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Real name: Clara Moroni
Aliases: Linda Ross, Cherry, Denise, Donna, Vanessa, Virgin, Moroni,
Label: Time / Flea / Asia,

In the Eurobeat business, there are few that one can say have contributed as much as Dave Rodgers. One of those few is definatly Clara Moroni and she also happens to have a life outside of Eurobeat. The voice behind such hits as Boom Boom Dollar and songs from Radiorama, Clara has been on everywhere in the Eurobeat industry.

Random Facts
- Aliases : Laurie, Jaqueline, Radiorama, Melanie Bell, Virgin, Monique, Anika, Vanessa, Les Blue Belles, Lisa Johnson, Gipsy & Queen, Kate & Karen, Cherry, Suzy Lazy, Leila, Eurobeat Girls, Vicky Vale and many more.
- Clara has sang under various labels and she has made cameos under various titles. She's done backing vocals to almost all of the Delta titles and under Time her name can be linked to most of the titles.

Website Link(s):
- Ten Worlds Project / Official Site

Artists statistics from the database
Vocalists credited under the name Clara Moroni

Linda Ross - Bad Girl
Linda Ross - Eternity
Linda Ross - I Got To Feel Your Love
Linda Ross - I Got To Feel Your Love (Extended Mix)
Linda Ross - Let's Go
Linda Ross - Let's Go (Extended Mix)
Linda Ross - Light My Heart (Extended Mix)
Linda Ross - Love Is Danger
Linda Ross - Love Is Danger (British Healing Rmx Extended)
Linda Ross - Love Is Danger 2005
Linda Ross - Love Me Stupid
Linda Ross - Love Me Stupid (Extended Mix)
Linda Ross - Loving Honey
Linda Ross - Loving Honey (MST Remix)
Linda Ross - Loving Honey (Red Monster Mix)
Linda Ross - Riding In The Sky
Linda Ross - Run Run
Linda Ross - Run Run (Extended Mix)
Linda Ross - Sugar Sugar Honey
Linda Ross - Supernight
Linda Ross - Touch Me
Linda Ross - Woman In Love (Extended Mix)
Cherry - Abracadabra
Cherry - All I Want For Christmas Is You
Cherry - Anyway, Anymore
Cherry - Bang Bang
Cherry - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
Cherry - Blink Blink
Cherry - Bye Bye Goodbye
Cherry - Dance Dance
Cherry - Dear My Friend
Cherry - DJ Baam! Baam! Play The Boom Boom!
Cherry - Euroheat
Cherry - Every Beat Of Your Heart
Cherry - Fairy Tale
Cherry - Feel Like Dance
Cherry - Forbidden Love
Cherry - Give Me The Night
Cherry - Got To Be Certain
Cherry - Happenin' All Over Again
Cherry - Happy You
Cherry - Highway Star
Cherry - I Can't Stay Without Your Love
Cherry - I Don't Wanna Go
Cherry - I Don't Wanna Go (Extended Mix)
Cherry - I Feel Heaven
Cherry - I'm Dynamite
Cherry - Keep Fall In Love
Cherry - Keep On Loving
Cherry - Keep On Loving You
Cherry - Kisses
Cherry - Lonely Night
Cherry - Lovable Sixties
Cherry - Love & Diamonds
Cherry - Magic Holiday
Cherry - Make Me Believe
Cherry - Merry Christmas To All
Cherry - My Christmas Time
Cherry - My Last Breath Of Love
Cherry - My Lover Boy
Cherry - Never Again
Cherry - No More Love
Cherry - One Day Queen (To Diana)
Cherry - Please Forgive Me
Cherry - Rain
Cherry - Rebel Yell
Cherry - Reborn My Fire
Cherry - Round N' Round
Cherry - Round N' Round (Extended Mix)
Cherry - Santa Maria
Cherry - Set Me Free
Cherry - Sha La La
Cherry - She's All Right
Cherry - Sing Song
Cherry - Stop Teasing My Heart
Cherry - Take Me To Your Heart
Cherry - Too Cool To Fall In Love
Cherry - Unforgettable
Cherry - When I Close My Eyes
Cherry - When I Close My Eyes (Extended Mix)
Cherry - Yes I Will
