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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.

Review of Super Eurobeat 180's

With another decade wrapped up it's time to look back into the past and go through what the year brought us with. Super Eurobeat is getting closer and closer to the 200 album post which itself already is a remarkable accomplishment. The fact also is that the modern music industry these days has gotten more serious and cheery dance music is a huge minority (at least in the Western World), so it is refreshing that we still are treated to this sort of treasures month after month. The last decade brought us upon with new labels and this time around Dima Music & Sinclaire Style have taken a foothold from the albums to offer eurobeat lovers with more variety. While the 170s were a rather solid decade the 180s generally compete in the same category. A solid season for all sorts eurobeat lovers, but one thing that stroke me as different this time around was that we had a lot of fast and energetic material available as opposed to how 170s were.

180 as a continuum to the long lasting series did what it has always done, which in a way is slightly disappointing when the big 200 is getting near. When a century is about to be complete it'd be nice to be treated to some special goodies la different sort of bonus discs. But what Avex instead did was cut off the bonus discs all together at 187 which was a big disappointment for many. The small extra bits offered through bonus discs were a good treat for many people buying the albums. The other new thing Avex did was cut off 5 albums from an album and start offering extendeds as opposed to the old radio edits. This change has pretty much divided fans into two groups. While others appreciate the longer edits, there's also the fact that with 5 less songs per album the chances of getting more fitting songs for each and everyone is slightly slimmer. Also with the introduction of more labels to SEB means way less songs per label, which in a way is good for variety, but also this leads to problems when specific labels only are present with one type songs. And that again is due to Avex and the person in charge of the tracklistings. Whether going back to the extended format is for the series' best or not, that shall be seen later on.

With 9 new albums filled with up to date eurobeat we wittnessed the comeback of the lost Lolita as well as Go Go Girls, entry from the Canadian duo Melody & Mezzo, first tracks on SEB from both Dima Music and Sinclaire Style, just to name a few of the memorable and new moments this decade. The decade started off with a relatively high level as the first 5 albums were all pretty well balanced and offered memorable moments to last for a long time. The 2nd half of the decade on the other hand stuttered a bit but fortunately didn't fall to the depths of the lowest peaks the series has had. After the song amount was dropped down by 5 we've both wittnessed solid albums that stand very high on the pedestal, but also some that don't quite catch the spotlight like they should. The presence of remakes was as solid as before on the first 8 albums, but fortunately the last 2 albums were graced with none of the kind. Remakes this year have been variable and some have actually worked really well, but like before we've had some hideous performances this world could very well live without.

Like in the past years the online stores mu-mo and music-master have remained active and we've been given the opportunity to get the music asap through them which still works out nicely. As a nice addition to the existing stores labels like Asia, Delta & HI-NRG Attack also started releasing their music through Junodownload, which has even given the opportunity to get the songs in 320kbps format. This sort of service is what most of us have been waiting for a long time since both mu-mo and music-master have had some difficulties here and there and for a foreigner these online stores are far from the easiest ones to use. Yet if you really wanted to get stuff through from there, you'd learn. The next thing to be waited for is probably being able to get to the depths of the last missing labels that haven't began releasing their music in the online stores. Till then, we'll just enjoy what we have now. Every new bit is a step for the better. From here on we shall move towards the actual review concerning the 180s, how it has worked out, how it will remain...

Average Grade for 180's : 8

I guess even with the generic level of the whole decade has been hovering around basic good, the fact is that due to the lack of very bad and very good albums it all feels somewhat bland. The amount of really perfect bull's eyes is pretty typical, but to compensate the usual amount of crap songs is also pretty generic. If the previous decades have been suffering from the generic good level, this year is not an exception. In a way when year after year the level seems to stay the same (as a whole) it feels slightly uneventful. So in a way I was hoping to have a much worse year or much better year for a change to see the light at the end of the tunnel and get into a new territory. If the 80s were paving the way for the big 100 and spectacular 90s, the 180s can't really put up a similar front. Sadly I have to admit I've been feeling that the 190s will probably follow the trend, but that will remain to be seen. Individual label reviews shall reveal slightly more why this year over all was a minor disappointment.



