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Real name: Domino: Alessandra Mirka Gatti; Valentina: Barbara Maniscalch; Virginelle: Elena Gobbi; Norma: Francesca Contini
Label: A-Beat C,

The A-Beat Sisters consist of Domino, Valentina, Virginelle and Norma Sheffield. They have only done four songs together, which have been released between 1997-2000.

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Vocalists credited under the name A-Beat Sisters

A-Beat Sisters - Go Baby Go
A-Beat Sisters - Go Baby Go (New Generation Remix)
A-Beat Sisters - Love & Peace
A-Beat Sisters - The Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room -Disneyland
A-Beat Sisters Feat. Domino, Valentina, Lolita & Norma - We're Dancing Together