song from which the clip was and it took me a while to realize that the short clip in the intro and the end are from One In A Million. Perhaps the part is unintentional, but it made me like the song just a teeny-weeny more, even if it's only a part that lasts for a few seconds. Anyways, this song is nowhere near as good as One In A Million in comparison, but a nice typical Delta song that opens the album with style.
Rating : 8

2.Virginelle - You Make Me Fly Tonight (A-Beat C)
And just like magic, we get Elena Gobbi after the confusing first song, so that's how Avex makes up for confusing my poor mind. This is a typical happy production in the Virginelle line that will surely please the people who have enjoyed her previous materials. The song is not as good as the previous song by her, as Lucky Tango was pretty much one of the best eurobeat songs ever produced, so no wonder that this song gets left far behind. Nothing phenomenal, but still good.
Rating : 8+

3.Time Force - Beautiful Night (Time)
As the first impression of this album has been rather mediocore Time apparently decided to blow it up into pieces, by presenting a full blooded crap-song. I can't really even think of many positive things to say about this song, the verses and choruses blend into a fuzzy nothingness that even the c-melody can't save. Boring on every level, and really something I would preferably skip instead of listening to it through.
Rating : 5

4.Candy Taylor - King Of Paradise (Delta)
The title I fell in love with on Euromach 2, and I had my hopes up for Candy Taylor hoping she'd surprise me like she did the last time. King Of Paradise starts with an excellent intro and for a while sounds like it's going to be a great song, though unfortunately the song doesn't stand up to the expectations. The verses are plain yawn-worthy and the chorus in its simplicity sounds dull, the c-melody is decent but nothing like we usually get from Delta. A horribly boring song, what have they done to my Candy!
Rating :

5.Kelly Wright - I Belong To You (A-Beat C)
For some reason I knew this song right away when I began listening to it, I'm not sure where I heard the song before but I was right at home when I began listening to it. The intro kicks off gracefully with acoustic elements but like normally the acoustic elements are thrown aside when the song kicks off and typical eurobeat elements take over. The c-melody and the chorus build up a lot of edge for the song, but the verses are the weakest link this time, and could be re-done to make this song a hit. Even with the dull verses the song works well, and overall it's one of the better songs on the album so far (well with this kind of level, it's no wonder).
Rating : 8+

6.Lou Turner - Life Is Right (Time)
Another nice intro, another boring song. How on earth do they come up with these songs? The intro made me feel like something good was incoming as the vocals sounded a lot like Life Is Life, and if the song would've been a cover it might've been better than this one now is. A crappy song that doesn't have a lot of positive in it, the vocals aren't bad, but don't manage to give the song much of a boost, the c-melody is the short bit about the song that actually sounds decent.
Rating : 6

7.Delta Queens - Tonight (Delta)
When the level has been as low as this SEB has been, suddenly this song sticked out from the crowd clearly. The track is yet another typical eurobeat production that has plenty of energy which is the best part about the song, and when the vocals manage to give it a huge boost it turns out rather nicely. Not a song many people will remember in a few years, but when it's now, it works decently. But oh c'mon Avex, what have the fans done to deserve a crappy level like this?
Rating : 8

8.Sheila - Season Of Love (Time)
Looks like Avex heard what I just said, as we're treated to even crappier materials. They really must hate us. Again I got the feeling when I listened to this song that I've heard this a dozen times before, and the previous ones sounded a lot better. The track has a serious ABBA-tone to it, as the c-melody sounded similar to some of the productions ABBA did, that's probably the only actual plus I can think for the song, oh yeah and the nice chime-effect in the background sounded nice.
Rating : 5

9.Mega NRG Man - Fight (A-Beat C)
Things are bad when Mega NRG Man suddenly sounds good. Fight starts out rather boringly, but the chorus suddenly works a lot better than the other parts of the song, and in the typical style the c-melody is the best part about the song (no vocals!). If the song would've had a more distinctive tone I probably would've liked it more, now I had another Deja Vu feeling because of the song, oh well what can you do?
Rating :

10.Helena - Dedicated To The Moon (Time)
A calm intro got me scared yet again, as I was fearing for the worst. Good thing Time didn't do it another time (it would've been a fourth time for them already on just one album). The song kicks off with an excellent melody, and as the great melody is repeated quite often it's practically the only thing that saves the day. The verses and the chorus are tedious and way too Time-y, which got me feeling wigged out. A good song on the melody basis, otherwise bad.
Rating : 7-

