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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.

  Super Eurobeat 218

1.Ace - Crazy On Emotion (SCP)
Christian has been busy as of late with multiple tracks under the Ace title and on top of these he has been working on most of the tracks released through SCP. Over time he has sort of taken the third spot at SCP's heart, yet I still can't really point my finger at his style in songwriting... What part is Christian and what Stefano? Crazy On Emotion like all of the other SCP songs on this CD have previously been released through iTunes so the product has lost that fresh smell. Crazy On Emotion sounds surprisingly retro and like a step back in time to the style that SCP was heavily using a few years back. Not that there is anything bad with this retro-rewind, but it just feels slightly unexpected since most of the other SCP releases lately have been pretty resourceful and fresh. Crazy On Emotion is all around nicely balanced with vocals stealing the spotlight yet again. The song itself initially sounded really striking and powerful, but a few months of repetition have quickly nibbled on the sharpest edges and over time the track went from awesome to pretty good. The problem mostly is that the track really doesn't attempt to infuse too many different elements from the standard. A good song all around, yet not quite the bull's eye that Set Me Free was.

2.Virginelle - Bye Bye Girl (Go Go's Music)
For so long I was awaiting for more of that good old Elena G. magic that seems to come and go on a whim. Recently we were treated to the superb Baby Come Back that has been my shining star for the decade, but GGM decided to improve even further... Bye Bye Girl kicks off with high energy and doesn't give the listener any time for extra breaths. This time around Elena isn't the sole star of the song as the testostero included male vocals add a great spice to her high pitched tone and perfectly balance out the estrogen levels. The song production is quite a mishmash of various elements, which at first sounds slightly chaotic, but oh what a beautiful chaos it is! The chorus is exactly the kind of Virginelle I fell in love with in the early 2000s. The similarities to such classics as Lucky Tango or Jealousy are very apparent. This kind of feel good screaming has been missing from the eurobeat scene and is definitely needed. An awesome chorus sums up the whole essence of the song: Fun. An all around fun song with so much positivity included it's just not an option to feel blue.
Rating: 10+++

3.Oceania - Dance Dance Let You Go (Sunfire Records)
I do have to admit that me like so many others have had doubts about the future of Sunfire Records with some really odd entries (Cough I'm Superstar), but overtime the label has really picked up their act and are constantly getting better and better. Dance Dance Let You Go introduces a new title from the label, but the vocals are so pitched it's really hard to be sure whether the vocalist is actually someone new or just more of Futura. The guessing game for the vocalist has probably been already figured out by some, but I'll leave that as a secondary goal. Dance Dance Let You Go sounds warmly familiar and alike to the feel good A-Beat C song of the SEB120s, I could easily imagine this sort of song being performed by someone like Susan Key. The song is all around bubbly and happy which fits perfectly as the follow up to Bye Bye Girl. A fun song which has fortunately ditched the hem-sin of Sunfire: Long and drawn out intros. This is definitely the right direction.
Rating: 9

4.Emmanuelle - Don't Forget To Love Me (Delta)
It might be just me, but most of the tracks on this album feel like eurobeat that could've happened 5 years ago already, but that's also probably why I really am enjoying the songs so much. Capaldi as a producer has been able to create many magical entries and he has again produced a track that will definitely please fans of Delta. The artist title itself initially sparkled a hope in me that it would've been the good old Gubinelli, but alas that is not the case. Upbeat sounds, simple and effective beats and good vocals are what make the song work well in this case, but the offtimes with the C-melody somehow manage to drag the whole tune down a bit. With an extra dosage of energy and scratching out some of the slower points this track could've been a pretty awesome entry, now it falls under the category of nice songs to hear now and then.
Rating :

5.Ciao Ciao - Don't Cry Tonight (HI-NRG Attack)
The whole toning down the wackiness has been a bit of a double-edged sword for HRG. While certain productions have worked marvellously, some have turned out rather boring. Ciao Ciao is one of the finest titles HRG has to offer so it's only sensible to bring forth something very different for a change. Don't Cry Tonight sounds like a fun mixture of HRG's upbeat style and more modern european pop. The slightly slower tempo works efficiently and says goodbye to the instant bubblegum images HRG usually gives with all of their productions. If the label's signature sounds weren't present (the vocalist included) this song could very well have been by anyone else since the style otherwise just seems so much more mature and modern. It all comes down to the ear of the beholder, but for me this is probably the best produced HRG song throughout their whole selection of songs on SEB. Yet I still fondly long back to the EBF era, there are small bits of that present here. But over all this is one of my favorites from the label probably ever. Mature, catchy and balanced on all areas is not exactly that common from the label.
Rating: 10