181 182 183* 184 185 186* 187 188 189 Total
A-Beat C 5 6 5 5 5 5 3 3 2 39
Asia/Saifam           1(1) 1 1 1 4
Delta 3 3 3 3 3 3(2) 2 2 2 24
Dima Music               1 1 2
Go Go's Music 1   1(3) 1 1 1 1 1 1 8
HI-NRG Attack 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 2 16
SCP 3 3 3(2) 3 3 3(2) 2 2 2 24
Sinclaire Style           1 1 1 1 4
Time 4 4 4 4 4 2 2 1 1 26

* Remixed songs in brackets


Label Reviews:

A-Beat C
The history repeats itself when A-Beat C keeps the total amount of songs per album trophy yet again. The label has suffered through depression lately but this decade has finally brought some light to the end of the tunnel. The label had a really rough path during the 170s which made some fans lose faith in the label all together. I have a tendency to keep my first impressions intact for a long time and have tried to preserve the A-Beat C fanboy in myself throughout these times as well. The good thing during this decade is that the label finally brought in some new variety, some of the old names we had been missing and most importantly some really spectacular performances. When the last decade was full of certain names, this year is not any different. Annerley Gordon appears through this decade in a whopping 10 songs, which is quite an achievement. Sadly not all of her performances were well balanced or memorable, but we did hear quite a few nice presentations. Mega NRG Man and Nuage also made a lot of appearences with similar trend as Annerley. While some of the songs by the label suffered from repetitive sounds and uninspired athmospheres the year brought upon us with a few excellent performances of A-Beat C's caliber. Also there were a few tracks that at first appeared as boring and completely horrid like the King & Queen presentation Dance, but the megamix version from 190 proved to be as striking and dancable as some of their past classics. Over all the label did huge leaps back and forth from the start to the end but it definitely did better than during the 170s which is always nice to see. Having some more Matt Land songs this year was a big thing for myself and hearing him do really powerful and catchy songs also helped the process to like A-Beat C during the decade a lot.
There is still lots of room to improve if they cut out the unsoulful tracks and add in some extra spice and just more of that good old OOMPH. Either way with the improvement ideas and lacking tracks, my general idea this year was that A-Beat C handled their job nicely and brought in a lot of fresh air, so the way is up! Also one thing I found of worth mentioning in the end is that A-Beat C had 0 album openers and 1 album ender throughout the whole decade, this somewhat places them into the fall in between category. The openers and enders generally are valued as "better" and more important pieces since the initial impact and finishing feelings do mean something. Maybe this is just the direction we're headed with SEB...

Three words to describe A-Beat C in the 170's: Controversial, Hopeful & Surprising.

Label Grade : 8-

5 Biggest A-Beat C hits in the 180's

1. Brian Ice - Save Your Voice To Sing A Song (Super Eurobeat - 183)
The biggest impact on me of all of the ABC productions this year without doubt would be Save Your Voice To Sing A Song. The scarse songs  by Brian Ice generally always work but rarely they are such good examples of perfectly balanced eurobeat. I have yet to hear complaints regarding this song as it appeals to the fans of various types of eurobeat lovers. Great vocal work, nicely different lyrics and an odd yet yet memorable track title are all big merits for this one. Also a groundbreaking difference to the typical A-Beat C synth style, or more so just a different way of handling them, with style.

2. King & Queen - Go Go Go Baby Go Go (Super Eurobeat - 185)
The many faces and appearences of Annerley Gordon throughout this decade offered quite a few addictive tracks but the one that stood out above the rest is definitely the one with one Go too much. The title amuses and at the same time embodies the essence of wacky eurobeat in a nice way. In the modern music industry people would frown upon titles such as this one, but in the feel good eurobeat world the song just promises a good pace and nice mood, and it delivers. Simple yet addictive, and it hasn't lost its edge one bit during all this time. A good sign of a well produced eurobeat song.

