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Real name: Luca Torchiani
Label: SCP,

Van T.K. burst onto the scene with an instant hit and one of SCP's better songs: Rockin' Dome! Following a great tune and excellent guitar/synth combos, Rockin' Dome signalled a change for SCP's music style that has made it as noticed as it is today. After a long high-aitus, Van's followup song Just Can't Get Enough from SEB 151 wasn't quite as well recieved, however it proved that he has the versatility to suceed in the Eurobeat world. Be it electrorock or disco, Van T.K. carries himself well!

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- SCP Artist: Van T.K. / Official Site

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Vocalists credited under the name Van T.K.

Christine & Van T.K. - Now Celebrate
Van T.K. - Dancin' Time
Van T.K. - Just Can't Get Enough
Van T.K. - Keep On Burnin'
Van T.K. - Love All Night
Van T.K. - Never Gimme Up
Van T.K. - Out In The Night
Van T.K. - Rockin' Dome
Van T.K. - Take Another Chance