6.Mistika - Rain (Dima Music)
The theme for the day is obviously being experiemental. Even Dima seem to be trying out something different. Rain brings forth a great tune that sounds like eurobeat with a hint of pop-spices in the mix. Not that this is the first time that Dima manage to produce really modern sounding pop tunes, but this time the essence of eurobeat hasn't been lost in the process. Rain sounds sophisticated and catchy at the same time, which I often don't really include in the same sentence. Usually songs that are beautiful and aesthetically impressive don't manage to hook you right away, but Rain does just that. A beautiful song with a great chorus and good vocalwork.
Rating: 9

7.Nando - In My Supercar (SinclaireStyle)
So during the past few months I have been thinking to myself whethere there is a chance that Brad himself has read the reviews, or if I'm just being too self-absorbed. Either way the difference in the recent SinclaireStyle productions to the earlier ones is very evident. Sinclaire seems to be on fire as of late with only great tracks album after album and In My Supercar just turns the heat up. Fernando Bonini is a vocalist I myself don't consider to be one of the best we've had, but he can pull off some really impressive key changes and yeah, I have to admit, can sound really good. In My Supecar is a song with the kind of energy I love to have in my eurobeat, think of Dr. Love - Eurobeat fastforwaded to this year and you get this. The funny Engrish manages to make the song sound even better than it already does. In times like these I can't help but be amazed at how professional the eurobeat songs sound like, yet the lyrics can be so off. An all around great tune that is definitely going to please most of the eurobeat listeners with its masculine attitude and naturally: cars.
Rating: 10

8.Rich Hard - On Your Wings (Sunfire Records)
Rich is slowly becoming the secret weapon of Sunfire, a vocalist that started off rather bland (yet not bad) is slowly becoming a real star. Richard has been improving so far with every single release and I'm starting to fear we've reached the climax with On Your Wings. Take My Life was an excellent tune just a few albums back, but this time Dave & Futura have really hit the jackpot. On Your Wings is a neat package that is basically everything a good eurobeat song needs to be. The song doesn't waste time with unnecessary fake artistry in the intro but instead plays all of its card within the first minute. This time around there's not a sight of those hollow and lifeless sounds as the track sounds lush and inventive. Sunfire have managed to find a great synth style for themselves that sounds unique and different from the other labels without straying too far from the tradition. Awesome vocal work and a superb chorus sum up the song neatly: Perfection. If they get even better from here I'll be forced to eat my words about Dave losing his touch.
Rating: 10+

9.Cy-Ro - No Money No Honey (HI-NRG Attack)
Money seems to be quite a recurring theme in eurobeat, is that a case of talking about what one does not have... No Money No Honey is much more of an old school HRG tune than the Ciao Ciao tune was. The wackiness has been toned down, but otherwise it sounds so apparently HRG you pretty much know within the first 30 seconds whether you like it or not. Production values are pretty high with the song, but the really big flaw is that the melody has very little to offer. The verses and chorus sound pretty similar as if there was just one real hook found out and it's been altered a bit to make the song a standalone production. Nice sounds and all that, but still this one leaves you feeling quite hollow.

10.Dream Fighters - The End Of The World (Dima Music)
Well fake artistry intros do work out on occasion, some of the labels could take a hint from this track. The organ intro gives out chills and instantly shoots this track to a whole different category. Davide provides the fans with his signature style that will definitely find a big crowd of listeners. The End Of The World sounds slightly like remixed gamemusic since the basemelody has really funky kind of melodical play I could imagine being used in game. Not to take any value off Davide's vocals, but this track could really work out without any vocals, which is a lot coming from me. I usually never listen to music without vocal work, but this track just pulls off that hard feat with great scores. An impressive production that shows just how ingenious "simple" dancemusic can be. Or maybe it's the gamer in me that's secretly unleashing the fanboy.
Rating: 10

11.Fastway - Ministry Of Power (SCP)
The Ministry Of Power... The Ministry Of Power, now where is this thing. Must consult google I think. Okay I think they didn't really mean that kind of a Ministry... I hope. So while Ennio might be singing about political matters, it's really secondary because I'm not even sure if the writers knew what they wanted to say with this track. Fastway brings forth out everything the title represents, but sadly this time around it seems to be the only sell point for the song. Ministry Of Power is a speedy track that sounds pretty fun at first, but only a few replays managed to strip it of any real edge. The song sounds somewhat hollow and it really could've used some more meaning in its life. The final product just sounds too generic to really leave a lasting impression on anyone. It doesn't necessarily sound bad, but I have my doubts about this track becoming the next 777.
Rating: 6-

12.Linda Ross - Love Is Danger (British Healing Rmx Extended) (Eurogrooves)
Is there really anyone who dislikes Love Is Danger? I thought so... Out of the huge selection of eurobeat legends, this track seems to be loved by pretty much everyone. How the writers managed to do that I still don't know, but nobody tramples on everlasting gems. Clara's vocalwork did wonders for the original and somehow they still work in such a drasticly different version. The title slows down the track (as was expected) but somehow leaves the edge intact. A healing version is something only a few people really want to hear, but if there is a market for this kind of versions I'm fairly certain that this is a bull's eye. Not my favorite kind of material, but still a good song and so tranquil.