3. Matt Land - Magical (Super Eurobeat - 187)
Some songs have more depth than others and for that reason are more hard to grasp at first. In the eurobeat world in general it's a rare occurrance since most songs are either right away in your face or down the drain. Magical is a track that took some time to reveal its true glory but once it did, it really became a favorite from 187 without doubt. The track flows by with a mid tempo that sounds faintly mellow, yet strangely mesmerizing. Excellent vocal work as always, but with this slower presentation Matteo's voice really does shine through the rest of the production. Not the kind of song I would have imagined to be his biggest hit this decade but surprises are bound to happen and this one was one of the most welcome ones.

4. Nuage - Everybody Shake (Super Eurobeat - 184)
Nuage's departure from A-Beat C might cause some disturbance in the force, but the fact is that during the 180s she appeared quite frequently and had hits and misses, Everybody Shake was obviously the biggest hit from her this time around. The song follows the trend of her faster songs, which are definitely the minority in her repertoire. For that very fact it's also more noticable and also way instantly catchier than the slow ballady tracks. A strong production with the kind of aggression A-Beat C needs to offer more in the future to keep their material fresh and addictive.

5. King & Queen - Speedy Runner (Super Eurobeat - 182)
The kind of bounciness King & Queen are customed to is very much present with Speedy Runner, could you expect anything less? The track gallops on with a fierce pace that sounds really addictive in these days of variable eurobeat. Very basic sounds, yet so hard to resist. The song combines the basic ingredients of a catchy dance song, good chorus, fast and strong beat, wacky lyrics and over all a good melody to build this all on.

Honorable Mentions:

- Matt Land - Gunfire (Super Eurobeat - 181)
- Dave Rodgers - V.I.P. Is JP (Super Eurobeat - 185)
- Ace Warrior - Demon (Super Eurobeat - 182)
- Annalise - A Little Desire (Super Eurobeat - 187)
- Kelly T. - Shining Like A Lucky Star (Super Eurobeat - 182)


If Delta was on fire back in the 170s, the fire still hasn't gone out definitely. The powerhouse sounds, awesome vocal work and addictive melodies have been very strongly present during the 180s as well. The best part about the Delta productions are the fierce energy the producers have managed to put into their tracks. Covering songs is a trend Time has been guilty of, but also Delta have started to do the same thing but with a lot better success. After looking back to the reviews for the albums I noticed that Delta was the label who earned the highest amount of songs with the grade of 10 (or 10-), this says a lot bout why I really valued what the label did this year again. The future sights for the label are really high due to the past decades. Experiementing with various styles in the past probably wasn't such a bad thing after all when the label returned to the style they seem the most comfortable with. Mentioning the Canadian Melody & Mezzo is a must, since they are one of the few artists outside of Italy to get a foothold from SEB, although the eurobeat remake of Nightshade didn't quite compete with the original, it's an ambitious entry. The Cherry songs this decade in particular are worth notion due to generally high level and a few jewels that'll remain personal favorites for years to come. If compared to the previous decade the general level was about the same but a slight decrease might be spotted, all comes down to personal preference 'bout the styles.

Three words to describe Delta in the 180's: Explosive, Resourceful & Variable.

Label Grade : 9-

5 Biggest Delta hits in the 180's

1. Cherry - Set Me Free (Super Eurobeat - 182)
From time to time there are songs that just hit you like a thousand volts the moment you hear them, Set Me Free is pretty much the best example of such songs. The track kicks off with addictive beat, strong synth hooks and brilliant vocals by clara. It has been nearly a year since it was released but I still to date don't skip the track not once when it comes up on my playlist. Clara Moroni presents us with such an impressive vocal presentation it's hard to be topped.

2. Cherry - Yes I Will (Super Eurobeat - 184)
If Set Me Free was explosive and right away a classic, Yes I Will is pretty much a copy of the same, just in a different form. Addictive, instantly catchy and produced to the maximum. What else can you ask? With the hints of more global pop through Pink's U + Ur Hand add in a nice extra spice to go with. Also what is remarkable about the aggressive song is that the New Generation remix that transforms the song into a completely different SAW Style 80's pop also works simply perfectly. Surprisingly enough I would even have to go as far as saying that the remix even beats the supreme original. This sort of remixes are very rare in the eurobeat world, but shows how much you can do when experts are at work.

