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Real name: -
Aliases: Christine-N. Joy,
Label: SCP,

A Singer and Dancer almost since birth, The SCP prodigy Christine has become known to most people by her awesome vocalist skills, as not only does she sing under the title Christine, she has been singing the backing vocals for many of the SCP projects. Also there are rumours that she'd do at least a part of the vocals for the wonderful Kiki & Kika project.

- With a birthdate of April 16, Christine is an Aries

Website Link(s):
- SCP Artist: Christine / Official Site

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Vocalists credited under the name Christine

Christine - Back In My Arms
Christine - Back In My Arms (Kudos Version)
Christine - Because The Night
Christine - Bigga Boom
Christine - Candy Baby
Christine - Coconut
Christine - Crazy Generation
Christine - Dancin' Together
Christine - Emotikons
Christine - Heartbeat
Christine - Into The Light
Christine - It's A Beautiful Life
Christine - Jump Around
Christine - Learnin' How To Fly
Christine - Let Me Be Your Angel
Christine - Love Is Magic
Christine - Love Is Magic (Extended Mix)
Christine - Love Is Magic (Kudos Version)
Christine - Me, Myself & I
Christine - Mr. Nice Guy
Christine - My Love Is All Around
Christine - Never Together
Christine - Rain
Christine - Shakin' Up, Movin' Up
Christine - Story Of My Life
Christine - Story Of My Life (Extended Mix)
Christine - Story Of My Life (Kudos Version)
Christine - Summer Ski
Christine - Summer Ski (Whitesnow Version)
Christine - Till The End Of Time
Christine-N. Joy - Lovin' You Lovin' Me