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Real name: Susy Wender
Label: A-Beat C,

Susy Wender is yet another new generation female artist on A-Beat C, she
practically created a different style with her calm, yet speedy and very
distinctive tone. Her songs have a very similar sound to them and what makes them special is the different themes she uses, but specially the Asian theme can be recognized from some of her songs. Susy Wender became known under different aliases in the past, most notably Susan Bell.

Artists statistics from the database
Vocalists credited under the name Susy Wender

Susy Wender - Au-Dessus De Nuages (French Version Of 'I Can Feel You')
Susy Wender - I Can Feel You
Susy Wender - Look In Your Eyes
Susy Wender - Runaway
Susy Wender - Tu Es L'Amour (French Version Of 'Runaway')
Susy Wender & Nuage - Plastic Girl