3. Delta Queens - Hello Hello! (Super Eurobeat - 187)
What I stated in my last decade review still applies, the Delta Queens have yet to disappoint. I have to admit I'm amazed how Delta manages to pull a bull's eye from this title every year without any difficulties at all. This sort of aggressive female energy is what I've become most attached to from Delta. Aggressive song with excellent Engrish to make the people moving. The only reason I could think of not liking this song is not liking Delta's style in general, but I find it hard to believe due to the fact that this song just oozes of smooth edges.

4. Paul Dickenson - Time For A Miracle (Super Eurobeat - 183)
The only male entry to the top 5 is by the new title from Delta that packed a powerful punch. The track has bits and pieces of old school Delta from the years when Mako and similar titles were ruling over the male presentations. Awesome sounds that have just gotten better by time, I find it amazing how the label has managed to create a track that just gets better the older it gets. Like good wine, not a common eurobeat phenomenon. Not much to critize about this song, if every song Delta produced along this level they'd be in the holy category.

5. Kimmy - My Oh My (Super Eurobeat - 185)
The one different kind of style that slips its way into the top 5 is by the wallflower Kimmy. My Oh My is basically a blend of typical western pop and eurobeat, the pace isn't as fast as most of the Delta productions yet it sounds very fitting and easy on the ear. An all around fun song which shows the lighter side of Delta in the kind of light they deserve. Well thought and well balanced production.

Honorable Mentions:

- 2 Fast - Burning Up The Night (Total Fire) (Super Eurobeat - 182)
- Jimmy Diamond - Sexy Crazy Girl (Super Eurobeat - 183)
- Cody - Final Destination (Super Eurobeat - 185)
- Daniel - Full Metal Cars (Super Eurobeat - 184)
- Leslie Parrish - Big Bad And Hot Love (Super Eurobeat - 186)


Go Go's Music
If action is what you want, Go Go's Music got it. The label took a secure place from SEB during the 170s and this time around they are back with more of the excellence we heard from them last decade. The label only had one more song to present as opposed to the 170s which in a way is sad, but then again when the general level does not notch down at all, it points to the fact that quality is better than quantity. What I found amusing is the fact that my long lost love Lolita earned the worst grade of all of the GGM tracks, that says a lot about their quality (and god forbid that Elena could sing a bad song). The label presented both powerful masculine racing themes as well as light bubbly girly girl tracks, and all styles worked magnificently. The variety speaks for itself, the label has inspiration and knowing professionals at work, we can expect much more from them. Their level stayed high with every release so there's no reason to cut down on their already impressive merits, 190s need to bring us more of GGM.

Three words to describe Go Go's Music in the 180's: Sparkly, Polished & Variable.

Label Grade : 10-

3 Biggest Go Go's Music hits in the 180's

1. Manuel - Gas Gas Gas (Super Eurobeat - 181)
Fierce electric guitars, fat beat, masculine vocals, super synth and vocals to die for, what more can one ask? Seriously? Gas Gas Gas is still as impressive as it was a year ago when it was released, pure eurobeat bliss at its best. Sandro Oliva has created such a fine tuned track it gets close to perfectionism. Manuel as a performer has kept his strong edge all through the years and with this sort of presentations he is bound to stay on the top for much much longer.

2. Mari-San - Secret Destination (Super Eurobeat - 187)
Occasionally songs that blend elements from other genres give out a huge boost to an otherwise generic song, this time around that is not the case. Secret Destination is a damn fine masterpiece that would stand well on its own even without the trancelike elements. The vocals that highly resemble Anastacia are basically the biggest reason why I love the song so, distinctively different and sung with such skill it's not even typical in eurobeat circles. Excellent melody, chirpy sounds and a chorus that gets stuck in your head for days = ingredients for the daily eurobeat injection.

3. Go Go Girls - People Of The World (Super Eurobeat - 189)
Years without Go Go Girls felt long, even with various other chirpy tunes around, there's just something distinctively different in the girls, not to mention they have a lot of nostalgy value for me. People Of The World hits the target perfectly with a feel good song along the group's general style. Bouncy, catchy, irresistible and to top that all we have nicely unique elements that form a song that does justice to the legacy of the Go Go Girls. Can't wait to hear more.