13.Alix - Hello Kitty (SCP)
Taking a loved title like Hello Kitty into music is bound to have someone get shot. Hello Kitty is every bit as pink and fluffy as you could expect, maybe even more so. This upbeat and energetic performance shows a completely different Alix from her debut Maximisin'. SCP has really created the kind of upbeat music we had plenty to choose from during Euromach and I'm instantly in love. If we can't get more of Kiki & Fancy I'll gladly settle for Alix becoming the next bubblegirl of eurobeat. An excellent sounding track with a memorable chorus make this track a great marketing tool for eurobeat in general since everyone out there loves Hello Kitty, right? Avex is indeed intelligent for incorporating eurobeat into all of these different productions, I just hope this brings eurobeat more popularity.
Rating: 10

14.Annie Love - My Melody (Go Go's Music)
So SCP managed to snatch Hello Kitty, what does that leave for the other labels? Scraps is what I say. My Melody is another Sanrio title that is widely recognized, but not even nearly in the same scale. A bunny with a pink hood and all sorts of cute friends, an instant seller? I hope not. I'm guilty of watching some episodes of My Melody in the past, but if I could I probably would go back in time to stop myself from doing that. Where's Terminator when you need him? GGM have created an another ubpeat tune that fits the title, yet somehow just doesn't reach the same kind of edge and addictivity as Alix did. My Melody is a fun song, but it really suffers from repetition and you just can't listen to it multiple times without quickly losing interest. An another case of songs that are nice if you hear them seldom they are good, but not a longlasting kind of a hit.

15.Aleky - Little Twin Stars (Dima Music)
So the two actually recognizable Sanrio titles were taken, let's pick something else! Do you know who these Little Twin Stars are? Because I sure the hell do not, and I don't care! Aleky has been a title I have loved previously so it feels like such a shame for her to be forced to sing such a boring entry. Little Twin Stars are hopefully colliding with a meteorite or something since this track is quickly fading out. A track that sounds pretty decent as a whole but has absolutely no hooks what so ever to offer. Vocalwise Aleky provides but that doesn't save a sinking ship. A shame to end such a solid album on a real low.

Final Words :
Overall this decade has been quite a solid one, with great songs released on all of the volumes, yet slightly to my surprise the best one was saved for last. 218 is an album that has both lowpoints, but most importantly a lot of highlights that really make the album stand out. All of the labels brought their A-game along this time and gotta hand it to all of them, since every single label had one real jackpot on this volume. Bye Bye Girl becomes my real favorite this decade, but the truth is, this album had many other great tunes that also deserve promotion. The whole idea Avex had about doing Sanrio related eurobeat songs is a great marketing trick, sadly I have no idea whether this actually brought much popularity or acknowledgement for the genre, but this sort of stunts should be done more frequently. Hello Kitty is a solid upbeat tune which fits the title just perfectly and our eurobeat world never has enough bouncy childlike material. Looking back into this decade I gotta admit that while doing reviews I everytime felt slightly disappointed with the results, in retrospect I've noticed loving a whole lot more of the tracks than I initially did. That's one sign of the genre maturing and offering more than just simple hooks to get the listener attached to. If I ignore the lowpoints with this album, there's quite a solid amount of longlasting hits to go with, but the average score for the album does notch down a bit in the end. Yet I'd say that this is definitely the best album of the 210s.

Final Score : 8½

The Best 3 songs

- Virginelle - Bye Bye Girl
- Rich Hard - On Your Wings
- Nando - In My Supercar

The Worst 3 Songs

- Aleky - Little Twin Stars
- Fastway - The Ministry Of Power
- Cy-Ro - No Money No Honey

Honorable Mention

- Alix - Hello Kitty

Labels present on the album:

Delta: 1
Dima Music: 3
Eurogrooves: 1
Go Go's Music
: 2
HI-NRG Attack: 2
Saifam: 0
SCP: 3
Sinclaire Style: 1
Sunfire Records: 2

Reviewed by Bore