Cherry - Yes I Will (New Generation Remix)
Cherry - Yesterday
Cherry - Yesterday (2016 EDM Remix)
Cherry - Yesterday (Age-Para Mix)
Cherry - Yesterday (DJ Kousuke Remix)
Cherry - Yesterday (Extended Mix)
Cherry - Yesterday (Y. Show-Kai "R" Taste)
Cherry & Luke - Go Shinkansen!
Daniel & Cherry - Bach Is Back
Daniel & Cherry - The Prey (Crazy Lover)
Kevin & Cherry - Chemical Love
Kevin & Cherry - Chemical Love (New Generation Remix)
Kevin & Cherry - Doctor Love
Kevin Johnson & Cherry - Crazy Game Of Love
Kevin Johnson & Cherry - Happy Phantom
Kevin Johnson & Cherry - Happy Phantom (New Generation Remix)
Kevin Johnson & Cherry - Spread Your Love (X'Mas Time Again)
Luke & Cherry - Something Beautiful
Morris & Cherry - Go Save Goal!
Morris & Cherry - Go Say Goal
Morris & Cherry - Go! Save Goal!
Morris & Cherry - Still Love You All
Niko & Cherry - Niko Kickboxing
Paul Harris feat. Cherry - Maya
Denise - Burning Like A Flame
Denise - Don't Give Up Your Love
Denise - Emotional Fire
Denise - Emotional Fire (Extended Mix)
Denise - Eternity
Denise - Gimme Gimme Love
Denise - Guilty
Denise - Guilty (Extended Mix)
Denise - In My Dreams
Denise - Music In My Head
Denise - Passion In The Night
Denise - Ring A Ling
Denise - Someone To Love
Denise - Spin My Heart
Denise - Take A Chance With Me
Denise - Take A Chance With Me (Extended Mix)
Denise - Take Me With You
Denise - Telephone! Telephone!
Denise - To Love Me
Denise - You Belong To Me
Mad Max Feat. Denise - Radio
Donna - Better Place To Be
Donna - Boogie Boogie
Donna - Broken Heart
Donna - Can't Help Falling In Love With You
Donna - Captain America
Donna - Get Me Burning Up
Donna - Hot Hot
Donna - In The Name Of Loving
Donna - In Your Dreams
Donna - Living Loud
Donna - Lover Boy
Donna - No No Baby
Donna - On My Own
Donna - Runaway
Donna - Someone Else's Heart
Degaz Feat. Vanessa - Stand Up
Vanessa - Be My Lady
Vanessa - Bye Bye
Vanessa - Bye Bye Japan
Vanessa - Crazy For You
Vanessa - Dancing In The Dark
Vanessa - Diamond Eyes
Vanessa - Diamond Eyes (Extended Mix)
Vanessa - Eternity
Vanessa - Hai Go!!!
Vanessa - Hey Hey
Vanessa - Hey Hey (Extended Mix)
Vanessa - High High
Vanessa - High High (Extended Mix)
Vanessa - I'm Ready
Vanessa - If One More Day
Vanessa - Just A Game
Vanessa - Kiss Kiss Kiss Me
Vanessa - Live In Me
Vanessa - Love And Passion 2008
Vanessa - Memories And Melodies
Vanessa - Open Up Your Eyes
Vanessa - Open Up Your Eyes (Extended Mix)
Vanessa - Running In The Dark
Vanessa - Saturday Morning
Vanessa - Special Desire
Vanessa - Special Desire (Extended Mix)
Vanessa - Take It Easy
Vanessa - Take Your Time
Vanessa - The Final Countdown
Vanessa - Time
Vanessa - Why Did You Say I'm Sorry
Vanessa - You Don't Give Me Love
Vanessa - You Light My Fantasy
Virgin - All Your Love
Virgin - Can You Do It Forever (Extended Mix)
Virgin - Heaven
Virgin - Kiss And Hold Me Tight
Virgin - Kiss And Hold Me Tight (Extended Mix)
Virgin - No More Love
Virgin - Only You
Virgin - Pump Pump Pump (Extended Mix)
Virgin - S.O.S.
Virgin - S.O.S. (Extended Mix)
Virgin - Super Catching Desire
Virgin - Tell Me I'm The Only One
Virgin - Tell Me I'm The Only One (Extended Version)
Virgin - You're So Crazy (Extended Mix)
Newfield, Moroni & Sinclaire -
Newfield, Moroni & Sinclaire - Don't Let My Love Disappear
Newfield, Moroni & Sinclaire - Goodbye Japan
Newfield, Moroni & Sinclaire - Goodbye Japan (Extended Mix)