Honorable Mentions:

- Ester - Never Gonna Give Up (Super Eurobeat - 184)
- Manuel - Adrenaline (Super Eurobeat - 186)
- Mega NRG Man Feat. Domino - Back To 80's (Super Eurobeat - 185)


HI-NRG Attack
The direction HI-NRG Attack seems to be headed is looking interesting, the label has been putting out a fairly impressive amount of really catchy tracks this decade. The label has actually managed to cut down on the off the wall craziness and replace that with well mannered, yet still bouncy style that is strangely fitting for them. The label pushed forward a pretty equal amount of male & female performances, but for me the women clearly stole the show. The only tracks from the label I was quite disappointed with were mostly by the male vocalists. But generally I'd say the label is moving on a safe zone with catchy stuff that occasionally manages to break away from the masses, but there is still that fraction of songs that you forget the second they end. Having a few additional vocalists that people could actually easily tell apart from eachother would be nice, that way they could really start making some faces to their weird presentations. As stated, the direction seems to be the right one, but the generic level still gets stuck midways like last decade, but some extra work and we might be treated to a HRG feast in the 190s.

Three words to describe HI-NRG Attack in the 180's: Equal, Speedy & Booming.

Label Grade : 8+

3 Biggest HI-NRG Attack hits in the 180's

1. Maddy Layne - Lovers In The Night (Super Eurobeat - 181)
The way the label kicked off the 180s was impressive with 2 really good songs, but Lovers In The Night clearly stole the show. The HI-NRG Attack style is so clearly stamped all over the song it might bug people who don't enjoy their style, but if you like any of the actual speedy material then this is your pick. Pitched vocals are the only slight minus the song gets but they are easily overcome due to the irresistible melody and catchy sounds.

2. Franz Tornado & The Bombardier Girls - Bomba (Super Eurobeat - 185)
The Franz Tornado presentations are slowly becoming similar to how Delta Queens have been for a while now, the only difference is that there are actually more of them, yet some just fail, but fortunately each year one song seems to rise above the rest. Bomba is probably the heaviest presentation we've gotten from the label, like ever. The heavier sound makes the track seem so much more mature than it's companions in general, which only works for its advantage. When the label does clearly make a difference with their sounds the results can be heard right away. If we get treated to more of this, we can't go too far off the yellow brick road.

3. Leslie Hammond - Run And Run (Super Eurobeat - 188)
I still quite can't grasp why I find this song to be as amazing as it is. The track has nothing distinctively different, but it just strikes my eurobeat vein directly. The song is blessed with an intro that leaves the A-Beat C yawn fests in shame, very simple yet at the same time pretty. Catchy, simple but catchy, isn't that what eurobeat is often about? Run And Run is definitely the definition of that.

Honorable Mentions:

- Jeff Driller - Back In Danger (Super Eurobeat - 181)
- Ciao Ciao - Bang Bang Crashing Of The Boom Boom (Super Eurobeat - 186)
- Rick Castle - Baby Don't Leave Me (Super Eurobeat - 187)


What makes SCP still so special is their constant refresh rate (must be higher than 60hz). The label keeps pushing forward new artists, new styles and even covers that work out magnificently. Stefano Castagna and his crew have found the way to the holy grail of eurobeat it seems, they just seem to pull off every style they do with such class it's unbelieveble. Ranging from wacky and fun to more serious and macho, it all falls to place so perfectly. If the 170s weren't the labels best time the 180s are definitely a step forward with a huge amount of really memorable presentations as everlasting dance trax. SCP competes with Delta currently at the amount of best grades over all, and it's really rejuvenating to see these labels show their variety in so many ways. SCP stands for quality and I have faith that they will keep at it in the future as well.

Three words to describe SCP in the 180's: Aggressive, Resourseful & Innovative.

