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Real name: Various Artists
Aliases: Time All Stars, Time Acoustic Trio,
Label: Time Records,

T.I.M.E. Order books from Time life or order Eurobeat from Time Records. Hurry, or you wont have enough time.

Providing the theme to 150, Time Allstars returned with thier first non-christmas song and at this point seem to have the biggest group effort [group with All Stars as a title] going.

As a label, Time is known worldwide for it's series of books and music. Surprisingly, it devotes a section to Eurobeat. Gaining international fame with the release of Aleph's hit Fly To Me, Time set the standard for Eurobeat and many of the older artists of today preformed for Time at one time. Now-a-days, Time seems to mostly be producing songs by the few remaining writers on the label as the bigger names like Clara Moroni left the label. By the way, Do you have the time?

Group Information:
- Albert One / Eurobeat-Prime Bio
- Aleph / Eurobeat-Prime Bio
- Clara Moroni / Eurobeat-Prime Bio
Website Link(s):
- Time Records / Official Site
- The Time Fanlisting / Fanlisting

Artists statistics from the database
Vocalists credited under the name T.I.M.E.

T.I.M.E. - Another One Bites The Dust
Time All Stars - 150
Time All Stars - Christmas In Tokyo
Time All Stars - Happy X'Mas - Merry X'Mas
Time All Stars - Tonight Is Christmas
Time All Stars - Wonderful
Time All Stars - Wonderful Glory
Time Acoustic Trio - Tonight Is Christmas (Acoustic Groove Mix)
Time Acoustic Trio Feat. Helena - Melodies Of Love