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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.
  Super Eurobeat 132

1.Dave & Domino - Click Your Heart (A-Beat C)
All previous things aside I was quite astounded by this song. I still have my issues with Mr. Rodgers but this time the dynamic duo has produced a killer song. The track is rather calm and it suits perfectly for the duo, the vocals sound really soothing and the song leaves you with an athmosphere of serenity.
Rating : 9+

2.Lolita - Jolie (A-Beat C)
A sensational intro with cool sounds and interesting vocals done by the ever wonderful Elena Gobbi. The song turns out to be one of the highlights on Lolita's career with an exceptionally good background and a really catchy chorus. The lyrics combine English and French into a cool combination, and the c-melody after the chorus is a wonderful feel-good moment in the song.
Rating : 10

3.Queen Of Hearts - Loving Forever (Delta)
As the album kicked off rather smoothly, the level decreases a bit with this song. Your everyday Delta ingredients are here and you are treated to good vocals and catchy melody, but there's just something missing from the mix to make it sound really unique or special.
Rating : 8-

4.Mark Gillan - Break It Down (Time)
When the level decreases it seems to do that properly then. This track has a serious Rod Stewart tone to it, due to the vocals, not possibly the best possible image to create when listening to eurobeat. The song is also really non-existant and leaves you with a neutral taste and definitely doesn't leave you crawing for more.
Rating : 6+

5.Nuage - Baby Get My Fire Tonite (A-Beat C)
Fortunately the A-Beat C girls are here to save the day. Nuage follows the two big girls from the same label and she's definitely heading into fame with songs like this one. Her voice has something about it that doesn't quite light me up fully to love her to the fullest, but it's probably just a question of adjustment. Her tracks open up slowly but eventually they all have turned out for the best, this track is similar to her productions on that notice.
Rating : 9+

6.Karina - Superlover (Time)
Oh wow, what have the people done to the good old Time? The previous track was quite bad and this song is even worse. The song starts out with a really annoying high pitched voice (I generally don't dislike high pitched voices, but there's just something horribly wrong here) and the track features really _really_ basic synth backgrounds that don't offer any variety what so ever. One of the worst eurobeat songs of all time.
Rating :

7.Kevin Johnson - In The Name Of Love (Delta)
This track owes a lot to a certain ATC song, the vocals and mood have a lot incommon with one of my favorite europop tracks. So the similarity here isn't necessarily bad, but the song itself isn't anything very special and in the long range suffers from very bad inflation.
Rating :

8.Dave Rodgers - Dancing In The Starlight (A-Beat C)
If the duo Dave did at the beginning on this album was surprisingly good I had my expectations at zero for this track, but it's always nice to be surprised twice. I don't know what's going on, am I getting a soft spot for Dave in the end as this song sounds kinda good. The song has calm backgrounds that have strangely effective hooks and the vocals aren't all that bad this time around. Quite a pleasant song.
Rating : 8+

9.Denise - Someone To Love (Delta)
This album has offered quite a lot of ups and downs up to this point and I was sort of between two when this track started playing. The intro has a nice touch to it and the song has awesome vocals, there's just something in this song that took me a while to figure out. The track at first seemed like a typical eurobeat song but after multiple reruns it started to sound plain awesome. Songs like this pop up every once in a while, you listen to it a lot and then suddenly you realize what's the name of the game. A great song, not your typical eurobeat track at all.
Rating : 9+

10.Vanessa - Live In Me (Time)
If Dave Rodgers keeps on doing the same thing over and over, Vanessa is another name who seems to play a broken record over and over again. When I heard this song the first time I was got a deja vu feeling that I've heard this before, and I am not quite sure which Vanessa song I am referring to but she's definitely done this track before ><.
Rating : 6

11.Mr. Groove - Let's Turn It Up (A-Beat C)
If the previous SEB set up high standards for the future releases this album seems to flush most of the legacy down the drain. The album has had multiple plain bad songs up to this point and this song partly joins in the crowd. The song surprisingly shines on the vocal area, but apart from the effective and catchy vocals the song sounds quite boring, only the c-melody is able to brighten the mood a bit.
Rating : 7-

12.Susan Key - Love Is Right (Time)
A pretty intro with nice lalala's had me expecting much, and unlike most of the previous songs on this album the song also claimed the expectations. A truly beautiful song with strangely calming athmosphere, don't really know what in the song works so well but it just made me feel good, and that's a positive thing naturally.
Rating :

13.Powerful T. - The Power Of Glory (A-Beat C)
I had mixed up, even slightly comedic expectations for this song. Powerful T.'s vocals are so memorable that it's always a pleasure to hear what he has to offer. The up & down vocals are here as usual and even if the song isn't as good as the song on the previous SEB this one also works nicely.
Rating : 8+

14.Cherry - Sing Song (Delta)
Even if Eurobeat generally doesn't have very complicated lyrics, the nanana's and lalala's always help a lot to create easy choruses to sing a long to. This track definitely has easy lyrics and the nanana's in the chorus create a nice edge to grab on to from the very first time you hear the song, after a few times the chorus is easy to remember and sing to. A nice song that lacks serious replay value.
Rating :

15.Joe Summer - Thunder Man (Time)
When new names are introduced into the SEB you always first try to hear if it's an old name just under a new alias, with this track I tried my best to grab onto the vocals and in the end came to the conclusion that this might be actually a new vocalist. A decent song with decent vocals and even decent backgrounds, so decent is the keyword for this track.
Rating : 7-

16.Mickey B. - Let The Rain (A-Beat C)
A cool synth intro offers a thrillride that promises a lot, but when the vocals are thrown in the song starts blowing seriously. Without vocals this might've been a good accapella track as the melody is quite good and the sounds work well. Redoing the vocals for this track might do a lot of good for it.
Rating : 7

17.Helena - Natural (Time)
I'm not picky or anything, but sometimes bad pronounciation just sounds... well bad. With this song the word 'Natural' is repeated quite frequently and it just sounds quite bad. The pronounciation isn't _that_ far from the proper one, but it just jumps out from the other vocals that are well sung. Not a bad song, but not memorable either.
Rating : 6+

18.Marko Polo - Cyberdance Technotrance (Delta)
As the end of the album approaches I couldn't help but feel a bit unhappy with the conclusion. Marko Polo is a great performer and he finishes the album with dignity, the track doesn't have the edge of some previous tracks he has done but considering the general level of this album this song is quite great. A nice chorus with electric guitars backing up the catchy vocals. A nice conclusion.
Rating :

Final Words :
Like I already said I am quite unsatisfied with this album. The previous Super Eurobeat was plain marvellous and I had high expectations with this album as well. The first part of the album works well but then it goes to worse, and even touches almost rock bottom. Dave & Domino, Lolita & Denise offer the best highlights of this album but in the end the album leaves you with a kind of negative feeling. Well life is full of ups and downs, just like Super Eurobeat.

Final Score : 7+

Reviewed by Bore