Label Grade : 9+

5 Biggest SCP hits in the 180's

1. Nick Mansell - Burn Into The Beat (Super Eurobeat - 183)
When Nick Mansell first appeared on the eurobeat scene he offered the fans with such treats it was impossible to turn him away. After all these years he still keeps pushing forward with aggressive male power that puts the SCP girls in shame. I in general go for the female vocalists but there's just something mysterious about Nick's rough style, why does it really work so well? The vocalist gives a huge amount of extra edge to the songs, but still the basics have to be intact first of all, and Burn Into The Beat has all of the pieces of the puzzle in place.

2. Go 2 & Christine - Blood On Fire (Super Eurobeat - 181)
Rarely covers in the eurobeat world become as striking and memorable as Blood On Fire did. The original by AAA that appeared on Super GT was a nice tune as it is, but something about the polished SCP style and their powerful trio made this an instant classic. Aggressive and masculine vocals by Ace, convincing and flowing rapping by Fastway and as the cherry on top, beautiful vocals by Christine. The perfect mix is ready and eurobeat just keeps on playing.

3. Go 2 - NRG (Super Eurobeat - 181)
Energy, action, fast pace and Go 2. If you were looking for rock-flavored eurobeat to make your bass pump then this is your pick. The way this and Blood On Fire appeared on the same album just emphasized the fact how skillfully the label can produce their material. The duo have made their name known to everyone following the eurobeat industry and probably have become the embodiment of eurobeat when it's marketed to anyone unknown to the genre. NRG would be a good song to throw at a foreigner to the world of eurobeat.

4. The Snake - Queen Of Mean (Super Eurobeat - 188)
The 180s brought us a new vocalist from SCP in the form of The Snake. This type of macho energy is nicely welcome as opposed to all of the bubbly girls. The 2nd song from the title really struck gold as Queen Of Mean is irresistible and full of eurobeat's finest attitude. The track has a special extra spice of european rock that makes the song remind me of classic 1980's bands. If you can't appreciate masculine eurobeat this won't probably be your cup of tea, but for the rest, it doesn't get any better.

5. Christine - Candy Baby (Super Eurobeat - 185)
With all of these macho egoistic men hogging the top 5, we have the chirpy Christine on her own this time to show us how to have a good time. The nostalgy sound filled Candy Baby is exactly the kind of material I love to hear on occasion from SCP. Cheery, addictive and most importantly it doesn't get old fast, unlike many other songs that follow the similar pattern.

Honorable Mentions:

- Melissa White - Everlasting Fire (Super Eurobeat - 182)
- Pamsy - Love Is A Pretender (Super Eurobeat - 187)
- Kiki & Fancy - Pararappa Dance (Super Eurobeat - 185)
- Irene - Love Is The Name Of Love (Super Eurobeat - 182)
- Jay Lehr - I'm Alive (Super Eurobeat - 181)


When I think of Time during the past year, I have to admit that their direction is somewhat to my surprise headed up. The label in general did okay in the 170s and had a problem with so many remakes suffering from horrific injustices. The 180s have over all repaired a lot of those errors (yet there also were a few exceptions to this) and thus the label has managed to lift their head above the water without ease. The only problem I see with the Time productions is that the male tracks in general sound good and work pretty well but the female presentations fall down way too frequently. The general level for the grades from Time hover around 8, which is a clear step forward from how it used to be, but that just leaves the future open for even more improvements. The few great presentations by the label do earn Dall'Ora & Maiolini some good merits, but would just hope there were more breakaways from the form.

Three words to describe Time in the 180's: Improved, Rewinding & Macho.

Label Grade : 7½

3 Biggest Time hits in the 180's

1. Frank Torpedo - Para Para Night 2008 (Super Eurobeat - 185)
The high amount of remakes this decade from Time cut down on a lot of actual new content which of course bugs me, but the few really great remakes did leave me feeling good. Para Para Night is definitely the best thing the label put out this year. Very well modernized and the edge of the original has been kept intact and even added with some extra flavour. Good vocal work, a catchy chorus like the legendary original and nice sounds. This sort of material is what a remake should be made of.