11.Nuage - Don't Wanna Loose You Baby (A-Beat C)
With a horrible level so far I was hoping for the best from Nuage and she still doesn't let us down, but like the whole level for the album she also displays her crappiest song to date. The edge of her other songs is nowhere in sight, oh well but it's her first one so we can give her some kind of credit though. The song is by no means bad, and rises above the most of the songs on the album, but still loses to all of her other songs clearly. A great melody, too bad the chorus itself is rather boring.
Rating :

12.Alexis - Living On A Prayer (Time)
More acousticness from Time, why oh why do they have to torture us so, or more like it: Why do the people at Avex let songs like these on the albums? Are we really that bad? The same vocalist as on Helena displays yet another crappy song, that has a great c-melody which is like from a different world in comparison to the vocal-parts of the song. The funny part about the song is the occasional 'Woo!' sounds in the backgrounds that seem really out of place, and only managed to amuse me (and probably not in the way Time meant them to be).
Rating : 5

13.Matt Land - Dancing In The Rain (A-Beat C)
About time, it's Matt Land to the rescue again. The album has been so bad that this song right away sticks out, in it's energetic and catchy style. A very speedy song that relies on the vocals and nice guitar-backgrounds that are nothing new under this moon. The chorus is very good as the lyrics and the image of Matt Land dancing (naked) in the rain pleases the ear perfectly, and anyways as the song is in the company of far inferior songs it just works well.
Rating :

14.Priscilla - I Need Your Love (Delta)
Another song that keeps the level higher than the first quarter of the album. A pretty normal Delta song, that shines on the vocal-area and the sounds are okay, but the melody isn't very memorable or special. The sounds in the intro are very cool, and it's a pity the asian sounds were ditched in the latter half of the song as they would've really made the song special. The midparts of the song would need some sort of a spice to make the song get that final touch to make it very good.
Rating : 8+

15.Overload - Stop The Panic (Time)
Time has really done it this time, they've presented us with a load of crappiness, that should've never earned a place on a SEB, for some reason all of their songs on this album were either crappy or just plain dull, and this album just makes the whole label seem like crap, even though they do have the skill and great singers as well. Anyways, the title seemed really promising but Time knows how to spoil those too, so what we have in our hands is a dull song that has nothing special about it, fastforward.
Rating : 5

16.King & Queen - Come Into My School (A-Beat C)
Thank god for A-Beat C, they haven't been on their best on this album either, but at least we already had Nuage and Matt Land to save the day, and now the title that also never lets us down. King & Queen have had a long line of vocalists and this time we get Domino to show us her best, and as we already know she sounds good it comes as a no surprise that the song sounds marvellous. The song is very upbeat and the cheery and energetic chorus gets easily stuck in your head, strangely enough the song doesn't have a very catchy c-melody that is mainly the key-element for most songs, though the lack of that isn't that much of a problem, anyways we have a great song on our hands.
Rating : 9+

17.Roswell - Come On (Delta)
A cool intro with the most similar 'Boom!' shouts ever, can't right away combine them to any particular song but I just have something from HI-NRG Attack in mind. The song starts out nicely with an energetic and very hyper synth solo, but then the verses make the song sound tedious yet again, the vocals are very good, but when the melody is rather non-existant and the chorus blends together with the verses I was left kinda cold. The energy of the c-melody and the intro should've been packed into the whole song and this would've been a hit.
Rating : 6+
18.The Spiders From Mars - Day & Night (A-Beat C)
And we're already at the end, for a change the album seemed really long, due to the awfully low level. A-Beat C displays another effective song, as Dave & Karen do another duet that works marvellously. The Spiders From Mars seem like another one of the titles that A-Beat C reserves for the best songs, which is refreshing so we can already know that we're getting quality when a song by the title is found on the album. The vocals sound thoroughly magnificent and the chorus is very catchy, thank you A-Beat C for trying, too bad it's not enough.
Rating : 9+
Final Words :
I've heard bad albums before as well, but this one is pretty much one of the worst ones out to date imho. The few good songs scattered around the album are all by A-Beat C, and even though Day & Night, Come Into My School and Dancing In The Rain are very effective and great songs they're in the company of very bad songs by Time in particular, Delta showed some talent on their songs but they also kinda blew it big time, and I was feeling really disappointment with this album in the end. Not something I'd recommend for many people to get. The latter part in general is decent, but the first half is just a painful journey.

Final Score : 6½

Reviewed by Bore