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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.

  Super Eurobeat 177

1.Daniel - One More Try (Delta)
A new title for Delta and more of the same old and maybe good too? Well, the song kicks off with an interesting intro and the vocals sound all around pleasing to the ear, but at the same time something feels missing. The track has pretty much the basic essence of eurobeat bottled up, but it's missing that last touch to actually make it very memorable or catchy. Elevator eurobeat.
Rating : 7+

2.Wendy White - Take Away (Time)
So Annerley does a crossover to Time but it's still the same Annerley even without the A-Beat. A song that reminds me of the memorable Sara song from 166 but just can't get anywhere close in quality. The song sounds very plain all around and the sounds just can't really make any kind of impact at all. The song suffers from the same similarity complex as other Time productions lately with female vocalists.
Rating : 7-

3.Mark Astley - Iron Man (Delta)
Another new name which actually brings some life to a title which I wasn't all that much looking forward to. The song features a rock solid chorus that is catchy and very well produced but the chorus aside the other song parts just can't really bring all that much life into the song sadly. It's a shame really when the chorus has a lot of potential and it's fun everytime it comes around but I'd rather skip the other parts. Torn between two with the song, but at least it's memorable and different which is always great.
Rating :

4.Nuage - Singing To The Stars (A-Beat C)
Times do change, Denise has somewhat lost the edge she used to have back in the golden days, now she just sounds frustrated when she sings and her voice sounds slightly offkey as well on this song which always catches my attention. The song is a very typical A-Beat C production from this era with all around balanced production but not much to really catch your attention which is still a shame. The song could've used a few more BPMs and it might've been better but like this it's just yawn-worthy.
Rating: 7

5.Kelly T. - Come Baby Love (A-Beat C)
One of the most transparent intros in any eurobeat song ever kicks off yet an another boring track that fits the mood of the album over all very well. The young vocalist does her best to bring some edge to the song but it doesn't help when the song just sounds like the same synth-loop over and over again.
Rating :

6.Kiki & Fancy - Go Bananas (SCP)
I knew this day would come some day. Kiki & Fancy really lost their bananas with this song as they present us with a relatively annoying song that will definitely make you lose it all after some looping. The song has the same cheery soundworld as you could expect to hear which is nice and the chorus is rather catchy too but the most irritating part is the repetition of Go Bananas Go Bananas that is repeated way too often during the song and it becomes a nuisance even after the first time you hear the song. But I'm too much of a fanboy to hate the song fully, it has a lot of good points too but the vocals just ruin it this time around.
Rating : 8+

7.Fastway - Crash Boom Burn Me Up (SCP)
After I had listened to my initial favorites from the album I was really let down big time and this is what the whole album seems to be about. Generic stuff that will be forgotten way fast. Fastway kicks off the show with energy like every other time but even Ennio can't really do much when the song just feels like it has no soul at all. Great sounds and a somewhat catchy chorus are the best parts about the song but I still can't say that I really liked it. Mediocore sadly.
Rating : 8-

8.Cyberella - I Am Cyberella (HI-NRG Attack)
I am getting pedobear images in my head everytime I listen to this song, tell me I'm not the only ruined one who thinks that? The song flows forward thanks to the rather catchy vocals which work nicely but the song just doesn't really offer much new in HRG terms. The synth sounds good every once in a while but that's about the only noticable part with the soundworlds.
Rating : 8

9.De Leo - Another Life (Time)
Bed time again I guess. A really boring song that equals the elevator eurobeat term in every single way I can think of. Very transparent production, anaesthetic vocals and not much of a melody to notice under all this... nothing.
Rating :

10.Alexis - Night Prayer (Time)
Still bed time... I'm actually quite stunned how this kind of stuff gets released on SEBs, just my two cents. Really boring and something I won't be listening to ever again after this review for sure.
Rating : 5+

11.Powerful T. - Dangerous Love (A-Beat C)
I'm going to quote a friend who was hastily reviewing this so called album to me on MSN: "Powerful T. fell out of the web of desire", and that is for sure. The song has similar elements to his old hits but it is not very well produced and it just doesn't really offer anything, I'd be surprised if someone actually came forward saying this'd be best stuff Powerful T. has released, as it sure doesn't sound anything like that to me.
Rating : 7-