2. Annie - No Borders (Super Eurobeat - 184)
Annie's appereances just seem to remain the highlights for every decade on Time's half. This just makes me wonder how come they can't pull this stuff off more frequently. Does the woman behind the title actually offer such a special spice to the song structure it always sets it apart from the other Time material. Either way No Borders sounds tranquil, very very pleasant to the ear and all due to the really soothing vocals. It's in Time's benefit that they have such a different vocalist to offer the label some extra edge.

3. Linda - Love Desire 2007 (Super Eurobeat - 181)
This remake is a fairly bizarre sounding, as the original's style has been ditched and everything seems overly modernized at first, but after a few plays it starts to open up. The sounds feel slightly too light the first time around you hear them, but giving the song a 2nd chance is worth it since the tension and style just takes longer to really fit. A great original reworked all over, with some new vocal work added this coulda been _the_ best remake this year, but it ain't far from it either.

Honorable Mentions:

- Chris Stanton - Take A Frame (Super Eurobeat - 181)
- De Leo - Funky Lady 2008 (Super Eurobeat - 185)
- Vanessa - Love And Passion 2008 (Super Eurobeat - 186)
- Magika - Planet Love (Super Eurobeat - 182)
- Vanessa - Take It Easy (Super Eurobeat - 185)



Asia/Dima Music/Sinclaire Style
With the re-addition of Asia and the 2 new labels on SEB the amount of labels has been increased to as high as 9, which really does cut down a lot of potential material from each label. The return of Asia to SEB was somewhat sudden and just as suddenly the other 2 labels appeared along the ride. I will include short paragraphs for each label just to squeeze in a bit of info for each one and see what they generally are working towards to.

Asia came back along for the ride at 186 and as opposed to the multiple tracks during the 160s they had, the label has only been graced with 1 song per album. The level of the label hasn't really managed to get to where it could be at its best. The song selections have been slightly off and over all I've felt the label just hasn't gotten proper justice. Giving the female vocalists from Asia some space would probably be a good idea since hearing Mauro in every single song does get old after a while. Either way, the future can get better and hopefully 190s actually have something other than male vocals.

Dima Music is the last label to added to SEB and with only 2 songs under their belt, the label has still managed to kick off with good style. Davide Di Marcantonio is widely recognized as a true eurobeat legend so it doesn't really come as surprise that he still manages to create catchy and powerful tunes that don't feel at all out of place on SEB. The future could bring us with even more material from this mastermind and hopefully even some extra spices la duets and female vocalists.

Sinclaire Style joined the ride when Asia also hopped on board but the label has suffered from even worse selections than Asia. I'm certain Bratt Sinclaire has more to offer than the off key presentations so far on SEB. The female vocalists from this label have mostly suffered from generic style we have heard years back already, which just sounds like rehashing old tunes over and over. The future is still open and maybe we could get a new Night Of Fire one day from the label, keep your ears open.

Three words to describe the 3 labels in the 180's: Shy, Hopeful & Unified.

Asia Label Grade : 7+
Dima Music Label Grade : 8+
Sinclaire Style Label Grade : 7

3 Biggest hits in the 180's

1. David Dima - Tsundere Night (Super Eurobeat - 188)
This powerful tsundere gi... man made the wet dream of many eurobeat fans true. Aggressive energy and multiple layered eurobeat straight from the pen of an old eurobeat wizard. Tsundere Night works magnificently and remains as one of the highlights from the album it appeared on. If Dima Music can present more material like this in the future we have a shiny future ahead of us.

2. Megan - Move On Now Baby (Super Eurobeat - 187)
The best presentation Sinclaire Style had to offer worked out nicely, but also suffered from some generalism. A track that could have been overly powerful with some changes, but as it is it works smoothly and remains one of the fuzzy memories from 187 for me. A simple song that has the power to make you feel good, what most composers try to create.

3. Mark & Roby - Tokyo Tonight (Super Eurobeat - 188)
After all the complaints about Asia, it's still nice to say something positive especially as Tokyo Tonight works out really well. The song borrows bits from an old eurobeat classic which gives it that bit of extra edge it might have lacked otherwise. Catchy, smoothly flowing and especially well balanced in the chorus. This is a good ground to build the song, with some extra flavors this track could have been a perfect hit.