12.Candy Taylor - Fly (Delta)
And another quote from the earlier discussion on MSN: eurodance. This stuff just doesn't sound like eurobeat at all, the song has the galloping kind of eurodance bass that is the most noticable thing that sets this track apart from eurobeat scene. The song hardly has any of the typical eurobeat elements, the synth doesn't resemble eurobeat pretty much at all and Clara's vocals even sound somewhat distant to her usual eurobeat stuff. Eurodance and eurobeat comparisons aside, this song is relatively good compared to most of the album, though the prolonged "Flyyyyyyy" in the chorus sounds really horrible, horrriiiible.
Rating : 8

13.Kasanova - What Kind Of Cure (Time)
Out of all of the covers we've been getting lately this one actually works surprisingly well, but considering it's a track I never really enjoyed that much doesn't help much. The soundworld sound absolutely great and pleasing to the ear, yet at the same time the melody and influences of the original song can be heard very easily. It's somewhat of a tribute to the classic I guess. Vocals are nice, sounds work and things are all in order, but I still don't like the song even with a new vocalist and modernized sounds. A good cover, but a bad song.
Rating : 8-

14.Garcon - Hannibal The Cannibal (HI-NRG Attack)
More fictionary characters appear in HRG songs, most of us remember the previous heroes warmly so I was at least hoping to get a high quality track, but well no chance of that with this album I guess. I pretty much couldn't listen to the song for two times in a row as it just sounded too lame. Synths sound like they'd be taken from some other song and the chorus just goes by without any notice it even began.
Rating :

15.Leslie Parrish - King Of Heart (Delta)
Heh I love this song, I really do. I guess most people already also know the comic-features this song has, which make it enjoyable. The sounds and melody themselves are pretty decent but nothing memorable. Vocals also work out nicely, but it's the freaky lyrics that steal the show. I listened to the song over and over but I never ever understood what she is on about, it's actually somewhat rare to get a Delta song with such a nonsense sort of message. But we all love computer music magazine.
Rating : 8

16.Dave Rodgers - Watch Out (A-Beat C)
Sure Giancarlo get your guitar as that's what you've become known to have in your songs already. The guitar still sounds funky, very cool even, but that's the only thing I noticed about the song really. A really crap chorus that leaves a hollow feeling in your head just to fill that hollowness with yet more boring trash at the c-melody. Boo-ring.
Rating :

17.Ai Yamamoto - Pink In The Pink (SCP)
This song actually sounds pretty good and even with the somewhat horrible pronounciation that Ai has, it doesn't become annoying. This song sounds like something that Christine could be singing these days, a rather calm melody that flows on smoothly and beautifully. The track is not a hit at any level but the production values are high and it sounds nice and somewhat different from the majority of the songs these days which works for its favor.
Rating : 8+

18.Manuel - Ready Steady Go! (Go Go's Music)
Getting to the end of this album felt really tedious and I'm somewhat glad I'm already here. The album really did stink big time but Domino's label is here to save the day with the talented Manuel. The song has a explosive energy packed together with sounds that make the present A-Beat C productions pale in comparison. Aggressive vocals and a hyper catchy chorus work for Manuel's favor again. A great way to end an otherwise crap album, but at least one good song on this album, otherwise it would've been about the first SEB ever without a good hit to offer.
Rating :

Final Words :
Avoid this album, really if you are not a diehard fan and want to waste your money on SEBs it's not worth it. The bonus disc has some really good songs but most of them have already been out on @music or other options so it doesn't really feel that diehard important either. This album really should be forgotten and never bring it back into the daylight again. The only way is up from here I guess which is the only positive thing. Grade for the album goes down due to horrific level and even favorites failing.

Final Score : 6-

The Best 3 Songs

- Manuel - Ready Steady Go!
- ....

The Worst 3 songs

- About everything else

Honorable Mention

- The girl on the cover for being so brave!

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